Boots Scraps – Training with GSP and Montreal Wrestling Club


Hello everyone!

Training has been off the hook this last week. I have been training with the 3 OAMA fighters who will be fighting at the WRECK MMA event. Kru Jeff, Steph and Remi are all looking really sharp and ready to fight any day now! On top of that we had the opportunity to be taught by the Gracie Bros, Igor and Rolles, and with great black belts Zé and Bruno. I also got the chance to train with Bruno and Igor and they helped me a lot with my BJJ.

Last night, I went to the Montreal Wrestling Club where I had the chance to train with Georges St-Pierre. We did 3 X 2min rounds of takedowns. He is an awesome wrestler, kicked my butt and gave me some tips. Great guy! Then, I trained with a whole bunch of wrestlers who gave me whoopin’ and a few tips as well!

I have been training a lot with my SNC coach, Pierre, at Capital Strength and Conditioning. It’s been going great. I am pushing more and more weight every week!

Training has been going great so far! I have some big news for the next post! Have a good weekend.


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