Remi Morvan Looks to Rebound at WRECK


In early 2009, Remi Morvan was the #3 ranked Canadian Bantamweight. Three consecutive losses to top fighters Adrian Wooley and Roland Delorme dropped him down to #7 in the rankings and put a temporary halt to a rising MMA career.

In this interview, Morvan discusses his time off to be with his new child, his training, and his plans to rebound at WRECK MMA with a win over Chance Whalen.

7 Responses to “ Remi Morvan Looks to Rebound at WRECK ”

  1. B J says:

    he might rebound at wreck but i dont like his chances at cfc!

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  2. Remz says:

    That sucks…. I thought I had a really good chance… someone told me that Eric was going to take it easy on me so I could stand a good chance to beating him… Damn Liars..

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  3. Jason says:

    LOL…Remi, everyone has an opinion. Mine happens to be you will win your next two fights. Train hard!

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  4. JYD says:

    Remi will win both.

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  5. Remz says:

    Jason : I know i was just kidding.. i know there are alot of Perez fans and I hope I can give them a great show. They are just going to be disapointed in the outcome but happy with the fight.

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  6. No you are correct, it’s in Perez’s contract to take you lightly. He even signed for it!

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  7. Robin Black says:

    I’ve never fough Remi (don’t want to either, thank you very much) but Eric, in addition to being fairly handsome, sure likes punchin guys.

    Can’t wait to see that one.

    Oh, and at Wreck…. Remi by disgustingly sick sub round 0.

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