WEC Scrambles for 155er


Ed Ratcliff has unfortunately been forced to withdraw from his showdown this Sunday at WEC against the “Polish Hammer” Chris Horodecki. Top MMA News was unable to determine the reason behind Ratcliff’s withdrawal.  Last night, word spread that the organization was looking for a 155er that was medically cleared and ready to step in against Canada’s 4th Ranked Canadian Lightweight.  Ratcliff posted the following on his Facebook wall,

“I wanna say sorry to all the fans, family, and friends for having to pull out on such late notice. Even more importantly I wanna appologise to Chris Horodecki for going thru all of that hard work and not getting the final release u deserve. I wish u the best. Sorry everyone.!!!!!!”

One possiblity that Top MMA News would like to see is the 3rd ranked Guillaume De Lorenzi who is medically cleared and ready to step in without any notice. This would create a match between the third and fourth ranked Lightweights in Canada, however, De Lorenzi is scheduled to fight Dale Hartt at Ringside this weekend.

This would be the most significant matchup on the card that is hurting for Canadian talent.

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12 Responses to “ WEC Scrambles for 155er ”

  1. Jason says:

    Pretty short notice for someone to fill in… be a great opportunity though if someone can!

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  2. james Locke says:

    If none of the Top ten Canadians are ready for this one, it may be a good shot for Tarek Gabali (4-0) from ZUMA. Word on the street is he is having a hard time finding an opponent in Western Canada.

    I am sure they’ll find another top tier guy for this one, but it would be a great shot for Gabali.

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  3. Phil Baroni says:

    call up ragin kajan im sure hes down

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  4. Jordy turner says:

    Ryan Machan

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  5. Jordy turner says:

    Beat kajan too

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    Possibly Gavin Neil!

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  7. Brodie says:

    I figured there would be guys jumping through hoops to get on a WEC card!!!!

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  8. I am sure there are a ton of fighters who would volunteer to fight but they need their medicals up-to-date, WEC has to consider them as upper echelon fighters, and Chris Horodecki has to agree to fight them.

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  9. “Danny Boy” Dan Downes from Duke Roufus’s team has just signed a new 6 fight WEC contract and will face Chris Horodecki this Sunday on WEC.

    Big step up for Dan, who puts his undefeated record on the line against the Polish Hammer.

    Great matchup WEC.

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  10. Puppettamer says:

    that is a solid match but Downes is really not that well rounded. I also have to give the speed advantage to Mark.

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  11. Cindychickie says:

    no different than Horodecki. Does he even take grappling classes?

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  12. hawkes says:

    Horodecki is a good grappler… Just likes to stand. sure he isn’t a submission specialist but the dude can roll.

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