W1 Quick Results – Denis Kang Earns Quick Submission Victory over Dae Won Kim


W1 is being held live in Laval, Quebec tonight.  Don Wilson and Mike Fischl are reporting live for Top MMA News from the event.  Here are the quick results from the event:

Denis Kang submits Dae Won Kim via Side Choke in Round 1, 1:49

Adrian Wooley defeats Randy Spence via TKO (Punches) in Round 4, 4:48

***Wooley retains W1 Bantamweight Title

Steve Bosse defeats Mychal Clark via TKO (Hammer Fists) in Round 1, 4:29

Ivan Menjivar submits Aaron Miller via Triangle Choke in Round 1, 2:25

John Fraser submits Thierry Quenneville via Strikes in Round 4, 0:56

***Fraser captures the inaugural W1 Featherweight Title

Antonio Carvalho defeats Juan Barrantes via KO (Right Hook) in Round 1, 2:00

Jorge Britto defeats Ryan Machan via Split Decision (29-28 Machan & 30-27, 29-27 Britto)

Roy Boughton submits Misha Cirkunov via Armbar in Round 2, 2:33

Bruno Hosier defeats John Macpherson via KO in Round 2, 0:46

Josh Hill submits Brent Franczuz via Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 3:44

Demetrious Arvanopolous submits Jay Alexander via Kneebar in Round 1, 1:40



22 Responses to “ W1 Quick Results – Denis Kang Earns Quick Submission Victory over Dae Won Kim ”

  1. WILD says:


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  2. Nick says:

    Congrats Josh. Iron Tiger.

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  3. Steven says:

    wow. Big upset for Boughton.

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  4. WOW. Boughton won. Misha had so much hype behind him. This leaves me speechless. Thats MMA.

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  5. Dan Black says:

    Roy is the real “next big thing” in MMA! He took that fight on like a weeks notice.. props to Misha I heard it was a great fight..

    Great job Roy we are all very proud of you!


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  6. Congrats to Roy! I knew he was good because he won a 4 man IFC tourney but when i saw this interview he said he had no jits. Never been to a class!


    Misha has a lot of people who say he is the best grappler in Canada so I thought this might be easy work for Misha.

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  7. Steve says:

    Wow can’t believe Misha lost by submission…

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  8. Roy weathered the storm early on, showed some great skills and cold blood. He hung in there with Misha and despite being disadvantaged size wise, he rolled with the shots and was never in real danger. Both guys were exhausted in round 2, but it’s Roy that had the most left.

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  9. Bobby Karimi says:

    Great to see Carvalho and Menjivar win!

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  10. Bobby Karimi says:

    What was attendance like?

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  11. Stenson Stark says:

    Best fights I have ever attended hands down.

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  12. Stenson Stark says:

    Around 2000 in attendance

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  13. Jason says:

    I didn’t know who W-1 was until two weeks ago. All I have to say is wow!

    I have been to many shows, that was fantastic. The croud went crazy when Roy pulled the armbar on Misha.


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  14. Congrats to Fraser! That is a big win over Quenneville.

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  15. The Truth says:

    If Misha wants to progress in the sport, he needs to fire his trainer and manager.

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  16. Dean Blais says:

    “If Misha wants to progress in the sport, he needs to fire his trainer and manager.”

    What he needs is a promotion that doesn’t set him up like that. He was only 1-0

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  17. JUNKYARD says:

    I don’t think Misha was set up to lose at all. If anything… they were looking for another good opponent for him to keep him on the card. He is the best grappler in Canada, has won huge tournies and beaten tons of recognized BB’s. Why would any org want to set up a guy like that? They wouldn’t… its MMA, shit happens. Misha is a warrior and will be back, Roy should have some big things in the future taking a fight like that on short notice against such a talented guy and winning.

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  18. jer from mtl says:

    I was at Michas first fight where he “ragdolled”, for no better term, and completely overwhelmed his opponent in a one sided demolishment. (I respect anyone who steps in the cage and Jeff Doyal has my respect for taking the fight with Misha.) That being said, i was there last night and Misha had many opportunities to finish that fight in my opinion. If any one should be fired its the strength and conditioning coach as Misha obviously gassed out. Last night was first hand evidence that a even a great grappler like Misha will revert back to a white belt without the endurance to support his size and abilities… ( in all honesty i dont think anyone should be fired , each fight is a learning experience for fighters and coaches and im sure that misha will be put on a very different program and will come back with an arsenal equipped with a new found cardio! And as Don Cherry would say to the up and coming hockry player, i will say to the up and coming fighters!!!! ….”kids, learn from this…..dont make the same mistake he did!!!!”

    Not to take anything away from Roy! he was great and very entertaining. He got out of some ugly situations, put Misha in some uncomfortable situations and weathered the power of the storm until it litterally had nothing left and picked him apart! I would love to see a rematch down the road with these guys… Winner or loser both tremendous athletes!

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  19. The Truth says:

    Misha does not have a strength and conditioning coach.

    If I were Misha’s manager, I would have been a little hesitant about fighting a Caesar Gracie fighter on short notice. I can already tell you that Boughton has better sparring and training partners (both of the diaz brothers, Jake Sheilds, Gilbert Melendez, et al).

    Misha only trains with people he can dominate and does not get tested. Well….he was tested by Boughton, who weathered the storm and was able to drown Misha in the deep end.

    Had they actually researched him, they would have known he is coming off a win on June 4 and was 3-0. I believe this is mismanagement and that is why changes need to be made.

    I would go to Montreal and train at Tristar with Firas and do strength and conditioning with Chaimberg for 6 months or forever. As well, he could also to to Xtreme Couture is Vegas and train with Randy.

    Misha needs to go to facility where he is not the best fighter/grappler/athlete. Being taken out of his comfort zone daily will accelerate his development and take him to the next level.

    He is an elite athlete and could be a champion, but not if he does not make some major changes now.

    I noticed that he has a fight scheduled in BC in July. Again, if I was his manager, I would shut him down for 3 and more likely 6 months to train at a different camp. His confidence cannot be good right now and 2 losses in a row would be disaster.


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  20. Rob says:

    John Fraser is the most underrated fighter in Canada. I believe he is the best 145 pounder in the country.

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  21. Zack says:

    Misha’s problem is that he is a big fish in a small pond. He definitely needs to fight professionals his size and larger. He found out what it was like to go against someone just as good if not better than him and he withered. Time to cut the cord and try out some professional camps!!!!
    Either that or he will be a doorman where people say, “man that guy is tough”!!!!

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  22. Bobby Karimi says:

    Carlos Newton lost to Brian Ebersol at ImpactFC last night.

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