Update: De Lorenzi Out of SHINE Tourney


Shine announced on their web site the eight Lightweights who are set to compete in their one day tournament. Conspicuous by his absence is Guillaume De Lorenzi. De Lorenzi was previously scheduled to be on the card but now Hector Munoz appears to have taken his spot on the card.

Update:  Shine has stated that Guillaume De Lorenzi was injured.

Here are the eight Lightweight fighters:

Richard Crunkilton (16-3), Josh Shockley (6-0-1), Drew Fickett (37-13), Carlo Prater (24-7-1), James Warfield (21-6), Marcus Aurelio (20-8), Hector Munoz (9-3) and Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett (23-17-2).

De Lorenzi fans will still be able to watch him take on Junior Assuncao at Ringside 9 in Montreal.

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11 Responses to “ Update: De Lorenzi Out of SHINE Tourney ”

  1. Mike Davis says:

    I heard how much of a pain Shine is to deal with so I am not shocked at all it fell apart. I am sure the card will fall apart completely again.

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  2. Phil Baroni says:

    FUCK EM UP krazy horse

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  3. Biff Charlie says:

    shine is going down

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  4. RULES: The Grand Prix tournament is sanctioned by the Virginia State Athletic Commission, but will be contested under Nevada State Athletic Commission rules. Each of the eight 155 lb fighters will be paired-off in the tournament’s opening round, with the four winners moving on to round two. The two winners of round two will move on to the tournament’s final round and battle for the championship. The single-elimination format means that the tournament winner will need to win three bouts that evening. (In case of injury there will be two alternate bouts)

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  5. Mike Davis says:

    its a one night tournament…….that will not work I cant stand the thought of one night tournaments like that. To many things can go wrong and you don’t get to see the best of each fighter.

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    Anyone know why DeLorenzi isn’t in the tournament?

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  7. BK, He is injured.

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  8. Jason says:

    Mike – the first UFC’s were tournament style… Kinda enjoy that style from time to time. I think it goes to show a fighter’s adaptability and true conditioning – too many guys are so gassed after 1/2 a round these days (I’d probably be gassed after 30s but then again, I’m not a fighter lol).

    Strikeforce is doing the same to an extent with 4 women tonite…

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  9. L-Boutin says:

    Hell of a line-up for an old school one night tourney. Can’t wait to watch.

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  10. Mike Davis says:

    but the womens is a 4 girl 3 minute round tournament, back in the day you could get away with it cause everyone was not so well rounded and conditioned. Now a days it is a much more level playing field and you cant fight 3 top guys in one night without getting hurt. Back when you have a a bunch of scrubs it was easy, look at royce he could not continue after one tough fight and now you have to expect a few of those.

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