Top MMA News – Canadian Lightweight Rankings – August 2010


This round of 155 rankings does not have much turnover even though many of the top 10 had losses in their last outings.  Sam Stout, Mark Bocek, Mike Ricci, Ryan Machan, Kurt Southern, and even newcomer Mark Holst all recorded losses.

Other fighters had wins over UFC veterans with questionable talent level.   How good are ex-UFC castoffs Richie Hightower, Corey Hill, Dale Hartt, and Alan Berube (who were beaten by Gavin Neil, Mark Holst, Guillaume De Lorenzi, and Brad Cardinal respectively)?  Could these ex-UFCers beat any fighter in the Top 10?  Tough question!

Ultimately, two fighters left the Top 10 (Kurt Southern and Kajan Johnson) and Mark Holst and Gavin Neil were added.  Apologies go to Samuel Guillet.  He was a most definite #11 and he had a strong argument with his win over Kurt Southern.

Please yell if you think we made an error or feel free to compliment if you think these are half decent.    Here we go!

Top 10 Canadian Lightweight Rankings

1. Mark Bocek (8-3) – Previous Rank (1) – Bocek lost a very close unanimous decision to Jim Miller at UFC 111 where many online websites scored the win for Bocek.   In fact, the fight was in Miller’s home state and many in the crowd disagreed with the result.  Regardless of that outcome, Mark remains the top of the Canadian Lightweights for now.  Bocek is now an even .500 in the UFC after Miller’s victory put an end to Bocek’s three fight winning streak.   Next Fight: TBD.

2. Sam Stout (15-6-1) – Previous Rank (2) – Like Bocek, Stout had a winning streak end with a close loss in his last fight.  In Montreal at UFC 113, Stout lost a split decision to Jeremy Stephens.  Do not feel too bad for Hands of Stone as Stout was awarded Fight of the Night for the fifth time for his bout with Stephens.  In fact, five of Stout’s nine UFC fights have ended with a nice Fight of the Night bonus cheque including his last three fights! Next Fight: vs Paul Taylor at UFC 121 on October 23.

3. Guillaume De Lorenzi (9-1) – Previous Rank (3) – Arguably Guillaume De Lorenzi could be the number one Lightweight in Canada.  Since moving down in weight, this 155er has reeled off four wins including two since the last rankings against Ryan Machan and Dale Hartt.  However, Top MMA News did not feel that his four Lightweight wins warrant a move ahead of Stout and Bocek at this point.  De Lorenzi has agreed to participate in a Shine one day Lightweight tournament for his next fights.   If that tournament gets sanctioned and he does well, De Lorenzi will see himself move up the ladder.  There is no doubt that this guy is UFC calibre.   Next Fight: vs TBD at Shine LW Tournament on September 10.

4. Chris Horodecki (14-2) – Previous Rank (4) – Chris Horodecki looked impressive in his victory over Danny Downes in the WEC in Edmonton. One has to take into consideration that Downes came in on a couple days notice as Ed Ratcliff pulled out of the fight.  Still, it was a nice rebound from the KO he received courtesy of Anthony Njokuani.  Next up for Horodecki is, once again, ‘9mm’ Ed Ratcliff at WEC 51.  Next fight:  vs Ed Ratcliff at WEC 51.

5. Brad Cardinal (9-5) – Previous Rank (6) – The Rumble in the Cage Lightweight champion is on a roll and he has now won five consecutive fights.  Included in those victories are wins over previously ranked Top 10ers Kurt Southern and Trevor Wright.  Cardinal steamrolled over Alan Berube in his last fight at Evolution Fighting Championships. While its doubtful Berube would beat anyone on this Top 10, the win was good enough to leap frog Ryan Machan.   Next Fight: TBD.

6. Ryan Machan (11-5) – Previous Rank (5) – Machan was extremely busy since the last rankings but lost two out of his three fights. In addition, he has missed weight in his last two fights.  First Machan lost to Guillaume De Lorenzi and there is no shame in losing to a guy who is definitely UFC bound.  Then Ryan fought Jorge Britto at W1 and lost a very controversial Split Decision where most say Machan won.  Spectators say that commentator Mauro Ranallo  threw his head set down in disgust after the decision was announced.  Finally, Ryan got back into the win column with a win over the unheralded Spencer Rohovie at Aggression MMA. Machan was lucky that more guys below him did not win or he could have been dropped further.  Next Fight: vs James McCutcheon at TFC 11 on September 10.

7. Mike Ricci (5-1) – Previous Rank (7) – Mike Ricci was Bellator bound and ended up getting KO’d by the future tournament winner Pat Curran (here is the video).  Top MMA News kept Ricci at #7 as just getting a fight in Bellator is not enough to rise up these rankings.  He did not drop as the guys below him in the last rankings either did not fight or had losses.   Lets he bounces back in his rumored return appearance in Montreal at MFL 3. Next Fight vs TBD.

Holst took on John Gunderson

8. Mark Holst (8-2) – Previous Rank (NR) – Mark Holst fought twice since the last rankings.  First he took on Corey Hill at XKL and although he was put on his back for the entire fight, much like Anderson Silva, Holst took home the XKL Lightweight belt.  Next, Holst got the call up to the UFC and faced John Gunderson.  Gunderson, a wrestler, put Holst on his back for most of the fight and took home the Unanimous Decision.  For his part, ‘Boots’ showed great defense and did not let Gunderson inflict any damage.  Holst will now face Paul Sass in England.  Holst will need to win this one or risk being sent back to the local circuits.  Next Fight vs Paul Sass at UFC 120.

9. John Makdessi (6-0) – Previous Rank (9) – The Bull has not fought since last rankings due to injury and not being able to lock up a fight.  There are  rumors that Makdessi may fight in the MFL or Aggression this fall so lets hope the Bull signs his name to a fight somewhere.   John showed he is a great striker with a good sprawl in Winnipeg in his last fight. Top MMA News is curious about his ground game, but hey, if no one can take him down, should we care?  Eventually someone will be able to and we will see if Makdessi will move up or down the rankings at that time.  Next Fight: vs TBD

10. Gavin Neil (8-1) – Previous Rank (NR) – Were the bright lights of the MFC too much for Gavin Neil?  Not a chance!  Neil took out Richie Hightower and squeaked into the number 10 spot.  It was very tight between Samuel Guillet and Neil, but Neil has had four straight wins over the past two years while Guillet has had only two.  If Guillet can get by Shannon Gugerty in the fall, this spot could be his.  As for Neil, the British Columbia fighter continues to impress Top MMA News and has only lost to #6 Ryan Machan.  How about a Gavin Neil / Kajan Johnson tilt at MFC 26? Next Fight: TBD.

Fighters who dropped out of Top 10 – Kajan Johnson (was 8th, not fought won since Nov 2009), Kurt Southern (was 10th, lost to Samuel Guillet)

Just out of Top 10:
Samuel Guillet (9-5) – Next fight vs Shannon Gugerty at Ringside 9
Martin Grandmont (10-5) – Next fight at MW vs Showtime Wedderburn at WRECK on Aug. 18
Kurt Southern (6-3)
Jose Rodriguez (5-1)
Kajan Johnson (17-12-1)
Mitch Clarke (7-0) – Next fight vs Josh Machan at TFC 11 on Sept 10
Josh Machan (7-3) – Next fight vs Mitch Clarke at TFC 11 on Sept 10
Brad Causey (8-1)

Not Considered Due to Inactivity:
Jason MacKay (9-2)
Kultar Gill (9-8)
Jason Tatlow (8-3)
Tim Jensen (6-1)
Blake Fredrickson (15-4-1)
Dave Scholten (7-4)
Nelson Akawui Riquelme (4-1)
Stephane Dube (7-3)

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10 Responses to “ Top MMA News – Canadian Lightweight Rankings – August 2010 ”

  1. Moving to Welterweight – Jordan Mein and Simon Marini

    Rodriguez and Grandmont will be moving to Welterweight if they continue to fight at 170.

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  2. Biff Charlie says:

    Cardinal 5 are you joking? Way lower and Neil way up. The level of competition is a big difference.

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  3. brodes says:

    Keith you have 2 number 5s up there dude. Keep up the good work, I like the rankings.

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  4. Brodes…. So You Want to be a F@#$%In’ Editor? :) Thanks. Fixed up. Machan #6.

    Biff Charles….Top MMA News gives more weight to wins in the past two years.
    Since both fighter lost in 2008, both are undefeated. Neil beat Hightower, Demarce, Zac, Hernandez. Cardinal beat Berube, Wright, Merola, Foley, Southern.

    Both beat a TUF veterans.
    Cardinal victims all have winning records and two (Wright, Southern were Top 10 at one point).
    Besides Hightower, not one of those Neil’s other three victims had winning records when Neil beat them.

    Thanks for the comments!

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  5. Glad to see that you have the forsight to rank Mitch Clarke (7-0) in the Lightweight rankings as he is fighting at that weight next. Both Mitch and Josh Machan have won 7 straight fights and are both worthy of the top ten IMO. In keeping with the weight thought, Ryan Machan is now fighting as a welterweight and maybe should be ranked there.

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  6. Thanks for commenting Mark. There is no doubt that Mitch and Josh are making their way to the Top 10 and the winner of that fight and the Guillet/Gugerty fight deserve solid consideration.

    As for Ryan, he will definitely be moved up to the Welterweight rankings once he starts fighting at that weight just like Mein and Marini. Grandmont is in the same boat. His next fight is at Welterweight for WRECK.

    Regardless, TFC has three of the fighters on this list on their next show. There is some good Canadian talent on TFC 11!

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  7. Duane Peters says:

    Tyson “man of” Stelle should definitely be on your radar with a record of 6-0 all rnc first round two fights at 170 one at 185 and now the EFC light weight champ.

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  8. Steele is on our lists after his win over Kelly Gervais. Just needs to keep beating tough opposition! Thanks for the comment.

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    I would like to see Mitch Clarke vs Tyson Steele at EFC.

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  10. Bobby Karimi says:

    De Lorenzi
    R. Machan

    I did this based on the date the rankings were done, and based on the weight class they’ve competed in.

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