KOTC: Lock Down Photo Gallery


Jason Bouwmeester was on hand at Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta to shoot KOTC: Lock Down.

Check out his pics from the fights! More photos will be added as they come.

KOTC: Lock Down - Ring Girls

King of the Cage: Lock Down Ring Girls.

KOTC: Lock Down - Garett Davis vs Ryan Chiappe

Garett Davis defeats Ryan Chiappe via Submission (Anaconda Choke) in Round 3, 3:19.

KOTC: Lock Down - Tim Means vs  Dominic O\'Grady

Tim Means and Dominic O\'Grady fight to a Majority Draw (29-27 Means, 28-28, 28-28).

KOTC: Lock Down - Dan Severn vs Chad Olmstead

Dan Severn defeats Chad Olmstead via TKO in Round 2, 1:27.

KOTC: Lock Down - Brad Stewart vs Elmer Waterhen

Brad Stewart defeats Elmer Waterhen via Majority Decision (30-27, 29-29, 29-28).

KOTC: Lock Down - Mukai Maromo vs Carlos Espinoza

Mukai Maromo defeats Carlos Espinoza via TKO in Round 2, 2:35.

KOTC: Lock Down - Tony Bibby vs Josh Ladouceur

Tony Bibby defeats Josh Ladouceur via Submission (Guillotine Choke) in Round 1, 0:39.

KOTC: Lock Down - Devin Murray vs Jon Simonar

Devin Murray defeats Jon Simonar via Submission (Arm Triangle) in Round 1, 2:24.

KOTC: Lock Down - Trent Thorne vs Chad Frey

Trent Thorne defeats Chad Frey via KO in Round 2, 0:21.

KOTC: Lock Down - Jamie McLean vs Daylon Erickson

Jamie McLean defeats Daylon Erickson via Submission (Guillotine Choke) in Round 1, 3:25.

KOTC: Lock Down - Kris Miskanek vs Jason Rorick

Kris Miskanek defeats Jason Rorick via TKO in Round 1, 0:47.

KOTC: Lock Down - Chris Kizuik vs Jeremiah Simonar

Chris Kizuik defeats Jeremiah Simonar via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 1, 4:30.

KOTC: Lock Down - John Grant vs Colin Lloyd

John Grant defeats Colin Lloyd via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 2, 1:50.

KOTC: Lock Down - Keenan Feeny vs Ken Kerfont

Keenan Feeny defeats Ken Kerfont via TKO in Round 1, 0:38.

KOTC: Lock Down - Jon Ganshorn vs Alex Mohgrabi

Jon Ganshorn defeats Alex Mohgrabi via TKO in Round 1, 0:59.

KOTC: Lock Down - Weigh-ins

KOTC: Lockdown weigh-ins.

Edmonton Fight Scene Fan Expo

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7 Responses to “ KOTC: Lock Down Photo Gallery ”

  1. Phil Baroni says:

    nice pics sir

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  2. trent says:

    please tell me you got a pic of that KO Jason please!!!! lol

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  3. Jason says:

    Thanks Phil… Trent… unfortunately not, ref was in way! But I got a nice one of after that I like… will have them up soon!

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  4. krahn says:

    we should all be talking about how shitty some of the undercard fighters were

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  5. trent says:

    yea some of them left a few things to be desired but hell you never know who these guys are going to turn out to be man? I say give em hell boys! except for that one guy….. you know who cody! lol

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    Somebody could have made the same comment after Brawl in the Mall 3… after that guy got shit kicked by Allan Hope! Don’t remember his name but word is he’s turned out to be a pretty decent fighter! lol

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  7. trent says:

    lol that is exactly what im saying man! I have no illusions about who i am or what i was! lol All i know is i think ive paid my dues. everyone has to start somewhere! I give props to anyone who has the balls to step up and get in there no matter how they look or fight! That being said there is waaaaay to much mma snobery around here! ;) and there…. lol

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