Ringside 7 Play-by-Play


Here is Don Wilson’s play by play for Ringside 7 that was held June 19th in Montreal.

Yohan Gariepy vs. Danny St. Gelais
RD1: Both fighters start off throwing kicks, then tie up against the cage. Gariepy takes St. Gelais’ back. St. Gelais turns into Gariepy’s mount. St. Gelais works the GNP until the horn sounds. TopMMAnews scores the rd 10-9 St. Gelais

RD2: Gariepy comes out with a big high kicks but St. Gelais counters well with the cross. St. Gelais lands the takedown and avoids the arm bar . St. Gelais takes mount, Gariepy turns and St. Gelais takes his back. St. Gelais continues to look for the RNC but Gariepy is able to survive the round. TopMMAnews scores the rd 10-9 St. Gelais

RD3: St. Gelais races out throwing the power shots. Gariepy trying to keep him a bay with kicks but St. Gelais is landing. St. Gelais lands the double leg takedown and once again takes Gariepy’s back. Gariepy escapes and winds up on top and gains some retribution by taking St. Gelais back. St. Gelais escapes another arm bar and is back on top to finish off the round with a lil GNP. TopMMAnews scores the rd 10-9 St Gelais
Danny St. Gelais defeats Yohan Gariepy via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 29-28 x 2)

Chucky Mady vs. Dimitri Waardenburg
RD1: Mady wobbles Waardenburg with a spinning back fist. Mady goes for the standing guillotine and jumps guard. Waardenburg slams him to the floor, lands some punches and backs off. Waardenburg takes him to the ground again and opens up a big cut overtop of Mady’s right eye. Mady turtles to avoid punishment, but Waardenburg serves up some nice knees to Mady’s ribs. The ref has seen enough and calls the fight.
Dimitri Waardenburg defeats Chucky Mady @ 3:26 Rd1 via TKO (knees on the ground)

Taylor Solomon vs. Matt Northcott
RD1: Solomon lands a nice straight that wobbles Northcott. They separate and Solomon lands another solid solid shot that drops Northcott. Solomon follows him to the ground an opens up a nice gash on Northcott’s forehead with a vicious elbow. Solomon takes mount, Northcott turns and gives his back. Solomon sinks in the RNC for the win. Solomon earns the TopMMAnews Submission of the Night honors
Taylor Solomon submits Matt Northcott @ 1:57 RD1 via RNC

Mark Fraser vs. Denis Puric
RD1: Both fighters feel each other out. Poric charges in and flattens Fraser with a devastating right hook and that’s all she wrote, Fraser is now counting the ceiling lights. Beautiful knock out!
Denis Puric defeats Mark Fraser @ :20 Rd1 via KO (right hook)

Christopher Boisvert vs. Kevin Morin
RD1: Morin peppers Boisvert with some punches and shots in for the takedown, but Boisvert is able to fight it off. Boisvert reverse and lands his own takedown, but Morin scrambles to his feet. The fight is briefly halted to repair one of the corner pads. They come back out swinging going back and forth with kicks and punches. The fighters tie up against the cage and Boisvert lands some powerful knees to Morin’s midsection. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 for Boisvert

RD2: Both fighters come out swinging again but Morin is putting together the combos. Morin shoots in and lands the takedown. Boisvert is able to scramble back to his feet. Boisvert grabs the thai plum and lands 3 vicious knees. Morin backs out, only to get caught back in the clinch and eats more knees. Morin attempts an uppercut but is thrown to the mat for his troubles. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Boisvert

RD3: Boisvert lands some solid kicks to Morin midsection. Morin desperately looks for the double leg but Boisvert fights it off. Another great exchange at center ring and they tie up against the fence. They break loose and unleash another onslaught on each other then back to the tie up. Morin eats a high kick, but comes back with a jumping knee from the clinch. The horn sounds ending a what is so far fight of the night. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Morin, Both Boisvert & Morin earn TopMMAnews FOTN honors
Christopher Boisvert defeats Kevin Morin via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Rejean Groulx vs. Eugenio Carpine
RD1: After a slow start from both fighters, Groulx lands a single leg takedown. Carpine tries to stand back up but Groulx attempts a guillotine. Both fighters back on their feet, Groulx looking to avoid Carpine’s stand up takes him back down to the mat. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Groulx

RD2: Carpine out came firing but once again Groulx lands the single leg takedown. Groulx softens him up with some GNP. Carpine turns to avoid the onslaught and is caught in the RNC and taps.
Rejean Groulx submits Eugenio Carpine @ 1:59 Rd2 via RNC

Samuel Guillet vs. Jason Rorison
RD1: Guillet rushes out, clinches and lands the takedown. He softens Rorison up with punches and passes to side control then mount. Rorison is able to buck Guillet off him and get back to his feet. After a failed shot attempt from Guillet the fight clinch against the cage. Gullet lands a body lock trip takedown and passes to side control then oddly backs off. The fight briefly halted to repair Rorison’s left glove. Guillet lands a body shot that drops Rorison to his knees, and Guillet follows him down. A shot from the top opens and nice cut under Rorison’s right eye. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Guillet

RD2: Guillet throwing the crisper punches, he clinches up and lands the takedown. Rorison reverses and winds up in Guillet’s half guard. Rorison then steps over and attempt a hybrid armbar keylock, which puts him out of position and Guillet regains top position. Guillet locks in the side choke to no avail. Guillet let’s go and tries to transition back to mount, Rorison blocks the pass and Guillet backs off as the round ends. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Guillet

RD3: The fighters tie up against the fence and Guillet attempts the single leg. Rorison fights it off and cinches in a front choke. Guillet is able to free himself but winds up on the bottom eating elbows. Guillet bucks, reverses and quickly passes to mount. Rorison is able to get back up but Guillet traps him against the fence. Guillet lands the final takedown as the round ends. TopMMAnews scores the round a 10-10 draw
Samuel Guillet defeats Jason Rorison via Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-28 x2)

Daylin Logan vs. Lloyd Galindo
RD1: Logan comes out like a hurricane and bulls Galindo over. Logan stuns him with a punch and proceeds to picks him up and slams him to the mat not once but twice. Galindo tries to avoid the clubbing onslaught from Logan but it just keeps coming. Logan attempts a standing RNC but Galindo is able to escape. Logan passes to mount but Galindo reverses and finishes the round on top for once. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Logan

RD2: Logan bum rushes Galindo again, he pushes Galindo down and stands over him picking his shots. Galindo scramble to his feet only to be thrown back down to the mat. Logan opens a deep cut on Galindo’s forehead via illegal knee to his opponent’s face while both fighters were on the ground. Ref does not stop the fight or penalize Logan. Galindo tries to get back up but Logan jumps on him and cinches in the RNC for the win. Logan lays on the mat once the fight is finished, he seems to have injured his right knee during the fight. Logan has to be helped to the back as he cannot put any weight on his leg.
Daylin Logan submits Lloyd Galindo @ 2:50 Rd2 via RNC

Alex Garcia vs. Ricky Goodall
RD1: Goodall out of the gate swinging but Garcia ducks under and lands double leg. Garcia quickly passes to mount and rains the pain. Goodall is able to buck out and get back to his feet. Fighters exchange vicious knees in the clinch. Goodall throws the haymaker but once again Garcia ducks under and lands the double. Garcia on top in half guard, then quickly passes to mount. Goodall gives his back but is able to stand up. Garcia takes him back down and unleashes the GNP from guard. Goodall gives his back again, but Garcia quickly clamps on the RNC for the tap.
Alex Garcia submits Ricky Goodall @ 4:05 Rd1 via RNC

Derek Gauthier vs. Dustin Poirier
RD1: Slow start as both fighters feel each other out. Poirier is able to back Gauthier into the cage and unleashes a barrage of fists. Gauthier tries to to back away form the onslaught but is caught flush on the chin and lights out. Gauthier lies motionless on the ground for about a minute before coming too. Dustin Poirier earns TopMMAnews KO of the Night
Dustin Poirier defeats Derek Gauthier @ :57 Rd1 via KO (right hook)

Guillaume De Lorenzi vs. Dale Hartt
RD1: Both fighters come out working their jabs. De Lorenzi see his opening and shoots in for the takedown. De Lorenzi works from top position and transitions to mount. Hartt is able to buck up and reverse and wind up in De Lorenzi’s guard. De Lorenzi scrambles and both fighters make it to their feet. Hartt lands a nice straight that wobbles De Lorenzi. Feeling the effects of the shot De Lorenzi shoots in for the takedown and drags Hartt to the mat. De Lorenzi finishes off the round on top landing some weak punches. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 De Lorenzi

RD2: Hartt throws a kick, De Lorenzi catches it and trips him to the mat. De Lorenzi lands some vicious punches from top position. Hartt starts to scream in pain, De Lorenzi backs off and the ref call a break in the action. Hartt seems to be in pain, but from TopMMAnews angle we could not see the exact cause of the injury. Hartt is escorted from the ring by his corner and medical staff and the fight is called. TopMMAnews spotted Hartt later on with a sling over his right arm, it appears he suffered a break during the trip takedown.
Guillaume De Lorenzi defeats Dale Hartt @ :49 Rd2 via TK9 (injury)

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  1. GG says:

    Does anyone know if the shoulder Hart hurt was the same one he had surgery on? In the pre fight interview he said he was coming off of shoulder surgery….

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    There’s a vid of his shoulder getting popped back in after the fight.

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    Ouch. Sounds incredibly painful.

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