Elite 1 MMA – Moncton – September 18


Date: September 18, 2010
Location: Casino New Brunswick in Moncton, NB
Tickets: Ticket Break

Main Event
Richard Arsenault vs Jason MacKay
*** for Elite 1 MMA Welterweight title

Vicky Nadeau vs Rita Stuart

Featherweight Tournament Semi-Finals
Jon Williams,Phil Boone, Shelby Murray, Chance Whalen
***Whalen re-enters tournament as a replacement for Brad Duguay. Whalen lost to Murray in Round 1.

Colin MacLeod vs. Chris Eisan
Todd Henry vs. Dave Claroni
Joshua Deschenes vs. Josh Allen
Cory Boone vs. Adam Hunter
Eugene Luce vs. Dustin Leighton
Evan Blakely vs. Joey Durette

5 Responses to “ Elite 1 MMA – Moncton – September 18 ”

  1. Hank says:

    Interesting fight the rest of the card is likely to be a joke tho. Will not attend an Elite1 card after BS they tried to pass off on the last card.

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  2. Hank says:

    PS why did they have 2 guys(with losing records) fight for an interm belt then being MacKay in to fight the real champ? They are so dumb!

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  3. Update: Added the female fight and the contestants of the second round of the Featherweight tourney.

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  4. devin says:

    colin will walk all over young boy, gonna be a sick mess

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  5. Hal says:

    -Watch “the sleeper”.. Claroni, if Mr.Henry has any insight into this guy, he’ll take a leave of absence.

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