Ringside 7 Weighin Results – Hartt Misses Weight


Guillaume De Lorenzi takes on Dale Hartt (photo by Eric Gaudreault|Godro Photography)

Ringside 7 held their weigh-ins today and there several issues which caused changes to both the main and semi-main events.  In the main event, Canada’s Guillaume De Lorenzi showed up under the 155 lb limit for his Lightweight title fight.  However, his opponent Dale Hartt missed weight by over eight lbs!   The fight will still be held, however it will be a three round non-title fight rather than the scheduled five rounds.

As for the semi-main event, Sean Salmon surprised those in attendance by not showing up.  As previously reported by Top MMA News, Salmon missed his flight to Montreal and his semi-main event fight against Tom Murphy was called off.

Here are the weigh-in results.

Main Event
Guillaume De Lorenzi (154.8) vs Dale Hartt (163.4)*
Tom Murphy vs Sean Salmon (TBA) – CANCELLED
Derek Gauthier  (159.8) vs Dustin Poirier (159.8) – 160
Alex Garcia (170) vs Ricky Goodall (171) – 170
Daylin Logan (175) vs Lloyd Galindo (170.8) – 175
Samuel Guillet (156) vs Jason Rorison (155.2) – 155
Réjean Groulx (145.6) vs Eugenio Carpine (146) – 145
Christopher Boisvert (159)* vs Kevin Morin (155.2) – 155
Mark Fraser (144.4) vs Denis Puric (143.8) – 145
Taylor Solomon (169.1) vs Matt Northcott (170.4) – 170
Chucky Mady(134.8) vs Dimitri Waardenburg (136.6)* – 135
Yohan Gariépy (150.5) vs Danny St-Gelais (150.6)  – 150
* over the weight-limit
Special thanks to MMeh Fighter for helping Top MMA News fill in some weights that were missed.

15 Responses to “ Ringside 7 Weighin Results – Hartt Misses Weight ”

  1. Sean Quinn says:

    What the hell is with these guys not making weight?

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  2. Davis says:

    they dont take the fight serious I hate guys who miss weight like common.

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  3. Yves says:

    I can understand not making weight by less than 1 pound. (like Waardenburg) The guy might have been weighing himself with a bad scale during the cut. This is a possibility, but missing weight by nearly 10 pounds? That’s unprofessional…

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:


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  5. Wow, i feel bad for Ringside.

    You bring in the UFC vets so you can get some professionalism out of the guys, and challenge the local fighters. The whole point is that they take this seriously, and Dale Hartt showing up almost 9 pounds over for a title fight is ridiculously disrespectful.

    Guillaume De Lorenzi is on another level and ready to prove to everybody where he belongs, and all this did was fuel the rising lightweight. I would NOT want to be Dale Hartt tonight.

    And Sean Salmon, i don’t know to say about him, but i don’t think his heart and head are into MMA anymore. How do you not show up for a fight due to communication breakdown with your manager and not end up with your flight info?

    Was he ever going to show up? Why act like you are fighting and then at the last second not show up?

    BOO to both these guys who were supposed to be the professional athletes tonight.

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  6. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m with Bobby, start handing out suspensions to fighters who miss weight by a certain amount. 1 pound or less is semi-understandable, but eight pounds? That’s like not even trying, especially when you’ve been given a shot at a title.

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  7. MM. says:

    Im with Marc Andre through and through…

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  8. You are the best Mitch!

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  9. Sean Quinn says:

    I rarely, if ever, agree with Marc-Andre. And im not about to start.

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  10. It doesn’t matter if you agree or not. As long as you keep listening to me. :)

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  11. mike says:

    haha, Marc rocks!

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  12. Sean Quinn says:


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  13. Chris B says:

    To me, the worst weight miss was Carlos Newton against Shonie Carter in W1. Not only did Carlos miss by over 10lbs, he then decided to accuse Shonie of greasing when the fight was over.

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  14. harry balls says:

    The promotions are turning into clown town with the flakes missing weight and the no-shows. If you want people to keep spending their hard-earned dinero on your product, you need to deliver.

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  15. chelle says:

    a year suspension and BIG fines!! for no-shows and fat asses who dont cut (properly or at all). I blame commissions…. they’re missing out on some big $$$$ from these slack “athletes”, specially Quebec lately..

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