TFC Restructuring and Returning in September


Top MMA News just spoke with Mark Sinclair, President of TFC, to get clarification on a few things. The July 17th show will not go ahead as scheduled, but the company will return stronger than ever in September.

They are not for sale, and due to problems with some shareholders they are forced to restructure, and have rectified the problem, and will continue with TFC promoting MMA. It’s just an unfortunate situation with terrible timing with three weeks to go before the next card.

TFC will be issuing a press release shortly.

23 Responses to “ TFC Restructuring and Returning in September ”

  1. Frank Gibbs says:

    smells like shit, taste like shit, it’s shit.

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    I wonder if they’re going to give Ford and their other contract fighters the opportunity to take other fights in between!

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  3. Phil Baroni says:

    KOTC will out last all these promotions where someone picked out 3 letters of the alphabet and decided they could start a fight promotion

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  4. Frank Gibbs says:

    MFC can’t be stopped. These shows are not even on the same planet.

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  5. Puppettamer says:

    Ford please go to UFC or a bigger show.

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  6. Puppettamer says:

    by time they get back up again many of there fighters will move on, Clark vs Neil would be a stellar fight that MFC could provide, not sure if Clark is ready for Neil but it would be a great test for both fighters to see where they are. Again all depends on how approach this delay of shows and there fighter contracts.

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  7. Mike Davis says:

    i was looking forward to this card Ford vs Prater and Clarke vs Demarce…..would of been pretty good.

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  8. Frank Gibbs says:

    Ford go back to MFC kiss and make up. Biggest show in the counry back on real TV and bigger sponsors and better fighters for you. Ford would of killed Prater.

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  9. Andy Handy says:

    Whatever you say Pavolich

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  10. mma says:

    no serious ford needs to go back to the mfc!!!!

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  11. ememeh says:

    The Real Deal should look for other fights and spread his wings. MFC is falling apart and on a downward spiral. The Pav has pissed too many people off and can’t book a venue in Edmonton, so he goes to Brandon, MB? Great idea…

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  12. Mike Davis says:

    Ford will fit in well in a show like Strikeforce but to be honest would not be shocked if someone like W-1 went and picked him up.

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  13. Frank Gibbs says:

    ememeh are you high?

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  14. Stenson Stark says:

    Looking around the country, W-1 seems to be the logical choice for Ford. I cannot see him going back to MFC. I agree with the comment above, Strikeforce or the Strikeforce Challenger Series should open their eyes to this guy.

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  15. mma says:

    w-1` would be good they would not give ford no more cans thats a good thing or shelved fighters with expiered titles tuff 6 tuff 7 or what ever tommy spear was plus better exposure in the east with w-1

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  16. Mike Davis says:

    Strikeforce challengers would have so many great match ups for him Wooley, Riggs, Coy, Saffiedine, Taylor, Stewart, Hieron so many good fights that are tough. Or W-1 could go try get a Alessio, Khatib, or Carter fight. Much rather see him go bit but I am sure he will get good fights.

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  17. Michele says:

    W-1’s roster is the deepest in Canada (yes MFC….that’s true).

    Ford would be a good compliment to their 170 division. Ford vs. Alessio anyone? Newton? Clements? Sakurai? Pierson?

    All fights that I would like to see.

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  18. Michele says:

    Mike, I think he already beat Khatib by decision. I wouldn’t want to see him fight Carter as I like him too much. Wouldn’t want to see him get hurt!

    Alessio is the one I would like to see. Newton would be interesting too.

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  19. Michele says:

    Anyone know how the fighters feel about W-1? Gathering fighters is one thing, keeping them is another.

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  20. Rocket Burt says:

    The fighters like the money they get paid, but have Jack Bateman to deal with. So it balances out.

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  21. Stenson Stark says:

    Rocket – Everyone loves a hater. My friend fought for W-1 on their last card and he said the fighters were treated above and beyond any reasonable expectation. After fighting in two other promotions (who i will not name as I never openly bash promotions), it was apparently in a completely different league.

    That’s why these guys are going somewhere.

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  22. mma says:

    going somewhere?how many tickets do they sell?mfc destroys w-1 bateman cannot even give the tickets away also needs to ditch the same old kotc ring girls who look like they ride promotions like they ride the fighters what that girls name bertinelli or what ever you are telling those washed up strippers/escorts are a good face for you show lol

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  23. sky101 says:

    Mark is a very smart man, TFC will come back stronger then ever

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