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Edmonton Fight SceneLast year, Top MMA News wrote about Edmonton being the Hot Spot for MMA in Canada. With nine or ten promotions holding cards in and around the city, Edmonton fans had plenty of fight organizations to choose from. Yet with all these MMA cards, not to mention Muay Thai and boxing cards, occurring in the city, unless fans personally knew a fighter or train at a gym, they rarely knew about the event. That is where Edmonton Fight Scene (EFS) steps in.

Founding partner Dean Panas started working on the idea of the Edmonton Fight Scene early in 2010. Panas, who announces for many Edmonton MMA, Boxing, and Muay Thai organizations, felt there was a gap between UFC fans and the local shows. Panas describes how UFC fans do not hear about local fights,

“I have the opportunity to take people to shows and they consistently tell me how good the shows are. But unfortunately they also tell me ‘I had no idea this was happening in Edmonton until you told me’. I know Edmonton is full of fight fans!!! The UFC PPV numbers in Edmonton are one of the best. Same for major Boxing PPVs.”

This was frustrating to Panas.  He knew Edmonton promotions like the TFC and the MFC had exciting products, he wondered how he could get more fans to the shows that he attended,

“Edmonton fighters and promotions are not getting the attention they deserve.  I would always see the same people at the shows, which is good because if they didn’t like what they paid for they wouldn’t come back. But it is bad because there wasn’t enough new blood. I also know how much people enjoyed the fights when there was someone involved that they knew. I became friends with Jelena Mrdjenovich a couple years ago. When I introduced her to people they all wanted to come to fights. These are people that had very little interest in boxing but wanted to see her. They absolutely loved it!!! They definitely came to see Jelena fight, but they have been back to all the shows because they love the atmosphere!!”

Panas was wondering how he could get more people out to the shows and figured that the best way to accomplish this was to get potential fans to meet the fighters either virtually on the Internet or in person at a Fan Expo. Panas shopped his idea around and found two important partners, Jason Bouwmeester and Ken Franczek, who shared his passion for Edmonton fights and the Edmonton Fight Scene was born.

The three partners will hold the first Edmonton Fight Scene Fan Expo on August 15th at the Shaw Conference Centre. Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Tickets will be available starting the week of June 21st at all Edmonton Flaman Fitness locations and from the featured fighters. Other locations to be updated on the EFS website as the event draws closer. Out of town fans can email tickets@fightscene.ca for ticket information.

Jason Bouwmeester, who also photographs for Top MMA News, explains the concept of the expo,

“Local fight fans can expect to see exactly what Edmonton has to offer in the areas of MMA, Muay Thai and Boxing.  Local fighters will be able to see what is available to them in the way of training centres, nutritionists, fight gear and more; not only that, I’m sure it will also be a great opportunity for fighters to pursue sponsorship opportunities with some of these vendors.”

Some amazing fighters have already committed to attend the event.  Fans can expect to meet such Edmonton greats as Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford, boxing sensation Jelena Mrdjenovich, Tim “The Thrashing Machine” Hague, Ryan “The Big Deal” Jimmo, Victor Valimaki, Canadian Boxing Champions Kris Andrews and Adam Trupish, Nick “The Quiet Assassin” Penner, and Muay Thai champion and MMA newcomer Mukai “The African Assassin” Maromo.

Further information on the expo can be found at the Edmonton Fight Scene web site.

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  1. Dean Panas says:

    Thanks to Keith for doing a great article!!

    July is a perfect example of how much MMA there is in Edmonton. Aggression, Heat XC, TFC and KOTC all have shows in the month of July.

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  2. Deepend says:

    This is a very good post for me. I think you should add more video and pictures for this expo.

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