Top MMA News Canadian Bantamweight Rankings – June 2010


Delorme defeated Quinn at CFC 5 (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

The story at Bantamweight in Canada right now is Roland Delorme!  Delorme has risen from obscurity in Canada to the top of the heap in under a year.  In the past twelve months, Delorme has won five times and knocked off top fighters like Remi Morvan and Sean Quinn in the process.  After much debate (and a tie breaker from a well-respected Canadian insider), Top MMA News has put Delorme at number two in the country.

To make room for Delorme, Top MMA News pushes Adrian Wooley down to number three in the country.  Unfortunately, Wooley has now been demoted from number one two rankings ago to number three without losing a bout.   How can this happen?  Wooley, who is defending his W1 title against the journeyman Randy Spence next weekend, has not been as active in the past year or as impressive in his victory over Morvan as Delorme.

Regardless of the position of anyone in the top three, Top MMA News would love to see a match between any two of them.  Denis is by far the best striker, Delorme’s submissions are tops of the three, and no one can argue that Wooley can outwrestle anyone.

Top 10 Canadian Bantamweights

1. Nick Denis (9-1) – Previous Rank (NR) –Nick Denis moved down to Bantamweight at the end of 2010 and recorded a pair of solid victories.  First, he took on the previous #5 Bantamweight Jason Towns at Aggression where he stopped Towns in the second.  Then, Nick took a beating at the hands of the #4 Bantamweight Sean Quinn before turning the tide and knocking out Quinn in the first round.  In his last fight, Nick lost to Yuji Hoshino back up at Featherweight.  Regardless, Denis is top of the Bantamweight class.  Next fight:  TBD.

2. Roland Delorme (6-0) – Previous Rank (5) – Roland Delorme is racing up the Canadian rankings.  With two wins over top 10 competition since the last rankings, Delorme has now finished five fights in the past year.  Delorme showed his first Remi Morvan win was no fluke by quickly submitting him in their rematch at CFC 4. Next he beat the previously #7 ranked Bantamweight Sean Quinn at CFC 5 in a bout where he showed he had good standup and could come back after losing a round.  It appears that the sky is the limit for this Winnipegger. Next fight: TBD

3. Adrian Wooley (6-1) – Previous Rank (2) –This Toronto native’s W-1 decision victory over top Canadian Bantamweight Remi Morvan had pushed him to the number one ranking in October 2009 and he has not fought since.  Now, that five round win over Morvan does not look as impressive as Roland Delorme was able to quickly defeat Morvan not once, but twice.  Wooley will defend his W1 Bantamweight title against Randy Spence, who has lost three of his last four fights, in a bout that Wooley should win.   Next fight: vs Randy Spence at W1 June 19th

Singh defeated Brigham in his last fight. (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

4. Hardeep Singh (10-1) – Previous Rank (3) –Hardeep had his first fight since 2008 at Aggression MMA.  There, Singh showed that he had not missed a step in his time off as he rolled over Ryan Brigham in the first round.  Lets hope that Singh stays active rather than going back into hiding after this impressive victory.  Unfortunately, no promotion has picked Singh up since his last fight? That is unfortunate. Next fight: TBD

5. Ryan Diaz (13-12) – Previous Rank (4) – After losing t0 Reuban Duran at the KOTC since the last rankings, the Lion was scheduled to fight Mike Easton for the UWC Bantamweight title.  However, after training for two months in Thailand, Diaz came back to the USA and developed parotitis, an infection that blocks the salivary glands causing swelling and pain, and the fight was called off.  Top MMA News wishes Diaz a speedy recovery.    Next fight: TBD

6. Clayton Sheen (5-0) – Previous Rank (9) – Sheen, a British Columbia fire fighter, is an undefeated athlete out of Sholty’s.   Clayton has recently done well at KOTC and is now their 135 lb champion. Sheen is a submission specialist and defeats all opposition by submission in the first round. He is heading up this list as those above him have been losing. Top MMA News is going to keep our eye on Sheen to see if he continues his undefeated streak against tougher opponents.  Next fight: TBD.

7. Remi Morvan (6-4) – Previous Rank (6) –The OAMA fighter has dropped his last three fights – once to Adrian Wooley and then twice to Roland Delorme twice – and has dropped from as high as third on this list.   He will be looking to get back on the winning track in August against Chance Whalen.  Next fight: vs Chance Whalen at WRECK August 20.

8. Sean Quinn (4-4) – Previous Rank (7) – Sean Quinn moves down one spot after losing to make room for Sheen’s promotion.  Quinn recently lost to Roland Delorme at CFC 5.  Maybe an easier fight is in order for Quinn to get back to his winning ways as he has lost to tough opponents like Denis, Morvan and Delorme. Next fight: TBD.

9. Eric Perez (5-3) – Previous Rank (NR) – The Perez Dispenser debuts on the top 10 list after winning his past four consecutive bouts at 135.    Although Perez, the second member of Team WAMMA on this list, is not beating top ranked fighters, his impressive record and impressive wins over the past two years forced Top MMA News to rank him. That said, if other fighters knock off top 10 opponents, Perez could find himself on the outside of the top 10 once again. Next fight: TBD.

10. Jason Towns (5-3) – Previous Rank (8) – Jason Towns suffered a severe hand injury at work and its uncertain if he will be fighting in the near future. He drops a couple places since the last rankings. With no fighting on the horizon, unfortunately Towns will be off this list next time we rank, especially if Diego Wilson wins his second fight at Bantamweight. Next fight: TBD.

Out of the Top 10:
Diego Wilson (4-0)
Marc Beausoleil (3-0)
Stephane Pelletier (2-1)
Dwight Sutherland (4-2)
Mike Hong (3-1-1)
Josh Hill (3-0)
Xavier Desrochers (2-1)

Not Considered Due to Inactivity:
Shane Rice
Bill Boland
Justin Tavernini

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17 Responses to “ Top MMA News Canadian Bantamweight Rankings – June 2010 ”

  1. JUNKYARD says:

    I should be back on this list sometime soon!!

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Perez vs Quinn rematch at the next CFC show.

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    Sutherland vs Morvan at the next CFC show.

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    Delorme vs Ryan Diaz or an international opponent maybe? Like a Noah Thomas?

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  5. Looking forward to it Ian!

    You have some good ideas Bobby. Some of these could be in the works for CFC 5 :)

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  6. Scoopers says:

    Sheen’s opponents are 7-14 in total. Not a top 10

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  7. L-Boutin says:

    Can’t beleive Singh hasn’t been signed to a bigger company. Unreal prospect at 135 and has been around the game for a long time. Would love to see him in the CFC…hint hint ! haha

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  8. EPerez says:

    I cant fkn win, can I?

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  9. Darren Owen says:

    Diego should be much higher. Westcoast fighters don’t get the respect they deserve on these rankings. Lack of exposure out East and central (Winnipeg). That will change though, very soon.

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  10. Diego is pretty much #11 right now at Bantamweight with only 1 BW fight.

    I am not sure how you can say we don’t respect West Coast fighters. Lots are on our rankings including Diego Wilson at Featherweight. Alessio is higher than most UFC fighters. Kang is #2 in his division and you will see the debut of another BCer at FW.

    By the way, every province and every promotion has the same comment about Top MMA News.

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  11. By the way, there are FOUR west coast fighters in this Top 10 Bantamweights and ONE just outside the top 10.

    Not sure how we don’t give West Coast fighters the respect they deserve.

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  12. Darren Owen says:

    What can I say, I’m a Westcoast promoter… Of course I think our guys are the best. You do a great job Keith. I just think Diego should be close to top 5. I know this site helps me a lot and I really appreciate what you guys do for MMA in Canada.

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  13. Top MMA News agrees. Diego is fantastic. Its why he was in the Top 10 at Featherweight. He will move up these rankings pretty quick, he just needs a couple Bantamweight fights. Look forward to watching him on the AFC 3 PPV.

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  14. James says:

    I would take Adrian Wooley over anyone. He would walk all over Delorme and he would handily beat Denis. Someone make these fights happen!

    Josh Hill vs Quinn, Perez or Hong. I would like to see those fights as well.

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  15. age says:

    where is brent franczuz on this list must not be up to date?

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  16. Mike Davis says:

    these rankings got all kinds of F***ed up this past weekend.

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  17. These rankings got wrecked. We will tackle these right after I write up MWs.

    IMO, Franczuz looked good on Friday, but he is not on this list yet.

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