Fight Quest 13 Results

Aiemann and Firas Zahabi are surrounded by their jubilant TriStar team (photo by Eric Gaudreault|

Aiemann and Firas Zahabi are surrounded by their TriStar team after FQ 13 (photo by Eric Gaudreault|

Top MMA News‘ Ben Lelievre was at the Fight Quest 13 show. Team TriStar displayed its dominance on the night by going 7-0 although there were some disputed decisions.

Fight Of The Night: Jonathan Lefebvre Vs Pierre Mellon. It was a close race with Trépanier Vs Courchesne, but the constant tide-turning war that Lefebvre and Mellon had sealed the deal. They threw bombs at each other and both showed a great set of skills. These two are bound to fight again.

KO Of The Night: Maxime Fecteau from Kanreikei did not leave any doubt this time as he pounded Greg Carpenter into a first round stoppage in their revenge fight. Fecteau closed the triangle choke from the mounted position and hammered his way to victory. It was a pleasure to see a fighter that grew with Fight Quest get that much better as a fighter.

Submission Of The Night: Ian Perron, after controlling a valiant Rob Nickerson for two rounds, finished the fight with a sweet kimura he had to readjust a few times before finishing. “Not So Tranquille” is heading to his next challenge.

Fighter Of The Night: Dominick Trépanier at his first amateur fight, muzzled the Fight Quest veteran and career subscriber to Fight Of The Night award Jason Courchesne in a barn-burner to earn his first triumph and open a lot of eyes.

Here are the full results from the action-packed event:

Mo Yang (Zahabi MMA) Exhibition Howard Gutman (Zahabi MMA)
Matthew Whetstone (Zahabi MMA) defeats  Jon Chiera (Team Bushido) by Unanimous Decision
Renaud Paquette (Zahabi MMA) defeats Gord Dawley (Way Of Life Martial Arts) by TKO (Cut) in Round 2
Neil Sheppard (Zahabi MMA) defeats Tom Nickerson (Black Dawg Fight Club) by TKO (Referee Stoppage) in Round 2
Maxime Fecteau (Kanreikai) defeats Greg Carpenter (MMA Lachute) by TKO (Referee Stoppage) in Round 1
Brandon Stalk (Zahabi MMA) defeats Georgy Fontaine (Naek Ta Pradal Serey) by Unanimous Decision
Jonathan Lefebvre (Zahabi MMA) defeats Pierre Mellon (Team Bushido) by Split Decision
Michael Lavigne (Lionheart MMA) defeats Shawn MacDonald (Black Dawg Fight Club) by Unanimous Decision
Simon Feuiltault (Zahabi MMA) submits Samuel Laverrière (Team Extreme) by Triangle Choke in Round 1
Dominick Trépanier (Zahabi Rive-Sud) defeats Jason Courchesne (Kanreikai) by Unanimous Decision
Ian Perron (Scantlebury Thai Jiu-Jitsu/Zahabi MMA) submits Rob Nickerson (Black Dawg Fight Club) by Kimura in Round 3

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  1. will smith says:

    what’s the deal give the laval boys the blue corner every match so the judges know who to score the win yes i would think thats french fair

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  2. mai cawk haz its own orbit says:

    big will shudnt u be making movies?

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  3. Judges are independant. They’re from the amateur commission. Last Saturday were “auxiliary judges” in case you’re wondering about a few of these decisions….

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  4. stephane vigneault says:

    We always give the red corner at the visitor by respect..the judes is the amateur federation and i dont know our name or them…if you have a problem with that call my office at 450-638-6363 would be a pleasure to me to speak wit you.All the fight was good and th whol show was a succes and by the way the judge dont check where the guy our from they put the color of on the judging paper with the name of the guy

    Stephane Vigneault

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  5. Myles McComber says:

    did a joey barnes fight?

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