HeatXC 5 Weigh-in Results


Top MMA News is covering HeatXC in Edmonton this weekend. Three fighters missed weight and will forfeit 20% of their purse. Several fights will go on at catchweights.

A few tickets are still available for Heat XC 5. Why not purchase some? Nothing like live MMA!

Here are the results:

David Heath (201.4) vs. Jason Kuchera (202.8)
Ryan Getschel (216) vs. Marty Melynchuk (220.2) (220 catchweight)
Jason Gorny (170.4) vs. Keto Allen (172.6)*
Ryan Fortin (261.6) vs. Logan Jarrell (238)
Garret Nybakken (157.4)* vs. Jevon Marshall (152.4)
Danny Valimaki (214.1) vs. Patrick Gladue (224.6) (revised from 215 catchweight to 265)
Scott Payne (163.8) vs Devon Neville (175.8*) (165 catchweight)
Steve Dubeck (195.8) vs Curtis Poulin (190.6) (195 catchweight)

*missed weight, forfeit 20% of purse

47 Responses to “ HeatXC 5 Weigh-in Results ”

  1. gd up says:

    you guys gonna have pics?

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  2. You bet – most likely tonite… had to come on my lunch break to the weigh ins so will be doing pics after work!

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Hey Jason this one will only take us about half as long as last weekend! lol

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    Scott Payne (163.8) vs Devon Neville (175.8*) (165 catchweight)

    WOAH 10lbs! suspend him.

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  5. Jason says:

    LOL Cody, depends on how long they go!
    Bobby: that is quite a bit over, Gladue was over almost the same as well if it stayed at 215. Not sure on the reason for changing that one to 265 though.

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  6. Bobby Karimi says:

    Gladue vs Valimaki maybe cuz it was short notice.

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  7. Rowbo says:

    Do these guys even try and make weight? Honestly. Ridiculous

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    I think it changed from the catchweight to a heavyweight because Valimaki was initially scheduled to fight LHW Mychal Clark. Gladue was a short notice replacement! It was still reported as Clark vs. Valimaki last Thursday!

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  9. Jason says:

    Bobby/Cody – that makes sense…

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  10. bweesh says:

    does jason gorny’s opponents ever make weight??? brutal

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  11. Mike Davis says:

    another event with a lot of fighters missing weight….shame shame, i don’t know why but just not into this card like most of HeatXc ones.

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  12. David Letourneau says:

    does gorny puss out or take the fight this time
    ? me persnally i could give a shit if my opponent makes weight, i do my job i weigh in if he doesnt i take 20% and still fight him and whip his ass. i never understood guys backing out cause ur opponent didnt make weight.

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  13. Mike Davis says:

    I would not say no if they missed weight either myself, has happen before but its just no professional I think to miss weight.

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  14. Mike Davis says:


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  15. bweesh says:

    gorny took the fight! i mean there is a weight class for a fucking reason…its not rocket science.i know it may seem hard to comprehend..but u accept a fight at a certain weight class….THEN U MAKE WEIGHT!!! ITS CALLED TAKING SHIT SERIOUSLY! he only backed out of his last fight ..but i mean after ur last 7 opponents dont make weight ….when do u put ur foot down and say enough! if u make weight then why shouldnt ur opponent! simple as that..if u cant make weight then dont accept a fight!!!

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  16. Big Jake says:

    I agree that it’s disrespectful not making your agreed upon weight. But I also like Dave’s attitude of getting in there and still whippin his ass. That’s why I rep BAD ASSES like Letourneau!!!

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  17. Byob says:

    So if Gorny takes all hisfights at 7 lbs over 9 over 3 over n duff comes in 8 over was given 3 hours to loose 3 more to be at 190 but still weighs in at 192 then clearly he doesn’t wanna exert himself giving him an edge. I don’t know Gorny but hear he cut from 210. Duff disrespected him I agree with Dave 2 5 lbs whatever but 8 is another weight class. It’s called being proffesional. And I beleive Gorny didn’t puss out his trainers woulda dropped him if he accepted. Didn’t duff puss out vs Krahn?? N by not making weight isn’t that pussing out cause it’s to hard???

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  18. james says:

    if people dont know how to make weight than they shouldnt fight.and if you will in to fight a guy that cant make weight chances are you just want a pay check. i think there more fighters in edmonton lookin for a pay check more than fighters lookin for good long careers and doin sometihng other than being plugs.

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  19. Mike Davis says:

    if you are looking for a pay check in local mma your not going to be very happy :P

    have to love this to continue fighting for what you make.

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  20. Biff Charlie says:

    HEAT XC has more buzz then any other MMA show in Edmonton outside the MFC.

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  21. Biff Charlie says:

    but guys better shape up on the weight stuff makes shows look bad when they don’t make weight.

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  22. Big Jake says:

    I agree wholeheartedly that Gorny had every right to pull out of that Duff fight…Duff came in horribly overweight. In fact, I was representing both fighters for that fight and I was very supportive of Gorny not taking it. I never once gave him shit for his decision, it’s his right not to.

    Unfortunately, this also played a major part of me not repping a lot of up and coming fighters. I manage a lot of pro fighters and they are just that, PROFESSIONAL. I don’t ever need to call Antonio McKee, David Heath, Dwayne Lewis or any of my crew from Thunder Bay (Nathan Gunn, David Letourneau, Matt Veal)to make sure they make weight. It’s a given in this line of work. Unless something medically is hindering you, there isn’t a ton of reasons as to why you shouldn’t be able to honor a contract.

    But I know with David, money is the LAST reason as to why he would still take a fight with someone who came in over. In fact David flew himself out for his first MFC fight just so that he could fight on the card. It’s not about the dough…it’s about him going in there after dedicating seven weeks of his life to whippin his opponent’s ass and not only will he get to do it, but he will get a nice 20% bonus on top to make it even sweeter.

    But if David came to me and said he didn’t want to fight a guy who came in 8 pounds over, I would never in a million years get after him or question his heart. That’s his right as a PRO fighter…he honored his contract as a PROFESSIONAL. Anyways, just my .02

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  23. Jamie Locke says:

    I agree with Big Jake.

    I have also stated this on the last CFC weigh in thread where several fighters did not make weight.

    I think commissions need to start suspending guys that come in 5 lbs or more over weight. This is a clear sign of dis-respect and lack of professionalism.

    If you walk around at 215 and want to fight at middleweight, you need to put in the effort and cut down to 185 +- 1lb. If you can’t do the cut, or YOU KNOW YOU WON’T be able to, than don’t sign for a fight at middleweight, it’s that simple. If a guy knows for a fact that he won’t make, than fight at 205 or ask for a catch weight straight up. Otherwise I concider that cheating, making your opponent cut down to the contracted weight and not even trying yourself, knowing that you will have the size and stamina advantage form not cutting.

    I would never question my fighters who want to back out because of a lack of professionalism or cheating of there opponents. Most guys won’t back out of any fight, definitly if there is only a 1lb difference or something, but 5+ lbs overweight is rediculous and should be grounds for suspension.

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  24. Loving the discussion here for sure. Having never had to cut weight myself (thank god!) I have no idea how tough it is, but I do agree with what Jake and Jamie are saying. I can sorta understand missing weight by 1 or 2lb but 5+ seems a bit much – and some of these missed weight even at a catchweight!

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  25. Big Jake says:

    Thanks Jamie and Jason! Commission suspensions are great ideas. That way it’s not left in the hands of the fighter to decide. I think a lot of people tend to forget that your fight record sticks with you forever.

    A loss on Sherdog doesn’t say “loss” with(note* his opponent was 10 lbs. over)on the side.

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  26. Dean Panas says:

    It is definitely tough, but something has to be done. I will use these numbers as an example; fight scheduled at welterweight (170 lbs), fighter is getting $500 + $500, and 20% of ticket sales, and any additional sponsorship.
    The norm (and I’m using Edmonton as the example)is for a fighter coming in over weight they lose 20% of his purse which would be $100. Let’s say the fighter sold 50 tickets at $50, that would be $500 to him. So if the fighter comes in at 178 and he wins the fight he would walk away with $1400 of the possible $1500, and had the advantage of not putting himself through the whole cut. The people who bought the tickets from him go home happy and will probably buy tickets to his next show. He won the fight so he gets mic time which is extremely important for any sponsorship. And he gets the win!
    20% may sound like a lot, but these guys are not making huge $$ when it comes to their purse. Something needs to be done. Set a percentage where if a guy is over by more than that, he is suspended. 2.5% makes sense to me. At 150 lbs that is 3.75lbs, at 200lbs it is 5lbs.
    I also think that if fighter “A” makes weight, but fighter “B” misses weight, fighter “A” should be paid his purse (not win bonus) if he takes the fight or not. Maybe if promoters lose a couple fights because guys continue to miss weight, they will be more selective with who they put on their cards.

    p.s. Are you in Edmonton Jake?

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  27. Jamie Locke says:

    That’s a good plan Dean, I like the percentage rule as well as the fighter who makes weight walking away paid regardless, as he put forth both the training effort for the fight and effectively cut weight to make the CONTRACT.

    Something has to be done for sure, and suspensions/ fight cancelations may be the way to enforce it.

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  28. Mike Davis says:

    Great idea there and I agree, Jason you saw me at the last Aggression show. I was scared I would not make weight cause it was getting so hard to shed pounds, I cut up until weigh ins. Myself I judge and make comments on fighters who miss weight on local shows and big events so I could not do it myself. It dont matter, most guys probably just get hungry and feel a bit of pain and quit the weight cut cause there weak mentally and cant bring them self back into the sauna or treadmill. Myself I had a hard hard cut and could barley hold myself up without help for longer then a few minutes but I push it to make 130 like I said I would, now if I did that and my opponent could not….20% of his purse is worth it to him for the hell I just went through and the effects it will pull in the fight.

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  29. Sean Quinn says:

    In my opinion, there is NO excuse to not make weight. You know what weight you are contracted to be fighting at weeks in advance. Its is horseshit that all of these guys in all of these different shows dont make the weight. Its unprofessional and disrespectful.
    I fight at bantamweight! I was 172 walking around 6 weeks before the Delorme fight(a little bigger than normal, but not much). At 172 i was not as lean as at 135 obviously, but i was far from fat. I STILL MADE WEIGHT! That is 35lbs dropped off in 6 weeks. Its called hard work and discipline. Bigger guys should be able to lose more weight easier. Its pathetic. People that dont make weight are just fucking lazy and dont want to put the extra effort in for the weeks before the fight. They try to lose all of the weight in the days just before the fight. Thats called weakminded and lazy.

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  30. Sean Quinn says:

    p.s fuck sentence structure and paragraphs.

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  31. Mike Davis says:

    hahahaha kinda what I was thinking Quinn just worded in a much more simple manor, gotta like it.

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  32. Mike Davis says:

    and shit that is a shit load of weight man to make 130 I had to drop 17 pounds, that is just insane, but usually I only cut around 6-7 for 135 hah.

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  33. Jamie Locke says:

    Lazy, unprofessional, weak minded…. All terms used alot here. Definitly not what this sport is all about.

    Gotta get some Commission members reading this, otherwise come next month we’ll be having the same discussion with the same comments and terms….

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  34. Sean Quinn says:

    I probably only “cut” 10-12 pounds of water tops. But its a long process getting to that point. I like the dieting process, its all mental and makes me feel like ive really done the work that needs to be done. You feel more prepared.

    Furthermore, if I were fighting someone and i got the feeling that they didnt even try to make the weight, fuck them, i wont fight them. If they tried but came up short on the first attempt, i will insist that they work their ass off for the next hour or however long they have. If they still came up short but made the effort, of course i will fight them. If you refused to even try after the first attempt, go fuck yourself.

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  35. Jamie Locke says:

    I think they should be the standard, with either the pecentage of weight or 5+lbs over being the “not even trying” marker.

    If a guy works his ass of and comes up less than 5lbs say overweight, than make him sweat for an extra hour to try and make, but if he can’t the fight should be on…

    If a fighter shows up and clearly hasn’t put forth effort, pay the man who made the weight and the both walk away, of course the money you pay the one fighter should come in the form of a fine to the other, discurraging future problems. Once guys realise they they have to pay the other guys purse if they don’t try to cut, they will either cut or fight at the next weight class….

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  36. Big Jake says:

    I love it when Quinn talks dirty. Good points though.

    And no Deano! Not this one…but I should be flying in for the next MFC card.

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  37. Just curious, are there any stats about the number of UFC/WEC/Strikeforce fighters NOT making weight?

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  38. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m not sure where you’d find something like that, I doubt they would like to keep such records.

    You could probably filter through the weigh in results from the past year and come up with your own stats sheet…

    I’d be interested to see actual stats on this as well. Seeing something like that may be usefull to a commission looking to make some rul changes as well.

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  39. Did a quick look – mostly forum stuff with stuff like 2x and your out of UFC etc etc..

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  40. Sean Quinn says:

    Quinn = Professional Dirty Talker

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  41. Mike Davis says:

    I would love to see stats on guys missing weight Alves and Johnson alone would be a handful:-O I kid I kid but ya that would be something fun to look into

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  42. I have no problem with a fighter who is contracted to fight at a weight limit walking away from the fight when their opponent fails to make that limit – especially when they miss it by a lot. I think guys who are honestly looking at the WEC or UFC in their future should take this option more often.

    Nor do I have a problem with a guy taking 20% and still fighting. In fact, why not ask for more than 20%? Some provinces, like Manitoba, do not have standard percentages. Why not ask for 30 or 40%? It is the overweight fighter’s fault.

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  43. Sean Quinn says:

    I agree with Keith 100%.

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  44. David Letourneau says:

    I dont get it, you train so hard dedicate yourself with everything you have for this one person dream of nothing but stomping him into the matt everyday night all day everyday for 8 weeks. Then he doesnt make weight and disrespevts you and the fight organization in from of thousands of people and you dont fight? not making weight pisses me off but im a fighter and thats why i go, to fight and nothing else. its my job to make weight if you cant make weight cause your weak minded thats your problem, when i show up i show up on time on weight trained ready to go. I am not everyone else i cant comment on your way of thinking i just could never imagine pulling out after so much hard work and iof 5 or 8 or 9 lbs or 2 even is the deciding factor on who won that night then you didnt train hard enough, my fists decide the outcome of a fight not your diet.

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  45. john davis says:

    what was the scott payne devon neville fight like? i missed it and was supposed to be there in attendence, but somthing came up. i knew devon neville missed weight by 10 pounds which is rediculous. The fight lasted three rounds so it must been noteworthy at the least. please give me your opinions on that particuler fight.


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  46. Cody Rempel says:

    Here ya go John… check out the recap!

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  47. Brodie says:

    I agree with Keith as well. As far as weight cutting goes, that is another key to this sport that puts it far above streetfighting.

    When a fighter comes in and clearly didn’t even try to cut weight then his opponent walking away will probably ensure he doesn’t miss weight again. If more fighters walk away then I think promotions will start banning certain fighters for not making weight.

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