IMMAC 8 – Six Nations – July 10


Date: July 10, 2010
Location: Outside in Six Nations, Ontario

Chuck Monture vs Jason Mark Haire
*** for Heavyweight Title

Taylor Solomon vs JD Thunder 170
TBA vs Ray Lopez 205
Samuri Khardassian vs Brett Biederman 170
Chris Bang vs Sean Hill 170
Simon Lip vs Sean Fletcher 135
Sean Omay VS Darryl Pinter 155
Andrew Mclnnes VS Andrew Gott 160

8 Responses to “ IMMAC 8 – Six Nations – July 10 ”

  1. smash says:

    I’ve heard rumours that in the past, people participating on these cards have been banned by other athletic commissions in B.C, Alberta, maybe Manitoba for participating in these ‘six nations’ shows. Is this still happening?

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  2. Matt Dunning says:

    not true no one has been banned yet from there shows

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  3. Lots of people haven’t been able to get licensed due to participating on these shows.

    Quebec Commission doesn’t care, but most ABC Commissions value the importance of commissions working together.

    It’s not a rumor. It’s fact. You can call any of the western commissions and try to get licensed if you fought here if you don’t believe me.

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  4. chuck says:

    location for the show is 1045 hiway 54 btween brantford and caledonia gates open @ 12pm event starts @ 2pm. This will be Ontarios 1st ever pro MMA out doors event live in the cage.

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  5. fight fan says:


    sorry to all who prepped and got sponsorship

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  6. What happened?

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  7. fight fan says:

    insurance issues the day of weigh-ins..? insurance company wanted 10G’s, which was to much $$, show off.

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  8. Wow

    That’s pathetic

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