UFC 115 Bonuses – Rory Earns $85K


Despite losing to Carlos Condit late in his fight, Canada’s Rory MacDonald earned an extra $85,000 for his fantastic fight. Unfortunately, Claude Patrick did not receive a bonus for his patented Guillotine as the UFC saw fit to give Mirko CroCop Submission of the Night.

Fight of the Night –Carlos Condit and Rory MacDonald each earn $85,000 for their fantastic three round battle that was won by Condit.

Submission of the Night – Mirko CroCop finished his stand up war with Pat Barry with a submission.  CroCop asked for Sub of the Night after the fight and earned $85,000 for his Rear Naked Choke.

Knockout of the Night – Rich Franklin takes home the KO of the Night bonus after knocking out Chuck Liddell.

6 Responses to “ UFC 115 Bonuses – Rory Earns $85K ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Good for Rory… he should have gotten the win bonus too though! He may be too much of a class act to say it was an unfair stoppage but it definitely was.

    Condit landed the blow and then layed down for a break and THEN the fight was stopped! Total garbage… could have easily let it go 7 more seconds!

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  2. L-Boutin says:

    Sure, the Ref could have let it go another 7 seconds, but he easily could have stopped it sooner as well.

    Rory is a beast and a future Champion for sure !

    Great to see him get a huge bonus. His stock rises even with a loss after a fight like that. Can’t wait to see him again.

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  3. Adam Lorenz says:

    “Condit landed the blow and then layed down for a break and THEN the fight was stopped!”

    I saw that too. Right when the stoppage was made I was like WTF why stop it when the guy stops hitting him, Condit might not have even thrown another punch in that last seven seconds. I would have given him a 10-8 round though and made the fight a draw.

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  4. Jason says:

    Yeah was my impression as well – was waiting and waiting for the ref to stop the fight, and then it got to the point where you just figured he wouldn’t. It could easily have been stopped a minute and a half before, but it totally seemed odd/bad timing after Condit laid down on MacDonald with only a few seconds left. Definitely would have been a draw had it gone the distance.

    Most enjoyable fight of the night, can’t wait for MacDonald’s next bout!

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  5. L-Boutin says:

    I think the ref was already moving in to stop it before Condit laid down. The timing just looked bad on camera.

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  6. CR says:

    I thought it was an early stoppage as well, but it was still and EXCELLENT fight. MacDonald looked very good for the the first 2 and a half rounds. I look forward to watching him fight again.

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