Anna Barone Talks WRECK Fight with Top MMA News


Top MMA News talks with Anna “Smiles” Barone in this two part interview.

In part one, Anna informs us how she started in MMA, her training at Fit MMA, her first MMA fight, and her KO of Jenn Ricker in her last fight.

In part two, Anna discusses her upcoming fight with Tannaya Hantelman at WRECK MMA on August 20.  She also talks about the difficulty finding female opponents.

Anna Barone Interview – Part I

Anna Barone Interview – Part II

36 Responses to “ Anna Barone Talks WRECK Fight with Top MMA News ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    I’m boycotting this site till Thursday August 19th 7am MST.

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  2. papagaio says:

    I say this will all due respect. You mentionned the multiple opponent changes, but didn’t mention the fact that Ricker took the fight on 48 hours notice and did not have a training camp for the fight. (I understand the concept of always being prepared, but this is usually said for fighters who’ve had mma fight experience)

    I can assure you that if and when the rematch of Ricker vs Barone 2 happens, it will be a much different fight. This would have become apparent had Ricker’s fight vs the Team Adrenaline fighter not been scratched from the card.

    Good luck to all fighters on Friday night!

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  3. harry balls says:

    would love to see it, papag. Ricker looked jacked on friday…

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  4. papagaio says:

    harry, with barone coming off a loss, i think the rematch makes sense. ricker was prepared to fight on friday, but her opponent pulled out a few weeks prior. trust me, it would be a much different fight. in april, she stepped up at the very last minute with zero preperation for mma. she`s had a proper camp and trained with some elite fighters.

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  5. harry balls says:

    My sympathies for your fighter. hope she gets her shot. It’s obvious she trains hard. Looked fit as hell…

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  6. papagaio says:

    Ricker is and will be ready. Hopefully we get to see it!

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  7. Rick James...Bitch says:

    Ricker has 1 fight against 1 opponent, and we’re already calling out for rematches? This isn’t rock paper scissors, and its not a best of 3. The fight is over, Ricker looks like a legit fighter, and is a blue belt under Renzo Gracie, so why not see what else is out there for her? a rematch doesn’t make sense because quite simply, people don’t go to the movie theaters to pay and watch the same movie over and over. Move on.

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  8. Pat Gribs says:

    I thought Barone vs. Ricker was a bloodbath, and I wouldn’t mind seeing part II.

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  9. Pat Gribs says:

    Plus Ricker has a good chin and obviously a lot of heart. She took some very heavy hits. Barone has mighty heavy hands.

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  10. Papagaio says:

    a true fighter doesnt rest until they get a chance to avenge a loss. ricker has been a successful bjj fighter and also trains muay thai, but hadn`t prepared herself for mma when she took that fight. (again, on 48 hrs notice)

    she had a fight lined up for bad intentions, but something happened and her opponent had to pull herself off the card. she`s now had a real training camp in preperation for that fight and we`d love to see her fight at her true potential.

    who wouldn`t want to see that rematch when both fighters have the equal opportunity to prepare?

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  11. Rick James...Bitch says:


    Fair response. It would indeed be an exciting match, and I understand wanting to avenge a loss. Best of luck!

    – Rick

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  12. Papagaio says:

    thumbs up! exciting matchups with a bit of history behind them always make for a good fight.

    in related news, if you read Gracie magazine, Ricker is in a picture competing at the Renzo Gracie Invitational in Manhattan earlier this summer. she ended up with silver in her division (blue belt)

    here`s hoping the fight happens! :)

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  13. Papagaio says:

    correction…I think the silver was at the Arnolds (NAGA) earlier this year. I forget how she placed in NYC.

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  14. Robin Black says:

    The women’s division is so small, that rematches not only make sense they are actually necessary.

    Ricker put on a very inspiring performance after stepping in on 2 days notice. If I were her I’d hope for another opportunity.

    And Anna won. If I was her, I’d want the opportunity to show I’d do it again even with a full training camp.

    And fans want to see it again.

    Everyone wins.

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  15. Sean Quinn says:

    I disagree with everything Robin just said, but not necessarily because he is wrong. Mostly, i disagree with Robin because he is tri-gendered and he likes to play many sides to the same arguments.

    And thats right…i said “tri-gendered”.

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  16. Rick James...Bitch says:


    What about the loser? are they a winner too?

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  17. harry balls says:

    he will “tri” anything…

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  18. If there is a rematch that definitely should happen with Barone it would be for her to rematch Tannaya Hantelman. There was something about Barone that just didn’t seem right during the fight and through the grapevine I’ve heard that she had a number of issue going on that didn’t leave her in great condition to fight (if I was her I wouldn’t have fought), however regardless she fought and pulled off another great fight which many, including TopMMA, believes was a draw not a unanimous decision for Hantelman. Take a look at the play-by-play.

    So, given the pool of women is so small for Canadian promoters to pull from, before any rematch with Ricker is considered the promoters need to rematch this last fight between Barone and Hantelman.

    As for the rematch with Ricker, I’ve asked Barone and she has no problem with a rematch against Ricker when timing works and guarentee’s she’ll give her fans another great fight to watch.

    So as Robin has said, fans want to see it again so everyone wins. And in my opinion a rematch of a very close fight that many saw as a draw should happen before a fight that ended in a clear KO.

    But there is one thing that is clear all these ladies bring it all to fight and are awesome to watch.

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  19. harry balls says:

    You could make the argument that Ricker having no camp to prepare left her with issues and in not great condition to fight as well. Nobody ever goes in 100 per cent. I would like to see some other female fighters come this way to fight. Really hope some promotions make that happen.

    Big ups to the ladies of MMA.

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  20. Papagaio says:

    I saw the recent fight and I had Hantlemann winning. But that`s besides the point.

    I think the fact that Ricker took the fight on 48 hours notice trumps losing a close decision. Yes, it was a KO, but any fighter will tell you how important it is to have a proper training camp leading up to a fight. If she didn`t gas out and keep dropping her hands, it`s a different fight.

    But that`s just an opinion. Hopefully the match makers can make it happen because Ricker deserves it for stepping up. Make things equal this time around, give them both the same time to prepare and we`ll see what happens from there.

    That`s just my opinion though. To each their own.

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  21. McG says:

    If Anna can come in in shape (are her matches supposed to be at 135 or 145?)there are some interesting match ups with somewhat ‘local’ fighters.

    I think she is a long way from top level competition (1-2 against fighters with losing records or no prior pro experience) but has potential. Even if you think the last fight was a draw, it doesn’t really suggest that she is ready for the next level.

    I dont know what a rematch with Riker would prove… and, I don’t know if anyone is truly interested in seeing that rematch. I would rather see Riker put together a win and then maybe think about meeting up for a rematch later.

    But, the female mma pool is small so I guess if it happens in happens.

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  22. Papagaio says:

    What does a rematch prove? I think some people might be missing my point. What does a KO over someone who wasn`t preparing for MMA at the time prove?

    I say, make all things equal, allow both fighters the same time to prepare themselves and see what happens from there.

    You might not think there`s interest in seeing the fight, but I can assure you anyone who was at the first one would be interested to see it happen.

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  23. JYD says:

    Why take a fight when you arent preparing for MMA? She must have thought she was prepared enough to step into the ring and compete?

    Getting KO’ed and asking for a rematch without competing again doesn’t really sound like a match up I would want to see.

    Riker should put a W together and then start calling people out.

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  24. Papagaio says:

    HAHA! Nice.

    First, Ricker took the fight in April as a favour to the promoter who was looking to fill the spot after 2 opponents had pulled out. She isn`t afraid to fight so she accepted.

    You`re kidding yourself if you think not having a training camp doesnt stack the odds against her.

    Second, guess what? Barone is 1-2 and coming off a loss. It`s not exactly calling out a champion here. Ricker was supposed to be on this recent card vs Shannon Ludlow from Adrenaline MMA in London, but the fight fell through.

    It`s been said (and it`s reality), the women`s pool is very small in the area. If you don`t think this makes an interesting match up, (especially after having seen the first fight), you`re not a fight fan.

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  25. Robin Black says:

    There’s so few women competitors out there in the region that rematches will have to happen if women MMA fighters want to be remotely busy.

    Of course Anna would rather rematch against a loss than her only win. But her not being 100% in the Hantleman loos is identical to Ricker not being 100% in that fight .

    If she (and Playitagain) can she the logic in Barone wanting a rematch in a fight she lost while at 80%, they must see the logic in Ricker wanting a rematch in the fight she lost that she entered at 70% (preparation-wise). As such, if no suitable opponent is available and a rematch is required to make a fight, both fights make equal sense.

    In either rematch it is someone who wasn’t at their best and lost getting a second chance. If Anna deserves a second chance at Hantleman, Ricker deserves a second chance at Anna. Both scenarios are identical.

    You cannot argue for one without making a case for the other. Anna supporters cannot say the rematch with Hantleman is better, both rematches are equally sensible.

    I realize Playitagain and other Anna supporters would have a very Anna-centric view, and Papagio and Ricker peeps would have a Ricker-centric view but, the fact remains, that both rematches make equal sense.

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  26. Robin Black says:

    BTW, what about a prepared Ricker vs Hantleman? I’d like to see that.

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  27. Papagaio says:

    Robin! I completely agree with your post above.

    And yes…Ricker would absolutely take that fight with Hantleman.

    (the only reason I suggested the Barone fight first was because they`re both coming off losses. but yes, after the most recent Wreck event, I agree this would be an interesting matchup as well!)

    ps: Robin, I enjoy your commentary on the Fight Network. It`s cool to watch the older fights from the region knowing how the careers of the fighters have been playing out.

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  28. JYD says:

    Just because Ricker vs Barone 2 is not on my radar means that I am not a fight fan? I think the fact that I am not interested in this bout qualifies me as a fight fan. Or, at least a fan of fights that people are actually interested in seeing (at this moment in time)

    Ricker vs Hantleman makes more sense to me than Ricker vs Barone 2. If Hantleman beats Ricker then a rematch with Barone would make a little more sense (seeing as she would have wins over both).
    If Ricker beats Hantleman, then there are other options out there for her as well… that is a fight I would enjoy paying to watch.

    All I was saying is that it doesn’t make sense or interest me to see two women who have already fought fight each other again, especially when there are new match ups available and the first fight was less than competitve (for whatever reason that might have been, its the fight game, we all take fights on short notice, less than prepared, etc).

    Best of luck to all these women and their future in the sport.

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  29. Papagaio says:

    I respectfully disagree with your logic. You`re saying should Ricker lose to Hantelman, then a rematch with Barone now makes sense because Hantleman would have a win over both.

    Although I`d love to see that fight, how does that make sense for Hantleman? She defeats Barone so now she fights someone Barone defeated? How is that a step in the right direction for her?

    MMA math doesnt work that way. A fighter coming off a win should fight another fighter coming off a win. A fighter coming off a loss usually fights another fighter coming off a loss. The one who wins that fight is back in the mix.

    There was an arena full of people at Wreck 2 that wouldnt mind seeing that fight again. I also disagree that it wasn`t competitive. Anna landed more power shots, but if you look back at round 1, Ricker did well with the Muay Thai clinch and had one submission attempt.

    There`s no doubt that Anna clearly won that first fight. My point in this entire thread is that my personal belief is that when all things are equal in terms of preperation, it`s a different fight.

    You can feel free to disagree, but I`m sure that if that fight gets put together, there will be interest and it is easily marketable which is a win-win for everyone.

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  30. JYD says:

    I don’t agree with MMA math and rarely use it. I was just trying to express the only possible way I could imagine a rematch between Ricker and Barone making any sense in the near future.

    Also, in regards to the Hantleman Ricker match I proposed in my last comment, I don’t necessarilly believe that Hantlemans career has a lot to gain by fighting Ricker aside from the fact that it is a fresh and new match up for the fans.

    Hantleman is exciting to watch, and has muscles to boot.

    I vote Hantleman vs any new opponent.

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  31. Robin Black says:

    I like Hantleman’s muscles too.

    Lots of interesting stuff here. Let me reread, my brain’s a bit scrambled.

    I agree with JYD that Hantleman and her muscles vs a new opponent would be sweet. I second that motion. But are there any local female fighters for her?

    Although that does leave Anna and Ricker without opponents…. and there ain’t that many female fighter options out there…. leaving us with that rematch as an option again….

    MMA math is weird but good ol’ nerdy fun.

    Another thought on rematching against someone you beat who took the fight on shorter notice…. I choked a guy out and he protested and said if he didn’t take it on short notice he would have beaten me…. so I gladly fought him again. I choked him out even quicker the next time, leaving no doubt.
    I’m just sayin.

    ps. Papagio, thanks for the props. Nice of you. Really appreciate it.
    pps. Don’t mess with the JYD.

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  32. JYD says:

    If I had my way.

    Anna Barone vs Valerie Letourneau
    Tannaya Hantleman vs Jennifer Ricker.

    Who wins? Fans.

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  33. Robin Black says:

    I like it. Then you’d have winner vs winner, loser vs loser.

    One problem. Actually 2.

    Anna’s not ready for Valerie. And we’re still not sure she can make the weight. Letouneau is a pro, and it would have to be legitimately 135.

    But, if she felt she was ready and made weight, it’d be cool.

    Black and JYD here ready to offer our matchmaking for women’s mma world wide wide wide

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  34. Papagaio says:

    yes, Letourneau is a step up in competition for any of them. Her two losses are to Kaufman (who is a top 5 fighter in women`s MMA) and another seasoned fighter with a winning record.

    I`d love to see those matchups though and up until about a year ago, I wasn`t a huge fan of women`s MMA. (aside from anything related to Gina of course)

    With that said, I love “Fight Girls” on the Fight Network…those girls have some great Muay Thai and let`s be honest, the women`s fights on the last two Wreck cards were some of the best fights on those nights.

    I`ve been told to never mess with the Junk Yard Dog, but damnit…I`m O Papagaio! haha!

    Robin…just an FYI, I met you at a Renzo Gracie seminar last December. Papagaio is still working on his armlocks. (referring to one`s self in the 3rd person is fun)

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  35. Robin Black says:

    Robin Black has mad respect for Papagaio’s willingness to speak of himself in the 3rd person!!

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  36. crandle says:

    barone vs. colletti ?

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