W1 Weigh-In Results – Title fight back on again


W1 fighters weighed in today and the fights are official. Both main eventers, Denis Kang and Dae Won Kim, made the Middleweight limit and the fight is on. Adrian Wooley and his W1 title challenger Randy Spence also made weight for their Bantamweight bout.

Unfortunately, Thierry Quenneville missed the Featherweight limit. Oddly enough, W1 officials are saying that the title fight will go on as planned despite Quenneville missing weight.  His opponent, John Fraser, did miss weight but that was only after it was apparent that Quenneville was going to miss and Fraser was told that he could consume fluids.  Top MMA News has not heard of a five round title fight occurring after one of the fighters missing weight, so stay tuned, as this one could change.

UPDATE:  As Thierry Quenneville was not going to make weight, John Fraser and him agreed to fight at a 147 lb catchweight for the W1 Featherweight title.   Again, not something that is normally done, but best of luck to both fighters.

UPDATE 2: Jack Bateman, President of W1,  now indicates that there is no title on the line for the John Fraser vs Thierry Quenneville fight.

UPDATE 3: Word is the title fight is back on and the fight will go on as a 5 round fight.

Tickets are still available for this good card.  Top MMA News encourages you to pick some up.

Here are the official weights.

Denis Kang (185.5) vs Dae Won Kim (185.5)

Adrian Wooley (134.5) vs Randy Spence (134.3)
*** W1 Bantamweight Title Fight

John Fraser (146.2)** vs Thierry Quenneville (146.5)*
*** W1 Featherweight Title Fight

Antonio Carvalho (144) vs Juan Barrente (145.5)
Steve Bossé (203.7) vs Mychal Clark (206.7)*
Ivan Menjivar (144.6) vs Aaron Miller (146.5)*
Misha Cirkunov (214.3) vs Roy Boughton (212.4)
Jorge Britto (160.3) vs Ryan Machan (161)
Bruno Hosier (239.4) vs John Macphearson (249)
Brent Franczuz (135) vs Josh Hill (135.6)
Demetrious Arvanopolus (168.9) vs Jay Alexander (169.8)
Michael Imperato (135.6) vs Tim Chessel (No Show)

* Missed weight
** Allowed to drink and miss weight after it was determined that opponent would miss weight.

14 Responses to “ W1 Weigh-In Results – Title fight back on again ”

  1. Sean Quinn says:


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  2. Sean Quinn says:

    And, although i feel bad for Imperato, LOL at Chessel no showing. What a surprise.

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  3. Chris B says:

    Wasn’t Chris Myra supposed to be on this card?

    p.s. I agree Sean. Three guys missing weight (I don’t count Fraser because he would have made it)

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  4. Davis says:

    what is with this trend lately it happens so much in Edmonton also.

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  5. harry balls says:

    I fired off a terse email after the Newton debacle of missing weight; I guess they could give a shit what the paying public think. Come down on this stuff or just become a palooka scrapper league. I really don’t give a rat’s ass one way or another anymore. My sympathies to the opponents of the guys who couldn’t be bothered.

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  6. i mizzed wait once, but it wasnt mai fault, since i waz goin thru tuff times, plus also mai scail sed i waz on wait. also, i think MMA is about slaying your opponent and kicking azz and not about starving yurself like sum prizoner or sumthing. they hav some gay azz rules about wait. if i way 157 and you are 155, im still gunna kik yur azz lol.
    so like i sed, wait is stoopid, so can i haz shitle tot pleez?

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  7. rollin doh says:

    if your a pro u make weight period, I don’t care what issues your having. Its unprofessional not to and they should not commit to a weight your not gonna make. Especially a title fight fat bastards.

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  8. Corey Zamara says:

    #6, I can’t even understand what you are trying to say. Making weight is important, it’s all part of a professional sport, my professor is in this bout and he walks around 30lbs heavier, I’ve witnessed him cutting and it’s hard, I’ve literally watched the guy eat 4 almonds all day and drink nothing but water, it’s not fun but if you want to be in this sport it’s part of the sacrifice!

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  9. Chris B says:

    Making weight is extremely important but I can understand how a fighter could miscalculate and miss by 1 pound. I’d also give a pass to a guy who takes a fight with less than a few weeks notice. You’ll notice that fighters miss weight a lot in Quebec because the commission is very precise in their weighing.

    If you watch a UFC event in Nevada, almost every time, the fighter is listed as being exactly on weight or within the 1 pound allowance. Sometimes, a guy is 2 pounds over and when he takes his underwear off, he magically makes weight. The same goes for events where the UFC acts as the commission.

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  10. timmy t says:

    Any idea if this will be televised at all?

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  11. Jamie Locke says:

    If you know you won’t make weight, or know you’re not even going to try, then step up to your walk about weight class. I think it’s that simple.

    Of course in the sport today, cutting weight is a huge part of being successful. You cut to have an advantage, but now both people cut and there is no advantage, you meet at a weight and try to get as much back as possible.

    If guys like no.6 there know that they won’t make weight, know that they won’t even try, than instead of agreeing to a fight at 155 when you know you’ll be 160, than look for a fight at 160 or move up a class where you don’t have to cut.

    Anybody can go fight at any time anywhere, but to make the sport professional and to call yourself a professional athlete than you must abide by the rules of the sport. Otherwise it isn’t a sport at all.

    I think commissions should start handing out suspensions to guys who can’t make the CONTRACTED weight by 1 lb. This doesn’t mean an automatic penalty, still give the guy an hour or two to sweat it out, but if he comes in still weighing over 2 lbs the agreed weight, suspension and forfit a % of purse to the opponent.

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  12. Michelle says:

    If you’re taking a professional fight, and signed a contract to be at a certain weight,,,,you better be or promoters/match-makers arn’t going to sign you in the future. Its unfair and disrespectful to your opponent, the promotion and most importantly your gym, cause no respectable gym wants to get fights for slack fighters who cant live up to their word and contracts they signed.

    Basically there’s no good reason for missing weight, just alot of over-played excuses.

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  13. mai cawk haz its own orbit says:

    its liek i wuz sayin before. juz because u r 1 pound heavier than me, im still gonna fite yu, cas MMA iz about fighting. Even Cezar gracie sed that he invented jiu jitsu to slay heavier opponents, so u shud still fite for a title and like i sed, its not an eating competition, so who cares that u eat 4 almonds a day. if i wanted to be in an eating competition id move to japan to eat hotdogs lol. MMA is about brutaliy smashing face for a paychek

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  14. Darren Owen says:

    Usually there are 2 things that happen, 1 the fighter who does not make weight forefits 20% of his purse to their opponent both show and win if they win. 2 the fighter who does make weight has the option to accept the fight or not. The thing is they are fighters so almost always they want to fight. In a nutshell, if you don’t make weight your a douche.

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