Sean Salmon No Shows Ringside 7 Weigh-ins


Sean Salmon did not show up for the Ringside 7 weigh-ins today in Montreal due to missing his flight.   Ringside officials say there was a miscommunication between Salmon and his manager and the result was Sean Salmon not getting to Montreal.

This is very unfortunate for the Ringside promotion as they worked hard to get the undefeated Tom Murphy a UFC veteran as an opponent.   This is terrible for Tom Murphy, as well, as he has trained for this fight only to have it scrapped by this no show.

Top MMA News has sent messages to Sean Salmon but have not received comment at this time.

4 Responses to “ Sean Salmon No Shows Ringside 7 Weigh-ins ”

  1. Honestly Speaking.... says:

    He was scared, plain and simple. No miscommunication with a veteran fighter and his manager..he realized a little too late he would get smashed and wimped out..poor Tom one of the best people out there didnt deserve this…

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  2. Davis says:

    saved himself a beating

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  3. jer says:

    very unfortunate!
    there has to be some type of rule/penalty put in place by the commissions or organizations to help dissuade any fighters from pulling a last minute no show or on having “miscommunication with their managers”. Maybe a 6 month to a year “no fight” penalty can be put in place to offer a little deterrence and protect the guys like Tom who Bust their asses and sacrifice so much for this sport, and punish guys like Salmon for their unprofesionalism and lack of respect. I have not seen or heard of a public apology from Salmon to Murphy, Ringside or the fans wich in turn supports my points of unprofessionalism and disrespect for Tom, the sport the fans and the organization!! This type of action affects not only Tom and the fans but the organization, not to mention all the coaches , training partners and families who devote and sacrifice so much to help out Guys Like Tom!
    i understand things can happen leading up to a fight, injuries, family issues etc. but not showing the day of weigh in with out any notice is pure bullshit!
    just my humble opinion!
    Looking forward to a great weekend of fights!

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  4. Fat Tony says:

    Salmon has a manager???? More like his manager at KFC wouldn’t give him the day off. Tom would have won anyway.

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