AFC 4 – Victoria – November 6


Date: November 6, 2010
Location: Bear Mountain Arena in Victoria, BC
TV: Internet PPV
Tickets: Theatre Manager Online Ticket Sales

Main Event
Robert Drysdale (1-0) vs Clay Davidson (5-1)

Nick Hinchliffe (15-6) vs. Mike Hackert (4-0)
Jason Heit (3-0) vs Markhaile Wedderburn (9-8) – 173 Catchweight
Diego Wilson (6-0) vs TBA
Derek Medler (3-0) vs Del Melnyk (3-1-1)
Baz Cunningham (5-1) vs John Turnbull (2-0)
Karl Bergen (1-0) vs Dejan Kajic (1-0)
David Perron (3-0) vs Nathan Swayze (0-0)
Tristan Connelly (1-1) vs Dan Ring (0-0-1)
Conner Riddell (1-0-1) vs Jordan Knippelberg (2-1)
Cory Gower (1-0) vs Ryan Leef (0-1)
Chris Jones (1-1) vs Theo Brisley (3-3)

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  1. chris says:

    ttt showtime

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    I was unaware that his record was actually 4-1, that makes him more in the “championship calibre”. There are two things about a fighters record that I concider, number of pro fights, and quality of opponents in the W column. I hate seeing padded records of fighters going 5-0 or plus, but at the same time, if you can beat 5 consecutive guys regardless of their records, you must have some skill. As well, you can have a 6-6 record and I respect the cage experience, and in these cases you’re usually only as good as your last fight.

    Please don’t get my “nobody special” comment confused. I am by no means saying that fighters don’t deserve respect and admiration for getting into the ring or cage and putting it out there for the fans. They definitly deserve that respect and it does require a “special” kind of athlete to do what you guys do. I meant there was no “names” in his record, nobody that has a great record themselves. I mean no disrect to Lin, I think he has alot of potential and I’m sure he’ll go on to get some more W’s in the near future, but in this case, I stand my ground that his arm would have went on Diego’s trophy wall.

    I know that the last fight was to be a title qualifier, and the fight was stopped early do to a refs mistake. Regardless of what I think of either fighter, they do both deserve a chance to confirm the end result.

    This event is looking like a gooder, looking forward to it.

    BTW Spong is hurt, Dan Lin is currently fighting TBA…. Until we get the Diego vs Dan verdict anyway.

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  3. Darren Owen says:

    Cory Gower vs Ryan Leef

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  4. Paul Lazenby says:

    No problem, Jamie. Heard and understood.

    Still waiting on a response from the ZUMA camp…

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  5. James Locke says:

    Ha ha Paul. I just heard your mma minute this morning. Nice strategy.

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  6. Paul Lazenby says:

    Not really a strategy, James, just the facts as they sit right now. I’m looking forward to Adam Zugec following through like the man of his word that I’ve always believed him to be. With neither Diego nor Dan having an opponent for November, it should be a pretty easy match to put together and I’m hoping to get this resolved soon.

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  7. Jamie Locke says:

    Hopefully in the future we will get to see Lin vs Spong though. I understand “The Beef Storm” is hurt right now, but I think that would be a great match-up.

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  8. robin black says:

    I like that Spong. He seems cool. Ima cheer for him against anyone (except if he fights me then I’ll cheer for me).

    Lin vs Diego seems like a no-brainer considering neither has an opponent and there’s demand for that rematch.

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  9. I have to comment on this.

    I consider everybody involved a friend, and not sure i agree with how things are playing out.

    First, in my opinion Darren Owen and AFC is who should be the ones matchmaking and deciding who they want on their card and against who.

    Every show we have, about half of the people that lost want rematches. The night of the fight isn’t a time for rematch talk, and it’s not between camps it should even happen.

    In this case, it’s almost being made out that Zugec is a bad guy somehow. Anybody requetsing a match with one of his fighters IMO is irrelevent. It’s the promotions job.

    That being said, from what I saw of that fight, Lin should win one or two before they meet again. Not a knock on Dan, but Diego was all over him in that fight.

    Other than that, I appreciate all the comments and participation of everybody here, just dont’ want to see my friend Adam looking like the bad guy when he did nothing wrong.

    No matter the circumstance, the rematch does little for Diego and it’s only a controversial loss to those on the losing side :)

    Appreciate all you guys

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  10. I do agree that Mac Danzig shoudlnt’ be reffing at these shows. But that’s a problem I have with the commission more than anything.

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  11. And no offence to AFC or Jason Heit, but I’m not a fan of a promoter fighting on his own card.

    That shouldn’t even be allowed.

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  12. Jamie Locke says:

    I think rematches are warrented when a ref is the cause of the stoppage, although a ref could always claim he was looking out for the safety of a fighter. BUT, I think if the ref stops a fight prematurely, another chance should be granted to both fighters to finish the fight.

    I also think they are warrented when it’s an extremely controversial judges decision. Very often a favorite will win a decision, or a home town hero. This isn’t fair, and there are many problems and inconsistancies with judging globally. The best way to avoid it of course is to not leave it up to them.

    I also don’t think Zugec looks bad, like you say, it’s not up to him who the AFC offers up for matches. Also, I wouldn’t shame him for NOT taking the rematch, I think Diego is on another level and should be fighting top ten calibre bantams while waiting for the inevitable call to WEC. I think a rematch with Lin is fair and warrented, but I wouldn’t blame Diego or his camp for saying the risk and reward doesn’t match up for this one.

    Robin Black vs Josh “Beefstorm” Spong = Spong via ruthless 1st round KO

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  13. Either way, warranted or not, it’s still the matchmaker/promoters decision.

    And I do think it makes Adam look bad a bit, when everybody is making it out like this match is just waiting on his approval. I haven’t heard AFC talk about it once.

    I’d love to see Eric Perez vs Diego Wilson

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  14. JayKay says:

    Pfft, Birdy would smash the Beef Sponge.

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  15. Paul Lazenby says:

    Actually, Marc-Andre, I spoke about this fight with Darren Owen before discussing it with anyone else, and he expressed a willingness to make the fight should Chris Franco and Adam Zugec both be open to it. I’d never think of trying to use the media to bully a promoter into making a fight before discussing it with him/her first.

    As for Adam looking bad, I can’t see where anything that I’ve said about him has been anything but respectful. All I said was that I was waiting on his response, and in fact, Adam just called me five minutes ago to give me his perspective on this situation.

    Having gotten that call, it’s looking very unlikely that we’ll see Lin vs. Wilson in the cage at AFC 4. However, that does not preclude a matchup between the two down the road, perhaps as the culmination of the originally-intended four-man tournament structure that had Lin and Wilson in opposite brackets.

    While I would have liked to have seen an immediate rematch between Wilson and Lin, I can appreciate Adam’s perspective as well, and I retain my respect for him and the entire ZUMA crew.

    Hopefully, the Lin/Wilson situation will eventually be resolved, perhaps with a title belt at stake to make it even more compelling.

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  16. Darren Owen says:

    I feel I need to comment on this now. I hadn’t before because I was dealing with this in private and I have the utmost respect for both camps. In the days after the fight Lazenby who represents Lin said they would like a rematch at some point down the road. I understood where they were coming from. The plan was to have a 4 man tournament to decide our first 135 Champ Spong vs Lin and Diego vs TBA. Then the winners fight for the belt. Simple enough, right. However Spong was in a car accident and is not able to fight at our next event. After informing Lazenby of this he asked for the rematch. First of I have asked about 10 different fighters if they were interested in fighting Diego 4 or 5 of whom are ranked in top 10 and none are able to take the fight due to availability or they just don’t want to fight him. So then I was open to the rematch not for the title partly because it solved some matchmacking issues. Diego is looking for an opponent he can get motivated to fight right now. I hope to secure an opponent for him within the next couple days.

    Marc-Andre, I agree that Perez vs Wilson would be a great fight, I contacted his camp a few days ago and inqured about the matchup. Hopefully we can work it out. As far as Danzig reffing he has done a flawless job in every fight he’s reffed and it’s unfortunate that his one questionable call has been under the microscope. He is a certified refferee and does a great job.

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  17. UPDATE: Baz Cunningham vs John Turnbull

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  18. hawkes says:

    eric perez vs dan lin… roland delorme vs diego wilson… and me vs someone depending on the result of my cfc fight.

    get three out of town fighters and only fly one corner :)

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  19. Update
    Added: Jonathan Cardinal as Justin Shaw’s opponent and an undercard fight.
    Removed: Dan Lin and Graham Spencer.

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  20. Jamie Locke says:

    This show is going to be amazing! Great to see Drysdale stepping up his competition slowly, Clay is a “submission expert” in the local scene, but Drysdale is a world champion. I’d say Clay might have an easier go on his feet in this one.

    Hinchliffe is a stud fighter, he just NEEDS wins to advance his career to the next level, we all know he’s due. The win at playboy was huge and Hackert is a tough up and comer. A win here for Nick and he should be fighting some top ten guys, maybe Starnes again, maybe a guy like Chase Degenhardt.

    I havn’t seen Heit fight since I got to BC, but I hear he’s got some of the best boxing in the country. Showtime is also due for a win, he needs it. If Showtime is diciplined in his training, and shows up strong at weight, than he’ll be a threat. If not, we should be treated to a treat of classic combos from Heit.

    The rest of my pics have to be:

    Derek Medler – this guy is going places for sure!
    Justin Shaw – another tough guy that we`ll probably see be very successful at both HW and LHW.
    Baz Cunningham – Needs to get a win in after the loss to Nick Driedger, after he`s back in the W column we`ll see him fighting top ten calier guys again.
    David Perron – Very tough and skilled up and comer. Coming off his 3rd pro fight and 3rd straight T(KO) win over very tough veteran Nolan Clark!
    Theo Brisley – Theo found his dicipline and focus in winning 3 straight by submission, he took a step up in competition at MFC 26 but got caught in an armbar by KOTC lightweight strap contender Chad Freeman(6-3). This will be a challenge for Theo but he`ll come out with the W and look to step his game up again in the new year!

    I see a great event going down though. I`m really looking forward to it. I have yet to hear where everyone is having their after party though? Maybe have to start my own!

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  21. ccanadx says:

    It seems odd that the MD’s wanted to ban MMA 2 months ago.

    A few weeks after their resolution, football and today hockey annouces startling data on concussions- 25% of jr A players! The MD’s timing on this really looks bad. Maybe football and hockey need a wakeup call.

    But my point here is MMA has to be aware of the public perception of injuries. Mac Danzig’s stopage was a judgement call and to the crowd who wants to see blood or broken limbs- tuff. Safety of fighter comes first! MMA’s goal is to be widen the public acceptance on its way to an olympic sport.

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  22. Darren Owen says:

    Paul Lazenby and Robin Black will be commentating this event which can be seen live on

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  23. Robin Black says:


    Thanks for having me Darren. Lazenby, I’m superexcited to work with you man.

    Great night of fights. :)

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  24. Danferguson says:

    Good luck Knipp and Melnyk!

    Pride Gym!!!

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  25. Phil Baroni says:

    drysdale by omoplata in round 1

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  26. EPerez says:

    Perez vs. Diego AFC 5

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  27. david says:

    undefeated fighters are too scared to take risks like that… but would love to see perez vs diego

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  28. Robin Black says:

    Yeah. Perez vs Diego would be cool.

    david, you make a good point. But undefeated guys have to step up to challenges eventually. It’s part of the path. A bunch of wins is great, but the fights gotta get tougher and tougher.

    Eric is a really tough fight man. I hope it happens.

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  29. UPDATE: Wedderburn is heavy so it is now a catchweight at 173.
    Jonathan Cardinal pulled out last week. Shawn Pauliak was the new opponent for Justin Shaw. Pauliak’s in the hospital as his appendix burst so Justin Shaw fight is off.

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