Canadian Fryia is Going DEEP Against Daiki Hata


Brent Fryia

Sault Ste Marie’s Brent Fryia will be fighting in DEEP on August 27.  Fryia (4-1) will be fighting Daiki Hata (11-6-3) in Osaka, Japan.

Top MMA News readers will be familiar with Brent Fryia as he contributes to the site with his Wayguk Fighter column.   Fryia has been training at in South Korea at Daegu MMA while teaching for the past year in Daegu, Korea.  The former Lakehead University wrestler has been looking for an MMA fight in Asia for the past year and now he has a finally found one a week before he is scheduled to leave Korea.

His opponent, Daiki Hata, is known as DJ Taiki and he has beaten such big names in Japanese MMA as Hideo Tokoro and Yoshiro Maeda.  The Fryia/Hata fight is a classic grappler versus striker matchup.  Fryia describes his upcoming DEEP opponent as “pretty much a straight up kickboxer who seems to have trouble with strong wrestlers. He’s much more experienced than me, but I think the match up is a good one.”

As a former university wrestler, Fryia has a strong ground game and even won a prestigious Korean Sambo tournament over the past year.  He has not stepped in the cage over the past year, so there is some concern with cage rust.  “I am a little concerned with ring rust and am going to try to enter an amateur kickboxing tournament before the DEEP fight to get rid of it.”

Luckily for Fryia, his Daegu MMA teammate Un Sik Song is familiar with DEEP and has a similar stand up game to Daiki Hata.  Brent will continue to train in Daegu MMA prior to the fight,

I will definitely continue to train at Daegu MMA.  In the last few weeks, I have been training lots with Un Sik Song (featured in this months “10 Tussles Worth Watching on Sherdog” ) for his upcoming fight in DEEP: Cage Impact.  After his fight, we will continue to train together a lot as we compliment each other`s styles well.  There`s lots of other good pro and amateur fighters at Daegu MMA as well, it’s a great training environment.

It is obvious that Fryia is very excited for this chance to fight for DEEP in Asia and he intends to make the most of it.  With no sanctioning of MMA in Ontario, Fryia was struggling to get noticed in Canada and struggling to get fights.  His inability to obtain Canadian fights in his weight class was one reason he left for Asia.  This fight is the culmination of years of effort.  As Brent says,

I feel great.  One of the main reasons I came to Korea was to put myself in a position where I could hopefully get some really good opportunities that weren`t available at home.  I`m very excited.  Like I said before, this is the kind of opportunity that I came to Korea for.

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2 Responses to “ Canadian Fryia is Going DEEP Against Daiki Hata ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Big name fight for Brent, a win over DJ will get him noticed.

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  2. Sure will.

    Sounds like he was being considered for a Sengoku Bantamweight tourney but got pulled because he was not Asian.

    Possible shot at DREAM if he wins as well.

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