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Boyd Sharpe, just like many of us, is very passionate about giving advice to athletes appearing on his television. Let’s face it, viewers feel that a lot of the coaches of our favourite sports teams just don’t cut it sometimes.  Sharpe explains,

Like every armchair quarterback, I have on countless occasions found myself shouting at my TV in a vain effort to pass along some vital intel or sage advice to my sporting heroes. In earlier years, I would have been shouting “Lafleur is open! … PASS THE PUCK!” to my beloved Habs. But in recent years, after my neighbour introduced me to the sport of mixed martial arts, it’s been a lot of, “Don’t put your hand on the mat. He’s going for an armbar. Posture up! Posture up! Get out of there!!! Knees! Knees!” Caught up in the heat of this vicarious battle royale I often find myself leaping off the couch and contorting myself in to position as I will my fighter to escape defeat.

“A few months back, during one of these delusions of grandeur, the shrill and sober voice of reason cut through my self-aggrandizing daydream. ‘What the hell are you thinking!? These guys are professional athletes with years of intense training. Not to mention they are half your age. If you stepped into the cage with one of these kids you wouldn’t last thirty seconds” he told himself many times as he approaches the age of 40 years old.

So Sharpe decided to test himself with the one of the toughest challenges a person could do.  He decided he was going to enter the cage as a professional Mixed Martial Artist. To sweeten the pot, he figured he could do it in front of as many spectators as possible by doing it on a reality show.

Enter Greg Hemmings of Hemmings House Pictures who met Boyd when he did a mini documentary for “We hit it off instantly,” describes a 39 year old Sharpe.

Greg Hemmings is no stranger to working with aspiring athletes chasing dreams. Hemmings House Pictures is also responsible for Wrestling Reality which aired on the Fight Network in 2007. Hemmings House Pictures is also the film maker of many other projects such as Melting Lands, and Winter Wave Riders.

So the eager MMA wannabe and an experienced film maker sought out Peter Martel of Titans MMA. Peter is a Mixed Martial Arts Trainer, whose resume is astonishing. He is the owner of Titans MMA and also owner of Extreme Cage Combat. Martel has trained such fighters as Ryan Jimmo and Roger Hollett .” Peter is a true pro.  The guy legalized MMA in NS and NB. He is obviously a Heavyweight in the scene and we are honoured to be connected to him,” says Saint John, New Brunswick native Hemmings.

The name of this reality series would be called “Cubicle to the Cage”.  Instead of just having Boyd Sharpe trying his luck at the sport, they decided to get a few others on the show training to become professional fighters. “We were blown away. We were prepared for maybe 30, but we got four times that,” boasts a thrilled Hemmings. They had the tryouts at Palookas Boxing Club in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Many candidates tried out but few will get the nod. “I am in pretty good shape, but when I did the first ten minutes of the work out during the tryouts I wanted to throw up!” says Halifax resident Devon Parsons.

Greg Hemming has entered the promotional video into The Banff World TV Festival and has been nominated for The Rocky Mountain Award. “There were around 900 project submitted I heard. We ended up winning in our category, wow! This is a true sign of what is to come.” explains an excited Hemmings.

When asked what the public reaction to ‘Cubicle To The Cage’, Greg said “Mixed reactions, people saw us as bunch of hacks, well we are not…but we have taken risks to invest such time, money and effort into putting together a show concept that we feel is going to be a hit. We have alot of support from the community, but to those who can’t see out side of the box, all I say is “keep your mind open”, we can make this work, even more so if we have a strong community backing us up.”

‘Cubicle To The Cage’ has not even started filming yet and already its created a lot of buzz around the Halifax area. Networks from the United States and Canada are both showing interest. This could be the beginning of an excellent series.

Check out the promo: Cubicle to the Cage Promotional Video

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Cubicle to the Cage Promotional Video

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