What Provinces Produce Canada’s Top Fighters?


What provinces are Canada’s top fighters from?  Top MMA News has been asked this question a few times by fans and gyms across the country.   There are great gyms all across the country were fighters seem to congregate like TriStar in Montreal, but what province of birth has the greatest number of top fighters.

Now this study is completely non-scientific.  For this study, Top MMA News simply took its Top 10 ranked fighters in each weight division (Top 3 Heavyweights) and marked what province they were from.  Of course, if the reader believes that the rankings are flawed, then these figures would be flawed as well.

What province has the most Top 10 fighters?   British Columbia with 15.

Here are the totals:

British Columbia 15
Ontario 13
Quebec 12
Alberta 9
Manitoba 6
Nova Scotia 4
Saskatchewan 2
New Brunswick 1

Its not surprising that the three provinces with the top population, Ontario, Quebec, and BC, have the most fighters in the Top 10. What is surprising is that Manitoba has so many more than Saskatchewan and that Halifax has so many more than the rest of the Maritime provinces.

My belief is that Manitoba is so much higher than Saskatchewan because Manitoba allows professional MMA while Saskatchewan does not. Both have great gyms, but Saskatchewan fighters just cannot get as many fights to showcase their skills and get the wins required to make the Top 10.

Why is Nova Scotia so much higher than other New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and PEI? An educated guess is that FitPlus and Titans MMA are providing higher quality training and training partners like TJ Grant and Roger Hollett which produces higher calibre fighters.  This may slowly change as Dana Dickeson, from New Brunswick, debuted on the Light-Heavyweight rankings and became the sole NB fighter on the lists.  Time will tell.

Here is a graphical look.

* Training location is not considered. Ryan Diaz lives in Arizona but was born in Kelowna. Ryan Jimmo trains in Alberta but is considered a Nova Scotia fighter.

10 Responses to “ What Provinces Produce Canada’s Top Fighters? ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Cool article… East and West/Prairies are pretty even! I hope to see this updated every few months along with the rankings!

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    It’s really too bad that because Saskatchewan isn’t a major market, there isn’t a big push to get MMA legalized there! Everyone deserves an opportunity to do what they love to do!

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  3. John Cooper says:

    I could have told you this. BC without a doubt.

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  4. It was a total surprise to me John. I would have bet that Quebec with the Tristar gym would have been #1.

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  5. Jamie Locke says:

    I would have figured BC as well for number 1. The East Coast is a hurting situation. There is alot of quality fighters out there with no opportunity to fight. These guys have to travel to Quebec to try to get replacement opportunities on cards or try to get south of the border on some American cards.

    Even the few shows that are on the East Coast seem to stick to using the same core group of fighters, obviously Titans Gym runs the show. Using the same fighters on every card doesn’t help the scene out there. For one, fans aren’t really interested in seeing the same guys everytime there is an event, not that there are many. Secondly, this doesn’t allow new talent to get in and showcase there skills and/or test their meetle in the cage.

    Elite 1 seems to be trying to start something up out there, but mostly amateur.

    I would like to see KOTC have start up a Halifax show. May be low budget compared to other promotions across the country, but KOTC is a solid reputable name and it would actually provide some opportunity to fight for some of these guys.

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  6. Jason says:

    Jamie, you talking about KOTC from here (Alberta) expanding out East or a KOTC Canada East starting up?

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  7. james Locke says:

    Either way really. I am just talking about any promotion providing some opportunity on the East Coast for fighters, and not just Titan’s gym fighters.

    I just figure KOTC would be the most logical, as they have been around forever. Alot of people criticize KOTC Canada for their low budget shows. In reality, KOTC Canada has built this sport huge. They put on more shows than any other promotion and give fighters an opportunity to fight, and that’s what it’s about outside of the bigger more profitable shows like MFC and AFC. The bigger shows are definitly entertaining and concidered the “big leagues”, but fighters need to start somewhere to get some wins and get noticed. KOTC is a great avenue for guys to do just that.

    Other than ECC and Elite1, there is no opportunity on the East for up and comers or begginer fighters.

    I mean sure, if MFC or AFC or Aggression wanted to hold a show out East it would sell out ticket wise for sure, but would it still give the little guys a chance at being on the card? These stats will stay the same if there are no shows or opportunities for guys to fight at home.

    Even Jimmo had to leave due to the lack of opportunity out there, obviously he found a great home at MFC and is heading on the right track with his career. It isn’t as easy for some of the begginer fighters to pack up and move to Montreal or Edmonton to try and pursue a fight career, especially when they have families to take care of etc.

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  8. Brodie says:

    Its really frustrating to see nothing happening in the east coast. If more event happened here than it would even give more options for west fighters to promote their careers.

    Guys have fought here like Edwin Dewees, Joe Riggs, and even rumor had Phil Baroni was supposed to fight here at one point. So its not like really good fighters from the states and everywhere else doesn’t know where Halifax is on the map, so why isn’t anyone here?

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  9. Darren Owen says:

    I agree with James, I would like to see more events for the less experienced fighters. I’m honestly surprised by how fast we have grown in only 2 shows, now having to limit the amount of less experienced fighters. There’s a lot of good quality new fighters that deserve to fight, unfortunatly there just aren’t enough opportunities for them.

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  10. steve says:

    misha, ray penny, chuck monture, josh birch, andrew mclnnes, will romero, taylor solomon, claude patrick, sam stout , chris hordeki, and if missed any more i apologize we have great fighters here in Ontario. lEGALIZE MMA in Ontario.

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