RITC 40 – Taber – August 26


Date: August 26, 2010
Location: Taber, Alberta
TV: GoFightLive Internet PPVhttp://www.gofightlive.tv/showEvent.do?eventId=744&refCode=GFLA82
Tickets: Rumble in the Cage

Kyle Fortch 145lbs Sorrento BC vs. Mike Hansen 145lbs Kensei Red Deer ( Amateur)
Trevor Reid 185lbs CMC Lethbridge vs. Garrett Raines 185lbs Lethbridge (amateur)
Kyle Coleman 170lbs BDB Calgary vs. Dwight Chowace 170lbs Ronin MMA GP (Amateur)
Virgil Robinson 185lbs Fernie FC vs. Ty james Collier 185lbs Wetaskewin (Amateur)
Maged Hammo 145lbs CMC Lethbridge vs. Kyle Wilson 145lbs Ronin GP (Amateur)
Ian Odland 145lbs CMC Taber vs. Nathan Harrison 145lbs Kensei Red Deer (Amateur)
Brandi Merritt 140lbs CMC Taber vs. Wendy Unger 140lbs Ronin GP (amateur)
Peter Neufeld 170lbs CMC Taber vs. Shon Cottrel 170lbs Fernie FC (pro kickboxing)


Eric Montgomery 145lbs BDB Calgary vs. Jesse Seberg 145lbs Bridgecity boxing (pro)
Sean Merkl 205lbs CMC Lethbridge vs. Taylor Bull 205lbs Wetaskewin (pro)
Mark Aparicio 170lbs CMC Lethbridge vs. Brandon MacArthur 170lbs Cranbrook (pro)
Brendan Blacquier 155lbs CMC Taber vs. Francois Bourassa 155lbs Calgary (pro)
Jeremy Smerek 205lbs CMC Lethbridge vs. Shawn Pauliuk 205lbs Wainright (pro)
Jordan Mein 170lbs CMC Lethbridge vs. Jason High 170lbs LA Bodyshop Fitness (pro)

7 Responses to “ RITC 40 – Taber – August 26 ”

  1. byob says:

    lil mein should be on the ultimate fighter…..

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  2. Big Jake says:

    If I was still scouting for talent like I used to, I’d try and pick up Jeremy Smerek in a heart beat. Raw power, athleticism and heart all make for a bad ass fighter. Mein has a great horse in the stable with this guy…

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  3. dwight chowace says:

    thought my fight was pro that sucks

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  4. dead says:

    trevor reid takes a nap on aug 26 chump soup can.

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  5. Added: Shawn pauliuk, Francois Bourassa

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  6. joe says:

    watch collier and bull take a W

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  7. Shack says:

    great crowd, great fights, electric atmosphere in Taber, very well organized, kudos to Lee Mein and his staff…Shack. Taber Boxing Commission Ex. Director, Combative Sports Council Member…

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