Pure FC 5 – Red Deer – July 24


Date: July 24, 2010
Location: Red Deer Arena in Red Deer, Alberta

Jordan Mein VS George Belanger
Advin Omic vs Brandon MacArthur
Mike Bell vs Trevor Wright
Evan Sanguin vs Luis Huete
Derek Clark vs Tim Tamaki
Jeremy Smerek vs Wyatt MacDonald
Dylan Ferguson vs Peter Neufeld
TJ Penner vs Max Phillipe
Konrad Anderson vs Jesse Seberg
Jeremy Gardiner vs Robert Curtis

6 Responses to “ Pure FC 5 – Red Deer – July 24 ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Too bad it isn’t Mein vs. Omic…. coulda had an unofficial 2nd round for LGIO and then do McGillivray vs. Daynes!

    I think someone should put on these fights, just to see how the tourney would play out!

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  2. Rowbo says:

    I agree Cody, I was excited to see it all play out

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  3. MMAFan says:

    Yeah that would be sweet, but I think It was suppose to be Omic vs McGillvaray for the 2nd round and I’ve heard that’s being set up! Can’t wait for this card though, looks good.

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Well if that happens, someone’s gotta put on Mein vs. Daynes!

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  5. Maricar says:

    I was told by Belanger that Jordan and Daynes were scheduled as the main event for this card and Colin had to pull out for personal reasons. I was also told that Omic vs Mein will happen Oct.13 for the first PFC title if they both win.

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  6. SOckpuppet says:

    evan vs luis? did that fight happen?

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