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Hybrid Combat Productions once again brings their action packed brand of amateur MMA to their stomping grounds of the Pierre Arthur Guertin Community center. As always the place is packed to the brim with ravenous MMA fans from the Ottawa and Gatineau area.

Audrey David vs. Chris Trembelas
Rd1: After a brief exchange, David lands a single leg takedown. David uses some GNP and two slams from guard to loosen Trembelas’ hold. Trembelas pushes David off with his legs and is back to his feet. The fighters exchange again as the horn sounds.
TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 David

Rd2: Trembelas comes out and lands some nice jabs but once David takes him to the mat. Trembelas is quickly back to his feet. Trembelas throws a kick, David catches it and responds with a right that knocks Trembelas back down to the mat. The round ends with David in top position. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 David

Rd3: Trembelas comes out putting together some nice combos, but David responds by putting on a leg kick clinic. Trembelas keeps throwing shots and eating David’s leg kicks. Both fighters exchange takedown attempts but aren’t successful. The round ends with another flurry. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 David
David defeats Trembelas via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Brad Campbell vs. Gerry Bruyere
Rd1: Bruyere comes straight out and unleashes a missile of a head kick right on Campbell’s jaw. Bruyere grabs him and drags him down to the mat. Campbell is right back into it and attempts a triangle but Bruyere picks him up and slams him. Both men back to their feet and Bruyere responds with a scoop slam of his own, the round ends with Bruyere in side control. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Bruyere

Rd2: Bruyere comes out with some solid punches and a beautiful side kick that knocks Campbell across the ring. Campbell comes back with another beautiful side slam. Campbell lands in side control and immediately transitions across and cinches in the arm triangle. Bruyere tries to fight it off but to no avail and taps.
Campbell submits Bruyere via Arm Triangle @ 1:47 of Rd 2

Georgy Fontaine vs. Jordan Baccin
Rd1: Baccin comes out swinging, the fighters tie up and Baccin trips Fontaine to the ground. Fontaine escapes out the back door and tries to Baccin’s back. Fontaine rides Baccin’s back to high and is reversed. Fonatine tries to get back to his feet but Baccin catches him in a Guillotine just as the round ends. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Baccin

Rd2: Baccin unleashes some powerful bombs to start off the round. The fighters tie up and Baccin pulls Fontaine down to the mat and mounts him. Baccin starts to rain down the GNP, Fontaine turns to avoid the onslaught and gets caught in a RNC and taps to end the tilt.
Baccin submits Fontaine via RNC @ :58 of Rd 2

Christopher St Jean vs. Pierre Melon
Rd1: Both fighter meet at the center of the ring and start swinging. Melon backs off to set up and eats a torpedo like left high kick that knocks him out cold. Beautiful timing by St Jean.
St Jean defeats Melon via KO (High Kick) @ :25 of Rd 1

Adam Leroux vs. Chris Hennessey
Rd1: Leroux comes out looking for the double leg but Hennessey sprawls out. Hennessey works some dirty boxing. Leroux finally lands the takedown and works some GNP from guard. Hennessey is showing great hip movement from the bottom just as the round ends. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Leroux

Rd2: Leroux bull rushes Hennessey and slams him down to the mat head first. The ref calls a halt to the action to take a point away from Leroux for spiking his opponent. The match resumes and again Leroux rushes Hennessey and judo tosses him to the mat. Hennessey back to his feet again and works the dirty boxing to end the round.
TopMMAnews scores the round a draw 9-9 due to point deduction

Rd3: Leroux back out like a freight train but Hennessey meets him in the middle this time. Hennessey hooks the back of the head and peppers Leroux with dirty boxing for the remainder of the round. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Hennessey
Leroux defeats Hennessey via Unanimous Decision (29-27 x3)

Trevor Laundrie vs. Eric Nadon
Rd1: Brief exchange by both fighters, but Nadon is able to land the single leg takedown. Nadon passes to side control and puts Laundrie in the crucifix position. Nadon rains down shots until the ref is forced to call the fight.
Nadon defeats Laundrie via TKO (GNP from crucifix) @ 1:56 of rd 1

Cameron Hewitt vs. Mathias Bedard
Rd1: Bedard pressures Hewitt back into the corner and starts to pepper him with punches. Bedard lands the double leg take down and winds up in mount. Bedard works the GNP from top position. Bedard stands to get better positioning and Hewitt escapes to his feet. Bedard rushes in again and pulls Hewitt to the mat once again landing in mount. Bedard quickly tries for a arm bar but Hewitt reverse and winds up on top as the horn sounds. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Bedard

Rd2: Once again Bedard comes out like lighting and works Hewitt over with punches and body kicks. Hewitt ties up and attempts a standing guillotine, Bedard almost falls through the ropes and the fight is restarted. Bedard quickly lands the takedown again but cannot do anything with it and fight is restarted on the feet. Bedard and Hewitt close out the round exchanging punches and body kicks. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Bedard

Rd3: Hewitt comes out as the aggressor and really starts to work over Bedard. Bedard responds with a tremendous scoop slam and takes side control. Hewitt bucks and reverses Bedard. Hewitt on top trying to land some shot, but Bedard throws his leg up and uses a shoulder lock to reverse Hewitt and finishes the round off on top. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Bedard
Bedard defeats Hewitt via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

Dustin Ashford vs. Jeff Andrews
Rd1: Both fighter tie up immediately, Ashford drops and lands a beautiful hip toss. Both men back on their feet and start throwing bombs. Andrews’s lands a right straight that pushes Ashford across ring. Ashford comeback with a take down and finishes the round with punches from top positions. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Ashford

Rd2: Ashford lands another takedown to start off the round, but Andrews reverses. Ashford attempts a arm bar but Andrews shucks it off and starts landing the GNP. Ashford is able to reverse but not for long as Andrews regains top position and finishes up the round on top and punching. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Ashford

Rd3: Andrews escapes a takedown attempt from Ashford and responds with a powerful right. Andrews drags Ashford to the ground and works some GNP. Ashford is able to make it back to his feet and the men finish off the round throwing bombs from the hips with little accuracy. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Andrews
The Andrews and Ashford fight is declared a draw.

Josh Caron vs. Dan Lariviere
Rd1: Lariviere shoots in right away and lands a gorgeous double leg takedown. Lariviere transitions immediately into side control and takes the crucifix position and rains down punches until the ref is forced to call the fight.
Lariviere defeats Carson via TKO (GNP from crucifix) @ :58 of Rd 1

Chad Petepiece vs. Rob Tracey
Rd1: Tracey throws a 1,2 combo and looks for the double leg. Petepiece scrambles and reverse Tracey. Tracey goes to get up and Petepiece takes his back and goes for the RNC, Tracey valiantly fights it off but the choke is sunk and Tracey taps.
Petepiece submits Tracey via RNC @ 1:29 of Rd 1

Brendan Beavis vs. Mandell Nallo
Rd1: Nallo starts off popping the jab, then landing a nice side kick. Nallo tries a superman punch but misses. Nallo lands a beautiful slam takedown and transitions straight to mount. Nallo works the GNP, Beavis gives up an arm and Nallo goes for it but Beavis fights it off. Nallo right back into mount and rains down punches until the ref has seen enough and calls the fight.
Nallo defeats Beavis via TKO (GNP) @ 1:44 of RD 1

A great night of amateur MMA action as once again the Hybrid matchmakers came up with interesting and intriguing matches that entertained he fans. A few prospects to watch: Adam Leroux showed some of the most brutally painful takedowns TopMMAnews has seen live, Mathias Bedard showed powerful standup with a soloed and fluid ground game and Mandell Nallo looked absolutely untouchable with great rhythm in his stand up and mastery of the ground look out for the this Firas Zihabi protege. Lastly, TopMMAnews would like to award Christopher St. Jean and his left foot KOTN, Brad Campbell SOTN for his beautiful side mount to Arm Triangle and Jeff Andrews and Dustin Ashford FOTN for their entertaining tilt that had every fan in the arena standing and screaming. TopMMAnews would like to thank Hybrid Combat Production for a great night of fights and look forward to seeing more impressive tilts in the future.

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