W1 Judgement Day Photo Gallery


Eric Gaudreault was photographing W1 Judgement Day in Laval. Here are his pictures that captured this event

W1 Judgement Day - Denis Kang vs. Dae Won Kim

Denis Kang submits Dae Won Kim @ 1:49 Rd1 via arm triangle

W1 Judgement Day - Randy Spence vs. Adrian Wooley

Adrian Wooley defeats Randy Spence @ 4:48 Rd4 via TKO (punches)

W1 Judgement Day - Steve Bosse vs. Mychal Clark

Steve Bosse defeats Mychal Clark @ 4:29 Rd1 via TKO (hammer fists)

W1 Judgement Day - Thierry Quenneville vs. John Fraser

John Fraser submits Thierry Quenneville @ :56 Rd4 via strikes

W1 Judgement Day - Ivan Menjivar vs. Aaron Miller

Ivan Menjivar submits Aaron Miller @ 2:25 Rd1 via Triangle Choke

W1 Judgement Day - Antonio Carvalho vs. Juan Barrantes

Antonio Carvalho defeats Juan Barrantes @ 2:00 Rd1 via TKO (right hook KO)

W1 Judgement Day - Ryan Machan vs. Jorge Britto

Jorge Britto defeats Ryan Machan via split decision

W1 Judgement Day - Misha Cirkunov vs. Roy Boughton

Roy Boughton submits Misha Cirkunov @ 2:33 Rd2 via armbar

W1 Judgement Day - Bruno Hosier vs John Macpherson

Bruno Hosier defeats John Macpherson @ :46 Rd2 via KO (actually TKO)

W1 Judgement Day Weigh-In Photos

W1 Judgement Day Weigh-In Photos

*** All photos by Eric Gaudreault|Godro Photography

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  2. MurphFan….. THE IVAN MENJIVAR PICS ARE NOW UP!! Apologies to Ivan and all his fans. Somehow, we just missed them. Thanks for the head’s up.

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