TUF 11 Finale – How Did Mark Holst Do?


The Ultimate Fighter Finale is on tonight and the prelims are over.  Unfortunately, Mark Holst came up short in his fight with John Gunderson.  Here are the quick results:

Court McGee Submits Kris McCray by Rear Naked Choke in Round 2, 3:41

Matt Hamill defeats Keith Jardine by Majority Decision (29-27, 29-27, 28-28)

Chris Leben defeats Aaron Simpson by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 4:17

Dennis Siver defeats Spencer Fisher by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Rich Attonito defeats Jamie Yager by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 4:25
John Gunderson defeats Mark Holst by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Brad Tavares defeats Seth Baczynski by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Kyle Noke defeats Josh Bryant by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 3:12
Chris Camozzi defeats. James Hammortree by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
Travis Browne defeats James McSweeney by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 4:32

50 Responses to “ TUF 11 Finale – How Did Mark Holst Do? ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Hamill and Jardine are having in the midst of a WAR!!!

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  2. chris says:

    ha ha ha i told you fuckers friends can buy you in but cant buy you skills

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  3. Jason says:

    Chris, stop being so pissed that you chose the wrong shitty club to train at. Your bitterness is a sad thing. Gunderson exploited Mark’s one weakness, his wrestling. Mark still has lots of fight in him.

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  4. chris says:

    ok im not getting into the chitty chat shit i sate opinion and i got all right just like the next man so fucking beat it man …for the recoard this is what i think and its bin provin…IV MOVED ON..

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  5. Jason says:

    Apparently not because you are up posting your haha told u so bullshit. You have no basis on saying Mark was an undeserved fighter. He has plenty of skill, if you don’t believe it come down to the school.

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  6. mai cawk haz its own orbit says:

    i tink cris haz a point since u can fite with the UFC, but the UFC cant make u fite. gunderson pwned that guy 30-27 means he beat him BAD! if u kant wrestle , its not mai fault lol, lern how to restle. if u kant restle than go fite for kickboxing, this is mma its about suplexing your enemy then pwning him in tha face wit elbowz to tha skull.

    better luck next time geek

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  7. mai cawk haz its own orbit says:

    and lol @ Jason tinking dat figting haz anyting to do wit school lol. fightin iz about pure strength and knokut power in both handz, not bout books ahhaha!! also i never new u can lern to suplex from a book

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  8. Refrain from posting porn links or you will be banned, M.C.H.I.O.O.

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  9. nick says:

    friends and fans of Mark, dont sweat the haters- their intelligence shows in their posts.

    Mark had a tough fight, and did not look like himself out there- I have been ringside for everyone of his fights and that day was just not his day. He will go back and train harder and smarter for the next one! that is what we do- John gunderson fought well and fought to win- all Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts and Mark Holsts camp tips our hats off to him.

    To everyone always have class and respect when dealing with others, it is the only way others will have it for you. hence why no one cares what two nobody wannabe’s have to say.

    Thank you TOP MMA and everyone who has supported Mark through his quest in MMA


    Nick Castiglia

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  10. Jason says:

    Fighting has very little to do with pure strength and power in both hands u tard! LOL

    Anyways…moving along….

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  11. Remz says:

    Well put Nick…. It’s easy to sit behind your computer and never step a foot in a cage or gym for that matter… BOOOTTTSSS We are proud of you brother..

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  12. Nicely said Nick. What impresses me is how tight this OAMA camp is ! Can feel it in Mark’s columns, in Remi’s columns and in all the comments we get at Top MMA News. Its not even just support for their UFC fighter Boots or the top ranked Morvan but you read about Mark’s pride that some student won a smoker in NY or Remi proud of another winning in Mundials.

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  13. Mich P says:

    mai cawk haz its own orbit;

    Your comment is pitiful and lack any sense of maturity whatsoever. Please consider going back to grade school or at least learn to use spell check.

    Both Mark and OAMA have made the Ottawa/Outaouais region proud. Note that I have no affiliation to either but respect must be given where it is deserved and for that I tip my hat to both.

    All the best on your future endeavours.

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  14. John says:

    mai cawk haz its own orbit;

    I am not a martial arts professional but my son pursues Jiu-Jitsu with his second family at the OAMA. I have watched Mark and the entire family there support and train each other. They are amazing people and shining examples of true character. I have absolute respect for anyone who pursues martial arts. Unlike you Mr.CAWK, those who enter the ring deserve their respect.

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  15. mai cawk haz its own orbit says:

    k i guezz its hater day, but no worriez. evry wun seems to tink dat mma is like kung fu lol. and respect your oppontnt and bruce lee and stuff, but itz not. unless ur in the octogon smashing ur oppoentz face, u arnt gud enuff to get paid. sorry thats tha trooth. if u wanna say “oh i hav respect, and i am proud” and all dat sissy stuff, ur juzz gonna get nocked out.

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  16. rollin doh says:

    u gotta respect anyone who fights or did fight in the ufc cause it’s not an easy road anyway u take it

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  17. Pat Gribs says:

    So it appears some guy who writes funny is hating on Boots. Yet you call us haters. The Kettle calls the pot black.. Unless you’re gonna step into the cage too, then you shouldn’t throw stones.

    Gunderson controlled him well, and so he won, but Holst will learn from it and improve. You all know how good he is on his feet, he can get that good against wrestlers too, with some time and effort. He knows he needs to work on his wrestling. Mark still has a good record, and is still a very good striker, and has proved capable with his BJJ.

    He’s smashed plenty of faces, smart guy, he TKOed a few opponents. I’m guessing those he submitted got hit a few times too, I mean he’s a striker, right? We predicted that he’d make the UFC, and guess what he did. We also predict he’ll be a strong contender at his weight, so watch it happen.

    We’re still here for you Mark.

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  18. Mitch Clarke says:

    I have never met Mark and have only seen his fights and interviews and he seems like a class act. I wish him a speedy return to the octagon.

    also, mai cawk haz its own orbit:
    go fist yourself

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  19. ERE says:

    Mai Cawk: learn how to spell. Are you six?

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  20. mai cawk haz its own orbit says:

    i wnted to see hu u geekz were talking about, mike holst, so i youtoobd and found this lol


    so diz is the guy? ppl keep talkin bout stones and respect as if u guyz woke up in the hot tub time machine up in braveharts time lol

    if u are at tha UFC level, then u kan win your first fight. if u get smashed by 0-1 in the UFC, it wont be long b4 u get dropped by dana whiet.

    liek i sed. if yu tink mike is so good at muay thai, maybe he shud go to cambodia where itz the national sport. but in ufc u gotta restle, plus box, plus have ko power in both elbowz. if u dont, gtfo lol

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  21. ERE says:

    Uh yeah muay Thai= Thailands national sport. cambodias is some other martial art I believe?

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  22. brodes says:

    Hey everyone! This kid is a troll! stop responding to him!

    Mark,Congrats on the fact that you made it to the UFC, an amazing accomplishment on its own. Cant wait to see you get back in there, Hopefully I will be able to make the trip next time. Train hard, make the adjustments and the sky is the limit. Ottawa and Canada are proud of their Canadian talent.

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  23. CR says:

    I’ve read the posts before this fight as well and I don’t understand Chris’s point about your friends buying you in to the UFC. Does he really think anyone at OAMA has enough money to buy him a chance in the UFC? Does he really think Dana White or Joe Silva give a F**K where he trains or who he knows? The UFC is an enormous world wide organization picking fighters from around the globe. If you get a shot, it’s because you earned it. Hopefully Mark gets another chance.

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  24. Gunderson had a good game plan and exploited Mark`s wrestling. It`s like they always say, styles make fights and on paper, Gunderson`s experience and wrestling pedegree didn`t match up well for a standup fighter. This was also the case vs Corey Hill, but Mark`s BJJ won him that fight. The same could have happened last Saturday night. Boots was by no means out of his league or outclassed…it just wasn`t his night.

    The haters on commenting on this story seem to be the same guy. (I make that assumption by the poor grammar and bitterness) but I could be wrong. Boots earned his way to the big show with an 8-1 pro record and a very good showing at the TUF 12 tryouts.

    He will get another shot and hopefully is matched up with someone who wants to stand and bang. Then we`ll really get to see how he got his nickname.

    Congrats to Mark, his training partners and coaches at OAMA. It was awesome to see you on the biggest stage in the game.

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  25. Chris B says:

    I’ve wanted to ask this question for awhile of the people who train with Mark.

    Mark has amazing muay thai and is a very good standup fighter. However, for his last few fights, he seems to want to grapple and please his BJJ-oriented trainers and mentors. Renzo Gracie casts a long shadow and his religious following (and Pat’s to a lesser extent) is a bit odd from an outsider’s perspective.

    To the unitiated, Mark is a stand-up fighter who trains at a grappling-based school. That just seems odd. I realize that OAMA is one of the closest schools out there, but is it the best place for him? It seems like he’d do well at a place like AKA. He would improve his striking and really improve his wrestling.

    I’d love your input, but I’m looking for something more than just catch phrases about “loyalty, honour and respect” and “Team Renzo Gracie for Life”

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  26. mai cawk haz its own orbit says:

    sup Chris, I kan anser dat kwestion.

    basicly, Mark got pwned on the ground, so he needz to improov hiz nokaut power. if he haz more nokaut power in both handz, then he can KO before getting restled. Since MMA is about nokauts and not humping eachotha on the ground like homosexules lol

    anyway, he needz to improve his hands to get more KO wins

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  27. Former OAMA says:

    Chris B,
    I’m sure you from the outside looking in would think what type of club is OAMA? I thought so too, to be honest it’s not a bad club if you want to mingle and meet people. But I think it’s a McDojo or even a “cult”, and only focus on the poster boy Mark Holst. Renzo Gracie is known in the BJJ world for giving out black belts so he can make a profit from schools through loyalty fee hence Pat Cooligan who never instructs classes or won any big event.

    As for Mark Holst, he’s good at standup but is he the best in Ottawa I don’t think so. He’s considered a muay thai Kru, but by who and by what standards. He does need more training somewhere else, even though he’s been to big camps like Greg Jackson etc. But the “loyalty, honour and respect” means you can’t train anywhere else or your booted out of the school. You get suckered in a contract and end up getting cardio training like at Goodlife gyms.

    But hey they’re a school that has Mark Holst the fist UFC fighter in Ottawa so that must mean it’s a great school? Or did Renzo Gracie pull some strings to get him in so he can make more profit from his loyalty fee, hmmm I wonder how many more students got suckered in that marketing scheme?

    I’m sure some OAMA followers will burn me at the stake cause I don’t believe in their religion and left it for good. Congrats to Mark Holst but he needs better trainers. I’m sure theres better fighters coming out of Ottawa.

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  28. mai cawk haz its own orbit says:

    Former OAMA speaks tha troof. its pretty obvius whatz goin on here, cept peepl alredy within OAMA ar alredy blinded. on the real, who aside from Holst iz doin anyting 4 OAMA?

    Idiet 1: Mark beet Cory Hill!! a UFC GUY!
    Me : lol idiet, Cory hill has 3 pro fites. who carez?

    Idiet 2: OAMA is tha best!
    Me : proove it lol. they dont compete in amateur competitinz or anythin, they jus hav “inhouse turnaments” wher they charge ppl to watch OAMA memberz spar. money money money!!

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  29. Wow. Some harsh words flying around.

    Saying we are a “Mc Dojo” or “goodlife” as an insult is as easy as saying ” Team Honour loyalty” or ” Renzo Gracie forever” as a defense.

    Let’s look at the facts:

    -Pat was the first Renzo Gracie Blackbelt in the country. If Renzo ” gave away black belts” don’t you think there would be more?

    -Matt “Hammer” Hache is a brown belt and one of the best in North America. Read his rap sheet and add onto that UK open brown belt champion plus other titles won this year.

    -We have THE MOST active professional MMA team in Ottawa. We have the most fighters, we take the toughest fights.

    -WE have THE MOST active amatuer Muay Thai team in Ottawa. We fight in just about every major tournament in the US. WE also compete monthly to NYC at pro-am tournaments, travel to western Canada frequently for competition. Myself and Mark have been to, and fought professionally in Thailand numerous times. WE have the most championship belts ( we ran out of room in our lobby for them). Our Thai is regarded world wide as elite and promoters from across North America are contantly contacting us to compete. When a student from any of the top gyms in Canada moves to Ottawa, they are usually guided by their coaches to our Academy.

    We bring Mundial and ADCC champions almost bi monthly for seminars. This is fact. The best grapplers in the WORLD, not the region, come to hang out at our school.

    We bring names like Berklerk Pinsinchai( lumpinee and Thailand champion), Coban ( lumpinee and thailand champion/beat Ramon Dekkers, Jonsanon Fairtex( lumpinee champion and thailand champion), recently Jean Charles Skarbowsky stayed with us, and so so so many more great striking coaches to enhance our already stellar program.

    -Every year there is a small time event ( we usually only compete in IFBJJ events) in Ottawa called sport MMA. It was said we never showed up because we were scared of losing. We showed up last year, for a one time kind of thing with 22 competitors and completely dusted every other gym on the mats in Ottawa. 22 competiors came home with 33 medals.

    At our gym, the difference is that we reckognize the difference between the recreational and competitive athlete, and run our programs accordingly, which is why we are 900 members strong and growing as a team, a facility, and most importantly a family.


    Jeff Harrison

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  30. Sami Mann says:

    I find it hard to believe that anyone on this thread, other than the obvious have ever even stepped foot inside OAMA. If you have then you would notice Mark’s four Kru certifications hanging on the wall. 3 of them being from Thailand and the other from the former governing body of Muay Thai in Ontario, CAMTAO, where he was examined by Kru Chris Kew and Kru Alin. Mark has fought professionally in Thailand where he is undefeated. His fights include main event in Lumpinee Stadium and fighting on the Kings Birthday. And what about Mark’s 2 fights in XFA in Las Vegas where he dismantled Kevin Ross and Mark Beecher in the first and second round respectively? None of this is opinion, it’s all factual. Please name one Kru in Ottawa who is more certified or deserving of the “Kru” title than Mark.

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  31. Sean McManus says:

    Mark, Pat or anyone else who trains/teaches at OAMA need not defend themselves on this thread – OAMA is a tight group and from speaking with anyone who competes from the club they are nothing but respectful and solid representatives of the sport. What I don’t understand is Mark, as not only a Mixed Martial Artist, but as a Canadian just represented his club at the highest level this sport has to offer and some ass clown decides to take it upon himself and chirp.(sounds like someone is hiding behind bad grammar and haz a perzonel axe to grind) I do not understand the McDojo/Goodlife assumptions, however I guess any measure of success brings out for lack of a better term, ‘the haters’.

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  32. mai cawk haz its own orbit says:

    #31 is sriusly angry that mike holts iz gunna get droppd 4 lozing his fite, lol! get a tissue bro

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  33. Jason says:

    You don’t get dropped for losing one fight unless you act like you don’t want to fight which was not the case here. And yes Sean I agree this has to be someone hiding behind bad grammar because it isn’t possible for someone to be that stupid. Maybe it’s a past opponents bum puppet?

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  34. mai cawk haz its own orbit says:

    lol @ the mike holts nuthuggers. say wut u want, but he still lost a boring decision against a 0-1 UFC guy. on top of dat, it wuz a boring fite. So most likely Dana whiet will cut him. the sooner the better. cry more plz!! im laffing to the bank evry time i bet against holtS!!!!

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  35. Senoir Ramirez says:

    RE: #29
    -> In SportMMA, you receive a medal regardless of which position you end up in. So saying 22 competitors came home with 33 medals doesn’t really have any merit, because participatory medals are given. It’s a very moot point. So is the fact that you have over 900 members, and 22 competitors in an amateur competition. That just means that 2% of your members are able to compete in amateur competition and win participatory medals. Well congratulations for that

    Secondly, for this; “We have the most fighters, we take the toughest fights.” That’s a pretty subjective point, and on top of that, it’s obviously swarming with bias. Stop stating subjective bias as “fact”. Unless you care to elaborate on these “toughest fights”, quit while you’re ahead, and just vanish into obscurity

    “”Every year there is a small time event ( we usually only compete in IFBJJ events) in Ottawa called sport MMA. It was said we never showed up because we were scared of losing. We showed up last year, for a one time kind of thing with 22 competitors and completely dusted every other gym on the mats in Ottawa. 22 competiors came home with 33 medals.

    At our gym, the difference is that we reckognize the difference between the recreational and competitive athlete, and run our programs accordingly, which is why we are 900 members strong and growing as a team, a facility, and most importantly a family.”

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  36. Alex Hewson says:

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  37. Alex Hewson says:

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  38. Former oama #2 says:

    All i have to say is make sure you check out other clubs before you sign the contract that locks you in for a year. They will try to give you shitty t shirts to pressure you to join on the spot. As a former member, I really think it would only be fair that oama comes clean and let everyone know about what really happens at he club. Examples are mandatory oama gear, restriction of training at other gyms, initiation fees for everything, additional costs for their classes that are excessive, pat never teaches, restricted from attending local tournaments, and the list goes on. Would have been really nice to know all this before I signed the contract, it was an expensive mistake…

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  39. Pst Gribs says:

    “But hey they’re a school that has Mark Holst the fist UFC fighter in Ottawa so that must mean it’s a great school? Or did Renzo Gracie pull some strings to get him in so he can make more profit from his loyalty fee, hmmm I wonder how many more students got suckered in that marketing scheme?”

    Yeah, I’m sure that would have gone over well with the UFC, I bet the mafia was involved too..

    I don’t know much about BJJ, but I know that if that were the case with anyone, they would have done similar things back when Dana wasn’t already swimming in boatloads of cash, owning multiple Ferraris… I don’t think he’d be that easy to persuade today. Seems pretty logical

    Mark got into the UFC because he worked hard at it, obtained a good record and got noticed. No different from any other professional fighter from any other school at any other weight class. It has nothing to do with cults, or schemes.

    How is it a marketing scheme? I haven’t seen any ads around the school or otherwise proclaiming “Ottawa’s only UFC fighter” etc, He only made it to the UFC a few weeks ago, and we had a similar number of members half a year ago before. It’s not like his signing tripled the Academy’s membership.

    “He’s considered a muay thai Kru, but by who and by what standards.”

    CAMTAO, World Muay Thai Council, etc.

    As for mai kawk, he sounds like some guy who’s all bitter over a loss Mark or something. “Past opponent’s bum puppet” indeed. U mad?
    Haters gonna hate.

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  40. Sami Mann says:

    Two things are certain:

    1) there will always be OAMA haters
    2) OAMA will continue to produce high level competitors and be a successful martial arts academy.

    Clearly the minds of the haters will not be changed over an internet forum. Let’s not antagonize this any longer. Let them wallow in their own anger and do not fuel them.

    We, as an organization including Pat, would like to ask that no more OAMA members or staff continue to post on this thread. We truly appreciate the support from everyone! It is because of you guys that allow us to do what we love everyday. It is because of the loyalty and dedication of the students and friends of the academy that OAMA is able to thrive. As long as you the students know that, that is all that matters. Again, thank you for the tremendous support.

    And lastly we would like to thank the haters. Thank you for motivating us to be better than ever.



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  41. Remz says:

    Senior Ramirez… I was there at sport mma and there was no participation medals I won my two divisions and if you where there then you know how the atmosphere was that day… pretty grim around the room except for the OAMA team. If you want Jeff to elaborate then he should have said 33 medals, all gold and Silver…. with the silver medal being awarded to the second OAMA fighter in the division. We only sent 2% because we had no choice. 2 fighters per division. Did you want us to have 12 competitors in each division?
    We have 5 guys leaving this weekend to compete amateur Muay Thai in the States in a huge tourney… why aren’t your schools going. Its a whole new game when you challenge yourself outside of your country… your schools should try it some time..

    Pat has saccraficed his life to make the school what it is. He won a silver medal at the Pan Ams, He would drive to NYC every weekend or second weekend to train at Renzo’s from white to purple. Don’t beleive me then ask his family because they know… He is the most generous man I have ever met. He spends thousand of dollars a year on making us fighters better. Not just Mark. If you ever spent any time with pat on a one on one level you would see what kind of great human being he is compared to all you sob’s that are talking trash.

    Thoughest fights…. I’ll take this one Jeff if you dont mind

    OAMA opponents include,

    Tim Wadswoth
    Tyler Jackson
    Mitch Gangon – Current Featherweight Champion
    Adrian Wooley – Current Bantamweight Champion
    John Fraser – Current Featherweight Champion
    Corey Hill
    Martin Grandmont
    Nabil Khatib – up a weight class
    Lindsay Hawkes
    Roland Delorme
    Sean Quinn
    Richard Ho – 5 days notice
    Ian Dawe – 1 day’s notice
    Guillaume Lamarche
    Josh Hill – Oama guy’s first fight ever
    we aren’t scared to losse. We want to challenge ourselves at the top of the MMA scene.

    no one can argue that all these opponents are canada’s top fighters. I respect them all and i’m sure they all respect us after we fought them. So yes we do take hard fights.

    Mark is hands down one of the best strikers around. I have trained with WEC and UFC fighters and they pale in comparison to Mark. Mark, Hammer, Jeff, Sammi, Steph Bernadel, do this full time. They wake up in the morning and train and teach. Respect them for growing the sport here in Canada.

    these trolls have me all worked up… damn it.. lol…

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  42. Dont’ get sucked in by the trolls guys.

    OAMA is doing a great job, and don’t let a few haters who couldn’t cut it at the gym distract anybody.

    Why is it that nobody wants to use their real name when bashing the school? Wierd how people have bigger balls when they don’t have to use their real name.

    And whats’s with signing a contract and then bitching bout the terms after? This has nothign to do with MMA, BJJ, or training.
    Where in life does anybody sign a contract without knowing what it means??

    Keep up the good work Pat.

    Remi don’t feed them, you have nothing to explain, you are a trooper, and have all the respect from anybody that matters in this game.

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  43. Sean McManus says:

    I don’t think I sounded “sriusly angry that mike holts iz gunna get droppd 4 lozing his fite”. I guess the post was over your head…I hope you have a great summer and aren’t too nervous for your first year of high school.

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  44. I really got a taste of how solid Marks striking was when he came to the first Canadian Fighting Championship where he took on Dangerous Dave Zuniga, who is a VERY solid Kickboxer.

    It was a great fight where Mark took it on about a week or 2 notice and came here in Enemy territory and won his fight.

    It was unbelievable how hard these guys hit each other for 5 rounds.

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  45. Pat Gribs says:

    One more for the list, apparently, just this weekend our freinds in OAMA’s BJJ team took 2nd place at the Renzo Gracie Invitational in NYC…….good job guys..
    I don’t have anything to say against trolls/haters here because in these sports, only results can speak, and you can’t argue with results..

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  46. hawkes says:

    this thread is laughable really…

    the peeps from oama posting need to chill right out. it only makes it worse guys. you know your skill set and thats what counts.

    who gives a shit what people think anyay? its about fighting and having fun. i personally think that if you take yourself too seriously its not fun anymore. take the haters with a grain of salt guys. if you didnt have success they would have nothing to be mad about.

    i give mark all the credit he deserves btw… everyone from oama that i have met is super nice cool. dont know why people would hate.

    and i train with gunderson… the kid can fight. losing to him aint a big deal. bad style match for holst.

    he’ll be back


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  47. PhillyStyle says:

    Empty Barrels make the most noise.

    and just remember jab, jab, cross…..hater problem solved


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  48. j bird says:

    I find it interesting reading everyone’s comments, bottom line is there are 3 versions of every story, yours, mine and the truth. I have trained at OAMA and loved it. Yes they want contracts, but I would not want to invest time and effort into every wannabe that walked through the door. Or took all the techniques I was showing and ran across town and taught at another school. Bottom line is OAMA is not for everyone, same as any other school. I found it to be a great place to train, they worked hard but you didn’t have to worry about idiots hurting you while training.
    As for Boots, gentleman through and through, one of the nicest guys you will meet. Probably didn’t make it into the house because he is too nice, wouldn’t be good TV. No drama or idiotics out of him.
    As for OAMA and their level of fighters, time will answer that one. Greg Jackson, AKA all started somewhere, it’s where they saw themselves that matters.

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  49. luzena dasilva says:

    mai kawk u speak the truth those oama guys suck and they dont teach wrestling does why mark lost lol!!! add me on facebook luzena dasilva thanks bye xoxoxo

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  50. Ben says:

    I don’t get the hate towards OAMA.

    I trained there for about 5 years, I was a weekend warrior but was always treated like I was part of their family. Unfortunately I had to leave due to injury but I will be back.

    When I started there were probably 20-30 members and through Pat, Matt, Nick, Boots and Peter’s hard work I have watched the club grow into 700+ students.

    It really pisses me off to see someone try to discredit all of their hard work and try to tear them down

    But I guess haters are gonna hate and there is bugger all we can do about it.

    OAMA will continue to be Ottawa’s best club for BJJ/MMA/Muay Thai!

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