Friday Night Fights Play-by-Play


Brodie Saunders was in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia for the debut of Friday Night Fights. In the main event, Ontario’s Rory McDonell submitted Steve Rogers with a Triangle Choke.

Here are the results from FNF’s first fights.

James Saunders Vs. Ryan Vasnick
The fight begins and the two fighters meet in the middle of the cage. Saunders throws a right and shoots for the takedown immediately. Vasnick scrambles to get away with no success. The two scramble around until Saunders ends up in side control and goes for arm triangle. He looks like he got it locked in tight as Vasnick feeds right handed shots to Saunders’s ribs. Finally Vasnick taps.
James Saunders defeats Ryan Vasnick via arm triangle Rd 1 :07.

Chris Keledes Vs. Vincent Cormier
The 1st round starts as the two throw a few punches with nothing landing. Cormier utilizes some nice leg kicks and Keledes returns with a nice left right combo. Keledes shoots and scores a nice takedown. Keledes uses the cage to get up and Cormier shoots in for a single leg and Keledes has a guillotine from half guard. Cormier slips out of the Guillotine and Keledes went for a leg lock. The leg lock fails and Keledes takes the opportunity to stand, right away he takes Cormier back down and does some ground and pound from Cormier’s guard. Cormier manages to get up and lands a knee to Keledes’ ribs and throws a nice combo and takes Keledes down. Top MMA News scores round 1 for Cormier

Round 2 begins as Cormier lands a beautiful single leg takedown, but Keledes quickly gets back up. Cormier goes for another single leg but again ends up in Keledes guillotine attempt. Cormier slips out and ground and pounds. Keledes doesn’t panic and start attempting a triangle choke. Cormier slips out immediately and stand up. Cormier goes for another takedown and Keledes get his back. Cormier manages to turn over get full guard and sinks in a guillotine.
Vincent Cormier def Chris Keledes via guillotine choke round 2 4:11.

Matt Murray Vs. Chris Goguen
Murray goes for the clinch immediately and Goguen ends up with his back to the cage. Goguen manages to get Murray on the ground and ends up in full guard. Goguen throws punches but then switches to elbows as he slowly moves Murray over to his corner. Eventually Goguen gets up and Murray attempts a spinning back fist and misses. Goguen lands heavy punches and Murray is rocked. Murray then starts throwing haymakers that don’t really land but moves Goguen against the cage and the 1st round ends. Top MMA News scores Round 1 for Goguen

As round 2 begins, Goguen comes in using some nice leg kicks and clinches. The two end up at against the cage taking turns up against it. Goguen is throwing nice knees in to Murray’s inner thigh and then takes Murray down. Goguen starts landing punches and Murray gives him his back and Goguen continue landing shots until the ref stops it.
Chris Goguen defeats Matt Murray via TKO Round 2 2:33.

Justin Steele vs. Jonathan Williams
The two trade off immediately and Williams takes Steele down. They scramble on the ground as Steele tries to better his position. Williams takes side control and Steele is trying to stand but ends up giving his back to Williams. Williams takes this opportunity to go for an armbar and Steele taps.
Jonathan Williams defeats Justin Steele via armbar 1st round 2:02.

Ricky Goodall Vs. Tim Skidmore
Goodall comes in landing punches in bunches and Skidmore manages to get Goodall against the cage. Goodall starts throwing knees and then get Skidmore against the cage. Goodall then gets a nice hip toss getting Skidmore to the ground. Goodall start throwing punched and Skidmore gives his back and Goodall flattens him out and quickly sinks a rear naked choke.
Ricky Goodall defeats Tim Skidmore via RNC round 1 1:50.

Chris Currie Vs. Jeff Lundburg
The round begins and the two fighters go for it. Currie does the better out of the two as he is landing really nice punches and knees. Lundberg back in to the cage and Currie closes in and somehow takes Lundenburg down and we could not see what happens because of where we are seated. Currie then lands punches and the ref stops it.
Chris Currie defeats Jeff Lundenberg via TKO time in Round 1 not specified.

Steven Rogers Vs. Rory McDonell
The fight starts and Rogers gets a takedown right away. McDonell manages to get his back and looks like he his going to go for a rear naked choke. Rogers sweeps and the two stand. Rogers strikes and the two fighters tie up and go to the ground. Rogers sweeps and tries to get a dominant position and then McDonell ends up on top. McDonell gets out of Rogers’ guard and stands as Rogers throws an up kick. The fight is stopped because McDonell’s’ mouth guard fell out. It looks like Rogers is showing signs of pain. The fight starts again and the fighters end up on their feet. Rogers takes McDonell down and McDonell lands a triangle choke.
Rory Mcdonnell defeats Steven Roger via triangle choke Round 1 3:41

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  1. James Locke says:

    Sounds like some good fights. Hopefully the mma scene really picks up on the east coast. These fighters deserve opportunity to show their skills and represent their clubs.

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  2. Eddie says:

    how did steven perez do play by play

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  3. Brodie says:

    Perez did not fight on this card!!

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  4. Mike wilde says:

    Sounds like a decent enough card.Great thing about mma is that the talent pool is so extensive.

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