Fight Quest 13 – Laval – July 10


Date: July 10, 2010
Location: Skratch in Laval, Quebec
Tickets: Tristar Gym, MMA Fight Shop, and the Door

Amateur MMA

135-140 Neil Sheppard (Zahabi MMA) Vs Tom Nickerson (Black Dawg)

140-145 Greg Carpenter (MMA Lachute) Vs Maxime Fecteau (Kanreikai)

145-150 Mo Yang (Zahabi MMA) Vs George Evoy (Platinum MMA)

145-150 Brandon Stalk (Zahabi MMA) Vs Georgy Fontaine (Naek Ta)

150-155 Simon Feuiltault (Zahabi MMA) Vs Samuel Laverrière (Team Xtreme)

150-155 Matthew Whetstone (Zahabi MMA) Vs Jon Chiera (Team Bushido)

165-170 Jonathan Lefebvre (Zahabi MMA) Vs Pierre Mellon (Team Bushido)

170-175 Dominick Trépanier (Zahabi Rive-Sud) Vs Jason Courchesne (Kanreikai)

180-185 Ian Perron (Scantlebury Thai JJ/Zahabi MMA) Vs Rob Nickerson (Black Dawg)

185-190 Renaud M. Paquette (Zahabi MMA) Vs Gord Dawley (Way Of Life)

185-190 Mikael Lavigne (Lionheart) Vs Shawn McDonald (Black Dawg)

3 Responses to “ Fight Quest 13 – Laval – July 10 ”

  1. steve says:

    What happend to the Henry boys from new credit reserve ACE 1 mma did they fianly relize they anit MMA fighters after getting beat. They suck any ways.

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  2. Duncan is 1-1 and Max is 1-2. They’re no better no worse than other amateur fighters in my opinion.

    Max might fight on the next card.

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  3. mai cawk haz its own orbit says:

    ill fite him!

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