W1 Judgement Day Play by Play


Don Wilson was at W1’s Judgement Day. Here is the play by play for the event.

Demetrious Arvanopolus vs. Jay Alexander
RD1: Both fighters start off pawing at each other. Arvanopolus lands a blistering leg kick, shoots in for the double leg, and drags Alexander to the mat. Arvanopolous quickly takes mount but is bucked off by Alexander. Arvanopolous grabs Alexander’s leg and cinches in a knee bar. Alexander grabs the cage to avoid the submission, the ref slaps his hands away, he falls down and quickly taps.
Demetrious Arvanopolous submits Jay Alexander @ 1:40 Rd 1 via Knee Bar

Brent Franczuz vs. Josh Hill
RD1: Both fighters feeling each other out. Hill switches levels and lands the takedown. Hill controls from inside Franczuz’s guard. Franczuz attempts a triangle but Hill escapes. Hill postures up to inflict the GNP but is caught with an up kick and falls back into guard. Franczuz attempts a sweep using butterfly guard but Hill passes, takes mount and finishes the round with solid GNP. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Hill

RD2: Hill sticks to his game plan and lands the double leg to start off the round. Hill lands a nice elbow from guard but oddly backs off, Franczuz tries to get up but Hill drags him back down. Hill continues to land elbows from guard. Franczuz turns to avoid the blows but is caught in the RNC and taps to avoid unconsciousness.
Josh Hill submits Brent Franczuz @ 3:44 Rd2 via RNC

Bruno Hosier vs. John Macpherson
RD1: Hosier showing much improved movement and technique as he peppers Macpherson with front kicks. Hosier backs him into the cage and both fighters start chucking fists. Hosier gets caught and backs away with Macpherson in pursuit. Hosier grabs the Thai plum and unleashes 2 devastating knees, Macpherson attempts the double to avoid damage. Hosier reverese him to the ground and takes mount and lands some shots from top p0sition. Macpherson scrambles to his feet, the fighters hug it out until the round ends. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Bruno

RD2: Macpherson charges in like a bull but misses with the haymaker as Hosier counters with one of his own. Both fighters wing punches from their hips with little accuracy. Hosier finally lands and backs Macpherson into the fence. Three more big shots from Hosier and Macpherson slumps over and the ref is in to save him.
Bruno Hosier defeats John Macpherson @ :46 Rd2 via KO (actually TKO)

Misha Cirkunov vs. Roy Boughton
RD1: Boughton shoots in and attempts a double, Cirkunov rolls with it and flips out. Boughton attempts another double, this time Cirkunov is ready and catches him in a tight guillotine but Boughton manages to escape. Cirkunov takes his back and looks for the RNC, not finding any opening he transitions to an armbar. Once again Boughton escapes. Back up, Cirkunov attempts a judo throw but is reversed by Boughton who winds up on top. The two men continue to exchange positions with nobody getting the upper hand until the horn sounds. TopMMAnews scores the Rd1 10-9 Boughton

RD2: Cirkunov looks incredibly gassed. Boughton is able to pepper him with jabs. Cirkunov finally catches Boughton with a weak hook that drops Boughton but he is quickly back to his feet and takes Cirkunov down. Boughton transitions well and sets up the armbar for the tap.
Roy Boughton submits Misha Cirkunov @ 2:33 Rd2 via armbar

Ryan Machan vs. Jorge Britto
RD1: Both fighters start off trading shots. Britto looks for the takedown but Machan shrugs him off. Britto lands a nice right straight uppercut combo but it doesn’t faze Machan. Britto attempts a single leg but once again Machan fights it off. Britto attempts a standing guillotine and jumps guard but Machan throws him off and the horn sounds. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Britto

RD2: Britto finally lands the double but can’t hold Machan down. Britto jumps the back but once again is thwarted. Both men back on their feet and Machan is pressuring with nice solid punches. They tie up against the fence with both men working for position. Back to center ring where both fighters trade single shots. Machan starts to find his range and really starts to work Britto over. The round ends with a Flying knee from Machan. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Machan

RD3: Machan still has his range and continually backs Britto up with punches. Britto ducks a Machan right and cinches in the guillotine and rolls through, Machan narrowly escapes but Britto has mount. Machan turns to avoid the punishment and Britto looks for the choke, luckily Machan escapes through the back door. Back on their feet and Machan is backing Britto up with combos, the horn sounds to signal an end to this exciting contest. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Machan, Both Machan & Jorge Britto earn TopMMAnews’ FOTN honors.
Jorge Britto defeats Ryan Machan via split decision (29-28 Machan & 30-27, 29-27 Britto)

Antonio Carvalho vs. Juan Barrantes
RD1: Carvalho is out of the gate quick and showing some much improved stand up with devastating kicks. Carvalho is cut over his left eye after a brief exchange of punches. Carvalho softens Barrantes up with a couple high kicks then ends the fight with a right hook that send Barrantes crashing to the canvas. Carvalho earns TopMMAnews’ KO of the Night
Antonio Carvalho defeats Juan Barrantes @ 2:00 Rd1 via TKO (right hook KO)

Thierry Quenneville vs. John Fraser
RD1: Fraser attacks first with punches, then pressures Quenneville to the fence. Fraser attempts a take down but is caught in a ankle lock. Quenneville rebounds quickly and takes Fraser to the mat. Quennevile works some strikes from inside the guard, Fraser throws up his legs for a triangle but Quenneville postures up to avoid it. Quenneville transitions to mount but is reversed by Fraser. The round ends with Fraser on top. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Quenneville

RD2: Quenneville attempts a shot but Fraser is able to sprawl. Fraser attempts a right hook but runs into a Quenneville back fist. Fraser starts to press Quenneville with punches but gets pinned against the fence. Quenneville attempts another takedown but Fraser scrambles and takes his back. Quenneville turns into Fraser and is now in guard. Quenneville finishes off the round with some solid shots from top position. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Quenneville

RD3: Both fighters come out swinging but Quenneville is landing more often. They tie up against the fence and Fraser lands the trip takedown. Fraser working the GNP from half guard. Fraser steps over to take mount but Quenneville escapes through the back door, but Fraser is able to drag him back down to the mat. Once again the round ends with Fraser in top position. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Fraser

RD4: Both men come out swinging, but Fraser lands the more powerful shots. Quenneville backs into the fence and is caught flush, Quenneville slumps to the mat. Fraser starts landing hard shots while standing over him, then fires a knee into Quenneville’s ribs that forces Quenneville to tap.
John Fraser submits Thierry Quenneville @ :56 Rd4 via strikes

Ivan Menjivar vs. Aaron Miller
RD1: Menjivar throws a looping hook but Miller perries, takes waist control and jockeys for position. Miller takes Menjivar down to the mat only to be caught in a fight ending guillotine. Menjivar earns TopMMAnews submission of the night.
Ivan Menjivar submits Aaron Miller @ 2:25 Rd1 via Triangle Choke

Steve Bosse vs. Mychal Clark
RD1: Fighters start off feeling each other out. Clark pins Bosse against the fence and attempts a double leg but Bosse punishes his mid section until the ref breaks it up. Bosse lands a takedown and works some GNP but Clark manages to scramble back to his feet. Bosse drags him back down to the canvas and winds up in side control and unleashes a barrage of hammer fists that cause the ref to step in and end the fight.
Steve Bosse defeats Mychal Clark @ 4:29 Rd1 via TKO (hammer fists)

Randy Spence vs. Adrian Wooley
RD1: Wooley pressures Spence against the fence and wobbles him with right hook. Back against the fence Wooley is really working over Spence with knees to the legs and rib roasters. The fight is restarted in center ring, Wooley presses forward and land a superman punch that knocks Spence down just as the round comes to an end. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Wooley

RD2: Once again Wooley forces Spence against the cage and works the low knees. Back at center ring Wooley corks Spence with an overhand right and back against the cage. Wooley sends Spence crashing to the mat once again with another overhand right. Spence not finished yet tries to get back to his feet only to be caught in a standing guillotine which lifts him off his feet. Wooley let’s go and throws Spence to the canvas and unleashes a barrage of punches to end the round. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Wooley

RD3: Back against the fence again, but Wooley is lifting those knees higher and planting them in Spences gut. Spence falls to guard and Wooley punishes his legs. Back on their feet Wooley continues the pressure on Spence and again back him into the cage. Wooley lands a vicious leg kick that buckles Spence, and Wooley proceed to punish his legs even more. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Wooley

RD4: Spence finally starts working his jab, but Wooley is able to get inside with low kicks and vicious overhand rights. Back up against the cage, Spence pulls guard and drags Wooley down with him. Wooley softens him up with elbows from the guard then finishes the fight off with a few solid shots to the face and the ref steps in.
Adrian Wooley defeats Randy Spence @ 4:48 Rd4 via TKO (punches)

Denis Kang vs. Dae Won Kim
RD1: Kang comes out and lands a beautiful right hook that knocks Kim across the ring. Up against the cage and Kang drags Kim to the mat. Kang works some nice shots from half guard. Kang slides his arm under Kim and transitions across to cinches in the arm trianglefor the tap.
Denis Kang submits Dae Won Kim @ 1:49 Rd1 via arm triangle

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  1. Robertson58 says:

    No surprise about Misha. he’s Juiced, and doesn’t do any striking.

    What else was going to happen when he didn’t win in the first 2 minutes?

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  2. Michele says:

    It was the best ground fight I have ever seen. Technically they were both amazing. Four mins into the first round Misha’s jaw was on the floor and he was gasping for air.

    Jon Chaimberg meet Misha, Misha meet Jon Chaimberg.

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  3. my space eric says:

    hey whats your myspace page.

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  4. smash says:

    Josh Hill is the Greastest Canadian Bantamweight!!!! He is smashing everyone!

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  5. Smash, you are two for two in posts promoting Josh Hill. I got to agree that he is impressive so far in his career.

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