Can Young Gun Mein Apprehend the Kansas City Bandit?


Mein defeated Victor Bachman at LGIO. (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|

On August 26th, Jordan Mein will take a big step up in competition at Rumble in the Cage 40 in Taber, Alberta. According to Lee Mein, Jordan’s father and the head of RITC, Mein (17-6) will take on the ‘Kansas City Bandit’ Jason High.

Jason High (9-3), who trains out of Antonio McKee’s Bodyshop in California, was on quite a roll as a fighter before losing in spectacular fashion to Marius Zaromskis in the 2009 DREAM Welterweight Grand Prix Finals. High then fought once for the UFC this year where he was released after losing to Charlie Brenneman.  Now High hopes to rebound against Lethbridge’s young gun.

Mein has been on quite a roll in the last few years.  He has gone 9-1 since early 2008 with wins over Ryan Machan, Victor Bachman (pictured), and Andrew Buckland.  Last week, Mein defeated George Belanger at Pure FC 5.  Could a victory over the tough KC Bandit get Mein to the UFC?

Fans can get tickets for the event at the Rumble in the Cage website or watch RITC 40 at GoFightLive Internet PPV.

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9 Responses to “ Can Young Gun Mein Apprehend the Kansas City Bandit? ”

  1. My agency has the pleasure of managing Jason High and have seen him with some impressive wins over the years. Mein is no doubt one of the biggest up and comers I’ve seen in a long time and has a ton of heart, skill and potential.

    I’m going with High on this one…he’s hungry right now.

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  2. Mike Davis says:

    Tough fight Mein is one of my favorites but this is a huge jump up in competition. Curious how he will handle Highs very good wrestling.

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  3. Biff Charlie says:

    Bad fight for the kid three rounds of lay and pray. Kid loses by dec. Stupid match up for Mein, this kid needs new management immediately

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  4. Cole says:

    Great match up for Mein IMO! High is a good wrestler with power, but I don’t think he is going to win this battle. High’s chin has been tested by zaromskis and heiron, and it will be tested once again by mein. 2nd round TKO for mein, great management decision IMO. A couple of these and he will be fighting for the UFC, just wait and see.

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    I think Jason High wins by UD. He’ll out wrestle and suffocate him with superior top control.

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  6. Biff Charlie says:

    sad but true

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  7. JRBombs says:

    haha Biff…Mein isn’t exactly a picnic on the ground. Wrestling don’t mean sh*t if he can’t get it there.
    Nice prediction but hardly realistic…I would say more like a classic Young-Gun Mein monster style kick to the face, wrestler goes to sleep. Round 1 KO.

    Jordan moves on to UFC..and it’s well deserved.

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  8. JRBombs says:

    ….It’ll be like deja-vu from DREAM 10, compliments of Marius Zaromskis.

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  9. Robin Black says:

    High is a monster, but he better not underestimate Jordan.

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