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After a long weekend where not much happened in the MMA world, there are two shows coming up this weekend that are very good.  Of course, UFC 117 has some matchups that are much anticipated.  Quebec’s Ringside promotion will also be putting on some excellent Canadian fights for their fans in Quebec City.

Top MMA News thought it would be nice to break down a few of these fights a throw a few predictions at our faithful readers.  There are a few shockers here.  Make sure to make your own predictions in the comment section of this article.


Anderson Silva (-556) vs Chael Sonnen (+330)
Sonnen was very impressive against Marquardt and is better than Anderson Silva on the ground.  There will be no surprises, Sonnen will attempt to put Anderson on his back.  Of course, Silva bests him in the standup and could catch Sonnen at any time.  Can Sonnen put the Spider on his back for five rounds? This is a strong underdog bet as many feel Sonnen has a good chance.
Grienke – Silva will catch Sonnen at some point and TKO him
Drolet – Sonnen by TKO in Round 4 after Silva gets frustrated by being smothered for three rounds.

Matt Hughes (+135) vs Ricardo Almeida (-189)
Hughes looked far from his old self in his win over Renzo Gracie last fight. Renzo Gracie’s student, Ricardo Almeida has won 10 of his last 11 fights. Almeida will win all three rounds of this fight and take the decision victory.
Drolet and Grienke – Almeida by Decision

Jon Fitch (-120) vs Thiago Alves (-120)
Fitch and Alves may be the most anticipated fight on the UFC 117 card. Originally scheduled for Vancouver, this fight has moved a couple times due to Alves’ brain surgery. Fitch won the first time these two met and has lost only once since 2003. suprisingly, many are picking Alves to win. Alves struggles to make the 170 weight limit, but should dominate the stand up in this fight.
Grienke – Fitch will put this one on the ground and win a decision
Drolet – Alves TKO in the 2nd

Junior Dos Santos (-417) vs Roy Nelson (+260)
Big Country takes a step up to face Dos Santos who is quickly becoming a title contender. Dos Santos has been wrecking everyone he faces including Fabricio Werdum and Gabriel Gonzaga with his tremendous standup and has won five in a row in the UFC. Nelson won The Ultimate Fighter 10 and is 2-0 in the UFC against much weaker opposition than Nelson. The biggest question here is ‘how good is Dos Santos’ ground game?’ If Nelson can get Dos Santos down, Nelson may be able to take this fight.
Drolet – Dos Santos by KO in the third
Grienke – Nelson by GNP in the second.

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Now no one is saying that Ringside 8 is in a league with the UFC, but Top MMA News will say that if we lived in Quebec City, we would be at that show watching live MMA rather than watching UFC. We do not live there, but we are sending three guys to cover it because we think so highly of the Ringside promotion. Here are the three matches that really catch our eye:

Matt MacGrath

Jonathan Goulet vs Matt MacGrath
Goulet is Canada’s fifth ranked Welterweight and MacGrath has flirted with the Top 10. Everyone knows Goulet as a long time UFCer who recently lost to Marcus Davis and was released. With a solid all around game, Goulet stuck around for nine UFC fights for a reason – he’s good. MacGrath made a name for himself in a loss to Claude Patrick. MacGrath used his strong wrestling to have that fight even going into the third before falling victim to Patrick’s infamous Guillotine. Can MacGrath use his wrestling to put Goulet on his back or will Goulet just overwhelm his Nova Scotia opponent?
Grienke – Goulet will win by TKO in the second after a close first.
Drolet – MacGrath dismantles Goulet and TKOs him in the second

Tristan Johnson vs Guillaume Lamarche
Two fighters that have made appearances over the last two years in the Top 10 Featherweights will fight in this well-matched bout. Lamarche is coming off a quick loss to Mitch Gagnon to lose his bid for the Ringside title. Tristan Johnson has not fought in a long while as he has fought injury and had previously scheduled fights cancelled. Johnson is undefeated for a reason as he has great hands. Training at FitPlus with TJ Grant and Scott MacLean does not hurt as well. Lamarche is game and will stand with Tristan – to his detriment. Johnson will prove too much for Lamarche on the feet and could provide the KO of the Night.
Drolet and Grienke – Johnson by KO in Round 1 (Grienke) or 2 (Drolet)

Kevin Morin vs Jesse Gross
Jesse Gross is a beast. Gross, who trains under Chris Clements, will put on a Ground and Pound clinic for Quebec City just like he showed Winnipeg at CFC 4.
Grienke and Drolet – Gross by TKO (Hulk Smash GNP) in Round 1

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  1. $50 on Sonnen gets you $215. Not bad return if you think Sonnen has a decent shot.

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  2. Brodes says:

    Tristan vs guillaume is a great fight. If I wasn’t attending a wedding I would consider making the trip.

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  3. Hey Marc, congrats on going 2 for 7!

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  4. haha no doubt!

    I’m happy i was wrong on some of my pics. Especially Goulet! Good job to Goulet on an impressive performance and victory.

    I was sure that Sonnen had this one in the bag too!

    Oh well, i thought i did worse than 2 and 7

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