Boots Scraps – Skarbowsky Training and Now Its Fight Time!


Hello everyone!

I just finished my week of training with Muay Thai champion and an incredible Muay Thai teacher, Jean-Charles Skarbowsky. I am very fortunate to have had this opportunity. Pat flew him in from Paris, along with his best student Brian Denis and Jean-Charle’s wife.

The week was great ! I sparred and trained pads with Jean-Charles. He really pushed me to my limits, beating me up and bringing me back up every day! I feel great now, very well prepared and ready for the fight! Jean-Charles spent a lot of time with me talking about the mental side of fighting. He really opened my eyes on fighting and gave me many great advices! After 10 years of Muay Thai, the techniques which he was showing me were all new to me! I couldn’t believe it. He and his student Brian are phenomenal fighters and would just throw me around all day!

Jean-Charles gave me a lot of great tips on the mental side of fighting and he was the first coach who ever really got into the deep psychological ways and tricks of fighting. He also taught some classes at OAMA and a seminar attended by the OAMA students. I believe all of them were blown away!

I hope one day to go to Jean-Charles’ gym in Paris or have him come back down again to train with us! It was so much fun! Once again a big thank you Jean-Charles for teaching me and helping me to get ready for this fight! Merci beaucoup!

Now the training is winding down, I have to focus on dropping the lbs, my favorite part of fighting ! I leave tomorrow for Las Vegas. I will post again in a few days before I cut weight. Take care everyone and again I cannot thank you guys enough for the support and encouragements! I really appreciate them and I won’t let you guys down!

Take care everybody!


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