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Top MMA News was at Ringside 8 on August 7th. The evening went by quick but there was lots of action. Provincial favorite Jonathan Goulet wowed the crowd with a KO of the Night head kick that quickly ended his main event match with Matt MacGrath. The UFC vet proved that he is a step above the local circuit.

In other exciting action, Guillaume Lamarche gave Tristan Johnson his first loss. Lamarche rebounds from his loss against Mitch Gagnon with a ground ‘n pound victory over Johnson.

Here is the Ringside 8 PBP:

Jonathan Goulet vs Matt MacGrath
Rd1: MacGrath comes out looking for the takedown but Goulet stuffs him. Goulet pressures MacGrath against the cage, the match is briefly halted as MacGrath delivers a knee to Goulet’s giblets. The fight resumes and Goulet throws MacGrath to the floor, as MacGrath stands back up Goulet lands a vicious head kick that floors MacGrath and Goulet pounds him out for the W.
Goulet defeats MacGrath @ 1:39 of Rd1 via TKO (GNP)
TopMMAnews awards Knockout of the Night to Goulet

Guillaume Fortier vs Brent Franczuz
Rd1: Fortier comes straight out and attempts a double leg, Franczuz is able to reverse and winds up on top. Franczuz lands some elbows that open a cut on the side of Fortier’s head. Fortier regains guard and rides his hips high and reverses Franczuz. Fortier tries to transition to side control but his leg is hooked and Franczuz regains top position. Fortier starts slamming his fist on the mat in pain and grabbing his left ankle. Franczuz backs off and the ref calls a stop to the fight. Fortier walks out of the ring but cannot put pressure on his ankle.
Franczuz defeats Fortier @ 4:41 of Rd1 via injury TKO

Guillaume Lamarche vs Tristan Johnson
Rd1: Johnson starts off by chipping away at Lamarche with single shots. Lamarche bull charges Johnson and takes him down. Lamarche is able to transition to full mount and pounds out Johnson for the win.
Lamarche defeats Johnson @ 2:36 of Rd 1 via TKO (GNP)

Kevin Morin vs Jesse Gross
Rd1: Both fighters come out swinging. Morin attempts a single leg but Gross shoves him off. Gross bounces off the cage and uses his momentum to take Morin to the mat. Gross lands in side control but can’t keep Morin down. Gross forces Morin against the cage and takes him down again. Once again Morin makes it to his feet. After another brief exchange Gross lands the double and forces Morin to the ground. Gross passes and takes Morin’s back. Gross pounds away until the bell sounds.
TopMMAnews scores the Rd 10-9 Gross

Rd2: Gross catches a front kick from Morin and pulls him down but is unable to keep him there. Up against the cage Gross lands a nice knee to Morin’s face. Gross again takes Morin down and lands some punches from top position. Morin is able to get back to his feet but looks incredibly gassed. Gross starts to land at will but to Morin’s credit he’s standing there and taking it. The ref has seen Morin take enough punishment and halts the fight while both men are still standing.
Gross defeats Morin @ 4:42 Rd2 via TKO (Punches)
TopMMAnews awards Fight Of the Night to both Morin and Gross

Guillaume Vigneault vs David Fraser
Rd1: Fraser pressures Vigneault into the cage only to be scooped up and thrown to the mat. Vigneault lands in side control and tries for crucifix position. Fraser attempts to stand but Vigneault takes his back and cinches in the rear naked with ease.
Vigneault submits Fraser @ 1:46 of Rd1 via RNC

Keven Tremblay vs Tommy Côté
Rd1: Tremblay catches a Cote kick and responds with an overhand right. Tremblay pushes Cote up against the cage and drags him down to the mat. While trying to advance position Tremblay leaves his leg out and gets caught in a ankle lock.
Cote submits Tremblay @ 1:19 of Rd1 via Ankle Lock

Lévis Labrie vs Aaron Bellemare
Rd1: The fighters come out swinging. Labrie shoots the double and takes the fight to the mat. Labrie quickly passes to mount. Labrie then unleashes some of the most vicious elbows ever scene to Bellemare’s skull. Thankfully the ref steps in and stops the fight.
Labrie defeats Bellemare 1:23 of Rd1 via TKO (GNP)

David Lafond vs Jason Saggo
Rd1: A lot of posturing and feinting to start off the night. Lafond lands a jab that opens up Saggo nose. The fighters tie up against the cage and Saggo uses a trip to take the fight to the mat. Saggo works to half guard and starts to land some shots. Lafond turns to avoid the barrage and Saggo takes his back. Lafond turns again to avoid the choke but instead eats repeated fists and elbows to the face. Lafond lays on the mat while Saggo works the GNP, this fight should be stopped… The bell finally sounds.
TopMMAnews scores the rd 10-8 Saggo

Rd2: Lafond comes out more chipper then expected and plants Saggo on the mat with a left straight. Lafond follows him down but Saggo attempts a triangle and transitions to the omoplata to reverse Lafond. Once again in top position, Saggo attempts an arm bar. Lafond tries to escape but Saggo transitions to a triangle and coaxes the tap.
Saggo submits Lafond @ 2:38 of Rd2 via triangle choke
TopMMAnews awards Submission of the Night to Saggo

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    who writes this stuff?
    I was at the fights…….. Franczuz dominated Guillaume Fortier! Out-maneuvered and out-muscled him.

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  2. James says:

    What was the attendance like? They needed a good showing.

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  3. jack says:

    brent franczuz killed this guy he faked a ankle injury what a bitch

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  4. jack says:

    im soo sure this guy grabbes his ankle after he gets worked what a bitch hahah

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