TFC Finished?


It has been long rumored that TFC was having some difficulities and that the company may be up for sale.

Top MMA News has received word from many TFC fighters and other credible sources that the organization is finished. We are trying to get all the facts, but sounds like the company is up for sale for 250k which includes some of the contracts of their fighters.

*(TFC Fighters haven’t been known to have Exclusive deals which has recently been apparent with Tim Hague and Victor Valimaki fighting on the next Aggression MMA card in Edmonton)

2 Responses to “ TFC Finished? ”

  1. Frank Gibbs says:

    How can they ask for 250k. No TV , no sponsors, not even have there own cage. It’s worth about $10 if the fighters contracts are not exclusive.

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  2. ERE says:

    Hopefully it’s not finished, they put on good shows, but maybe it was a little too early for paying the ppv providers to have tfc 10 on ppv, when I’m sure they aren’t getting very many buys.

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