WRECK MMA – Gatineau – August 20


Date: August 20, 2010
Location: Casino du Lac-Lemay in Gatineau, Quebec
Tickets: Ticketmaster

Main Event
Markhaille Wedderburn vs Martin Grandmont

Jon Williams vs Stephane Bernadel
Remi Morvan vs Chance Whalen
Tannaya Hantelman vs Anna “Smiles” Barone
Jeffrey Laughren vs Nick Portieous
Lyndon Whitlock vs Pablo Santos
Adil Abbas vs Alex Ricci
Jeff Harrison vs Kyle Vivian
TJ Coletti vs Wes Ranger
Matt Hache vs Paul Ebejer

11 Responses to “ WRECK MMA – Gatineau – August 20 ”

  1. UPDATE: added Kyle Vivian as Jeff Harrison’s opponent.

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  2. chris says:

    easy fight for shwtime he should be fighting the top 170 in the country put breack his fucking head show for disrespeting you ill be there to watch

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  3. Flat Liner says:

    what happened to Mcdonald vs Marini Main Event?

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  4. Looks like Marini is out.

    added Bernadel/Williams, Whitlock/Santos, and Ranger/Coletti
    removed Ricker/Ludlow, Hadin/Carle, Dupuis/Nicholson

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  5. Rebecca P. says:

    I’m voting for Wes Ranger all the way! he’s a great guy, and an amazing fighter and puts a lot of heart into training.

    i train with him, so i know how hard he works.
    he deserves to win.

    you can do it Wes! :D

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  6. Chris_B says:

    Easy fight for Showtime? LMAO! Grandmont will clobber him!

    Nice to see ol’ Throat Punch back on the card. I’ll be pulling for the Eddie the Eagle of MMA!

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  7. Paul says:

    Hey folks this should be a great card! I don’t think there will be a throat punch this time. I have a lot of repect for Hache and his skills on the ground. Wreck are a bunch of top notch guys and I will fight for them anytime. I also think that Jean-Marc Lalonde is fighting Ricci!

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  8. Joe says:

    Grandmont doesn’t have a chance…. Showtying hits alot harder than a light weight lol…hands up n chin down or show is gonna knock you out!!!!!!!!

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  9. donjesse99 says:

    hahahahaha wedderburn gas out like the bitch he is good job grandmont your awsome guy hands up chin down he gas out lol!!!! ohh wait i got poke in the eye wah wah wah cry me a river justin timberlake

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  10. Gogo Plata says:

    What happened to the second female fight that was supposed to be on this card?

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  11. Pat Gribs says:

    I could see Wedderburn getting bitched out by the ref over his mouthguard or something, plus he was grabbing Grandmont’s shorts at one point..

    What was really funny though, some of Wedderburn’s people were booing Grandmont when he got introduced….. classy move guys lmao…. the looks on their faces after the fight were priceless.

    Both are def good fighters though. You could tell both were pressing on pretty hard. Grandmont was hurling in the bathroom after the fight.

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