Aggression MMA IV Recap


Top MMA News was on hand at the Edmonton Expo center for Aggression MMA’s fourth event. With 15 fights in total and only one going to the judges scorecards, fans were treated to a well balanced evening of pulse pounding action. With 9 (T)KO’s and 5 Submissions there was something for everyone!

The night was not short on star power with MMA Living Legend Bas Rutten handling commentating duties and UFC welterweight Nate Diaz watching from the crowd as well as other big name local fighters like Ryan Ford, Victor Valimaki and Ryan Jimmo!

Top MMA News had a tough choice for KO of the Night. Just when we thought Parwez Phulam’s devastating right hook that sent David Isadoro crashing the mat would hold up as the most impressive (T)KO of the night, 14 fights later Tim Hague stunned Zak Jensen with a devastating knee that knocked him out cold, leaving him face down and motionless on the mat stealing the KO of the Night award!

Top MMA News had another tough choice for Submission of the night as Ryan McGillivray locked in a deep Kimura on Andrew Buckland who fought through the pain before finally being forced to tap out to his heated rival, however Josh Machan battled through a 3 minute beating at the hands of Lenny Wheeler to pull an arm bar finish out of nowhere to capture the victory and the Submission of the Night!

David Isadoro vs.Parwez Ghulam
Ghulam comes out firing with leg kicks and Isadoro responds with a few of his own. Ghulam misses a high kick then lands a few leg kicks. Both men trade shots and Ghulam gets the best of the exchange landing a huge right that sends Isadoro crashing to the mat. Ghulam follows him to the mat but is intercepted by referee Vern Gorman who calls a halt to the fight.
Parwez Ghulam defeats David Isadoro via TKO at 1:22 of Round 1

Devon Jones vs. Drew Weatherhead
Jones and Weatherhead begin by trading wild shots with neither doing any significant damage. Weatherhead shoots in for a double leg but gets caught in an Omaplata attempt. Jones ends up in the guard of Weatherhead and lands some ground and pound before getting caught in a triangle attempt. Jones hoists Weatherhead high in the air, walks back to his corner and unleashes a massive slam in an attempt to free himself from the triangle attempt. Jones escapes only to have Weatherhead grab an arm bar attempt. Jones fights out of the arm bar and the two return to their feet. Weatherhead throws a head kick that is ducked by Jones. Both exchange punches and Weatherhead again fails to connect with a head kick. Jones presses forward with a combo of lefts and rights that put him on the mat, Jones follows up with ground and pound until the referee steps in to rescue Weatherhead from any further damage.
Devon Jones defeats Drew Weatherhead via TKO at 4:42 of Round 1

Brad Butt vs. Siarhei Misialik
Misialik opens with a leg kick followed by a series of left jabs. Misialik lands another leg kick followed by a left jab that bloodies the nose of Butt and sends him reeling. Misialik continues to find a home for the hard left jab. Misialik lands another leg kick and continues to pick Butt apart with jabs. Misialik lands a head kick that puts Butt on the mat and referee John Braak decides that Butt has had enough and calls a stop to the fight.
Siarhei Misialik defeats Brad Butt via TKO at 2:11 of Round 1

Sy Jewitt vs. Kellie Cardinal
Cardinal rushes in and gets caught with a shot from Jewitt. The ladies tie up in the corner before Cardinal grabs a side headlock and feeds Jewitt a few uppercuts. Jewitt lands a spinning back kick that drops Cardinal. Jewitt winds up in full mount and lays down some lefts and rights that open up a cut on Cardinal. Jewitt continues to fire away until the referee steps in, giving Jewitt the TKO victory.
Sy Jewitt defeats Kellie Cardinal via TKO at 1:38 of Round 1

Mark Sawka vs. Johnathan Pridham
Sawka opens with a leg kick and Pridham responds with a double leg attempt but gets caught in a guillotine attempt. Sawka works the body with knees while still holding on the guillotine. Pridham escapes and both men exchange punches and leg kicks. Sawka lands a few knees and a big combo. Pridham again looks for a double leg attempt which is defended. Sawka lands another combo and a body kick. Sawka lands another combo and a knee to the mid-section. Pridham falls to his back and Sawka follows up with a few shots on the ground forcing referee Gerard Forde to step in and call a halt to the fight.
Mark Sawka defeats Johnathan Pridham via TKO at 3:54 of Round 1

Kurtis Higgins vs. Cody Cullinan
Higgins lands a leg kick followed by a knee and a big shot that drops Cullinan to a knee. Cullinan recovers and shoots in for a takedown but gets caught in a guillotine. Higgins locks it in and induces a quick tapout for his second opening minute finish in just over a month.
Kurtis Higgins defeats Cody Cullinan via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 0:38 of Round 1

Ryan Knysh vs. Allan Munroe Round 1:
Munroe lands a leg kick immediately after the touch of gloves to open the round. Knysh lands a body kick and a head kick. Munroe secures a takedown landing in the guard. Munroe lands shots from the guard of Knysh. The two get back to their feet and a wild combo from Munroe misses it’s mark. Knysh attempts a judo throw but Munroe defends and lands in Knysh’s guard. Knysh looks for an arm bar but is picked up and slammed to the mat by Munroe. Knysh looks briefly dazed and Munroe jumps on top and lands some ground and pound before Knysh escapes and takes Munroe’s back. Munroe is quick to escape getting to half guard before replacing full guard as the bell sounds to signal the end of the round. Top MMA News Scores the Round 10-9 for Munroe

Round 2:
Munroe lands a leg kick and Knysh responds with a body kick. Knysh lands knees in the corner followed by a spinning back fist. Munroe lands a kick below the belt and referee Vern Gorman gives Knysh a few minutes to recover. The two restart in the center of the ring with Knysh landing a combo before the two fighters tie up against the ropes. Munroe gets loose and tees off on Knysh landing shots at will. Knysh falls to the mat with Munroe not far behind landing in side control. Munroe takes the back and hammers away until the referee steps in to rescue Knysh from further punishment.
Allan Munroe defeats Ryan Knysh via TKO at 3:25 of Round 2

Matt Knysh vs. Mike Davis
The two trade shots before tying up against the ropes. Davis looks for a standing guillotine, unable to finish the submission standing, Davis pulls guard with the guillotine. Knysh finally escapes the submission attempt. Davis secures rubber guard before Knysh escapes back to his feet and kicks the legs of the downed opponent. Munroe gets to his feet and takes Knysh right back down landing in guard. Davis begins to chip away with punches and hammer fists. Davis lays into Knysh with a forearm across the throat almost forcing Knysh to tap out. Knysh survives only to eat some vicious ground and pound until the referee steps in to call a halt to the fight.
Mike Davis defeats Matt Knysh via TKO at 4:09 of Round 1

Aaron Zimmerman vs. Barret Coates
Coates comes out with a leg kick and Zimmerman responds with a big right that connects. Coates grabs on and secures a double leg takedown. Coates quickly transitions to the back of Zimmerman and sinks in a rear naked choke. Zimmerman picks an arm and pries it from around his throat. Coates lands a few shots before Zimmerman spins out of the submission attempt and gets back to his feet. Zimmerman lands a huge flying knee that opens a cut over the left eye of Coates. Zimmerman lands a flurry of punches that send Coates tumbling to the mat. Zimmerman follows him down with more lefts and rights forcing referee John Braak to step in and call the fight. Zimmerman stays undefeated at 4-0.
Aaron Zimmerman defeats Barret Coates via TKO at 2:58 of Round 1

Mukai Maromo vs. David Fuentes
Maromo comes out firing with a head kick that misses followed by a superman punch. Fuentes takes him down landing in half guard before moving to side control. Maromo reverses and gets to Fuentes’ guard. Maromo lands a few shots and then stands up. Fuentes secures a double leg and lands in Maromo’s guard. Maromo lands elbows and punches from the bottom. Fuentes advances to half guard and then to side control. Maromo works back to his feet only to be taken back down in the final ten seconds. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Fuentes

Round 2:
The second round begins with a feeling out process before Fuentes lands a right shot. The two tie up and Fuentes secures a takedown into guard. Fuentes peppers the body with punches and Maromo gets back to his feet. The two tie up against the ropes. Fuentes gets a takedown landing in half guard and then moves to side control. Maromo gets back to feet and both connect with shots. Fuentes attempts another takedown but Maromo springs right back up. Fuentes lands a spinning back kick and Maromo responds with a a big combo followed by a leg kick. Another combo by Maromo sends Fuentes back into the corner. Maromo lands a big knee followed by a flurry of punches. In the middle of the action referee Vern Gorman steps in to replace the mouth guard of Fuentes. They restart in the center of the ring and Maromo lands a head kick and a body kick to end the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Maromo

Round 3:
Maromo lands a push kick to the mid-section to open the round. Maromo secures the clinch and uses his muay thai expertise to land a series of knees. Fuentes looks for a takedown but Maromo has figured him out and muscles into the half guard of Fuentes. Maromo lands heavy shots from half guard before the two get back to their feet. Fuentes looks for a single leg and muscles him down landing in side control. Maromo escapes back to his feet and both trade shots. Furntes shoots in and eats a big knee to the body. Maromois about to lock in a rear naked choke but again Vern Gorman steps in to replace the mouth guard. Despite the dominant position for Maromo the referee restarts them on their feet. Maromo lands a few shots before the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Maromo.
Mukai Maromo defeats David Fuentes via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-37)

Ryan McGillivray vs. Andrew Buckland
After their first fight ended in a draw after a point deduction from Buckland after a late uppercut after the bell in the second round. An intense McGillivray stared a hole through Buckland during the introductions, coming three quarters of the way across the cage and having to physically pushed back to his corner by referee Gerard Forde.

Buckland opens with a leg kick followed by a head kick that was blocked by McGillivray. Buckland lands a leg kick and McGillivray responds with a leg kick and a left hook. Buckland responds with a leg kick and a knee. McGillivray secures the takedown and looks for a kimura. Buckland defends the submission attempt for a while before finally being forced to tap out. McGillivray jumps up with excitement as he has gotten his revenge.
Ryan McGillivray defeats Andrew Buckland via Submission (Kimura) at 2:04 of Round 1

Ryan Machan vs. Spencer Rohovie
Rohovie opens with a leg kick followed by a superman punch before attempting a takedown. Machan however lands in Rohovie’s guard. Rohovie sweeps and lands in Machan’s guard. Machan attempts a straight arm bar from the bottom but Rohovie escapes and postures up with ground and pound. Rohovie passes to half guard but Machan sweeps and looks for a kimura before witching to a rear naked choke with a body triangle. Rohovie fights it off briefly but is finally forced to submit.
Ryan Machan defeats Spencer Rohovie via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:41 of Round 1

Josh Machan vs. Lenny Wheeler
Wheeler comes out strong with a huge combo that knocks Machan to the mat and Wheeler follows him down landing in guard. Machan looks for a triangle but Wheeler shrugs it off and lands some big shots on the ground. Machan continues to throw his legs up looking for triangles and arm bars from the bottom only to have Wheeler brush them aside and continue to feed him shots. Wheeler lands 3 big rights and a flurry of elbows. Finally Machan is able to latch onto an arm and secure a come from behind victory with an armbar from the bottom.
Josh Machan defeats Lenny Wheeler via Submission (Armbar) at 3:08 of Round 1

Sheldon Westcott vs. Simon Marini
Westcott shoots in for a takedown and lands in half guard. Marini is holding on tight but Westcott gets separation and wraps up a guillotine choke inducing the quick fight ending submission. This win gives Westcott 4 in a row after a loss to Victor Bachmann in his debut fight.
Sheldon Westcott defeats Simon Marini via Submission (Guillotine Choke) at 0:28 of Round 1

Tim Hague vs. Zak Jensen
Hague opens with a big shot but Jensen fires back and Hague slips to the mat. Jensen looks to capitilize and wraps up a guillotine attempt. Both men tie up in the center of the ring and Jensen rocks Hague with a series of big rights followed by a head kick that drops Hague to the mat. Jensen jumps on top and lays on the ground and pound. Hague looks to be in big trouble but regains his composure and gets back to his feet. Jensen lands uppercuts but Hague comes back with a devastating knee that knocks Jensen out cold and sends him crashing to the canvas giving Hague a much needed victory in front of the hometown crowd. Hague puts an end to a three fight losing streak in what is becoming a Tim Hague signature come from behind victory.
Tim Hague defeats Zak Jensen via KO (Knee) at 2:11 of Round 1

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