Interview – Ford Says TFC 11 Cancellation ‘Pissed Me Off’


Top MMA News‘ Dean Panas and D.A. Lundblad catches up with “The Real Deal” Ryan Ford. Ford expresses his displeasure with his recently cancelled TFC 11 bout against Carlo Prater. Ford also addresses his contract status, his haters, and where he is looking to fight next.

8 Responses to “ Interview – Ford Says TFC 11 Cancellation ‘Pissed Me Off’ ”

  1. ERE says:

    Ryan should try and get the appeal of an audience outside of Alberta, that would be great for his career.

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  2. TRUTH says:

    Ford has tough decision.

    Make more fighting in Edmonton than he would in a UFC or Strikeforce prelim or take a chance that he would win several in a row and be a successful UFC fighter.

    I am guessing that he makes a lot more than ex-Edmonton UFCers like Valimaki and Hague especialy when you add sponsors and percent of tickets sold.

    if he goes to ufc and loses fights he will make less when he returns to local edm show.


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  3. ERE says:

    The reason he can train everyday is because of his sponsors, but I agree he would most likely be making less in the ufc or strikeforce. Then again if he had that experience being an ex-ufc fighter that could work as a draw.
    But being in the ufc is more than about how much you’ll
    get paid.

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  4. Stenson Stark says:

    W-1 make it happen for Ryan outside Alberta please.

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  5. Phil Baroni says:

    must of been pretty sunny out that day

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  6. WaterBoy says:

    I love lamp.

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  7. Born2Mack says:

    Like the fact he says he only wants to fight top guys the only guy on his level so far was Healy and I know Ryan would do good in strikeforce or the ufc where there are no easy fights.can easy see him a top ten welterweight in two- three years I belive if he never left the Mfc he would already be in the show because I don’t belive the tfc did anything for him he’s the only reason they were around as long as they were keep ya head up Ryan good things will come your way!

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  8. Stenson Stark says:

    Ford is back in the MFC! Great move for them. Questionable move for Ford. I wanted to see him get exposure outside Alberta. Unless Brandon Manitoba is the first move for MFC outside Alberta, then I think he just sunk his career and will be limited to being a local hero. But hey… can make a good living that way.

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