Mitch Clarke Talks TFC Title Bout with Top MMA News


Mitch Clarke talks to Top MMA News‘ Dean Panas about his upcoming fight for the TFC Lightweight belt against Curtis Demarce.

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  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Many males love Mitch Clarke.

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  2. Mitch Clarke says:

    grow up bobby

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  3. ERE says:

    Mitch will take this most likely, Curtis is a notch below mitch

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    “grow up bobby” notice how Mitch did not deny it. :) lol

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  5. Mitch Clarke says:

    Can I fight Bobby Karimi for the title instead?

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  6. NICE SHIRT. I am going to make you a machine. You are almost there. HIGH 5 !!!

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  7. “Go do ‘cardio'”?? Is that what we do? lmfao!!!

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  8. Mitch Clarke says:

    I’m putting it in layman’s terms…don’t judge me!

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  9. sky101 says:

    Mitch Clarke is going to get really hurt, he is in for the fight of his life!

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  10. FightFan#1 says:

    Hurt? Have you seen a Mitch Clarke fight? It takes an illegal knee to the head to even come close to hurting this kid. Demarche will be lucky to get through round 1, but if by some miracle he survives the vicious onslaught of strikes, takedowns and submissions that Mitch brings he will say the smartest words he’s said yet “I Quit” and take his nearly broken body home so one day he can tell his kids he fought a champion and didn’t die.

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  11. Five Star Fight Managment says:

    Can’t wait for this one. “The Demon” all the way!

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  12. fight fan 2 says:

    Umm… who is mitch clarke and who has he fought.. and wow mitch if your fighting sucks as much as your beaks, curtis will rip your arm off and beat you with it.

    goood talk

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  13. Bobby Karimi says:

    Mitch will surprise people this year, the guy really is a great prospect.

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  14. fight fan 2 says:

    maybe a great prospect. in a different weight class.. how will this guy even manage to get to 155 has he fought there before. I have seen both fighters fight, both great warriors (honestly) But Curtis has fought tougher guys, and has more fights. Mitch has fought no body’s except travis briere and that was a great fight in my opinion. I think curt is way quicker and EXTREMELY hard to finish, and mitch is very strong and an excellent wrestler. This will be a good fight. I could still see this going 5 rounds… But everyone has punchers chance.

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  15. Mitch Clarke says:

    I’m sorry I can’t trash talk, I guess?

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  16. FightFan#1 says:

    Mitch might need some trash talk lessons, good thing words don’t win fights. Watch demarce fight mike bell, if bell had any kind of cardio demarce had no chance, he was layin and prayin for the last 2 rounds, never get that chance against clarke, he’s a beast.

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  17. fight fan 2 says:

    man curtis had no cardio in that fight. but honestly who has mitch fought?

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  18. TrainWreck says:

    Curtis is “EXTREMELY hard to finish? He has been TKO’d 3 times, Sub’d 3 time. He has lost only once by decision. Mitch is going to rip his little bitch arm off..

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  19. TrainWreck says:

    Who has curtis fought? Curtis’s big winning streak has a combined record of 18 wins 38 losses.

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  20. fight fan 2 says:

    Mitch just better get in line to get Curtis’s autograph after the fight when he has that belt around his waist. Mitch has never been tested so I don’t know how you people can say he is a better fighter. Curtis has fought some legitimate guys he may have not of won but did put up great performances… One in particular Gavin Neal. and Gavin would F*ckin murder Mitch. If Mitch thinks this a walk in the park he better be prepared to look for another dream.. I heard the shaw convention centre is lookin for a janitor..

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  21. Dean Panas says:

    Glad to see the interview is getting a lot of response. The fact that there is debate is a good thing!!! A championship fight should not be easy to pick.

    That being said…I feel Mitch wins this fight rather easily. In my opinion he is an extremely well rounded fighter. He is very comfortable and controls his emotions very well. He may not be the best trash taker, but I think it is more of his personality than anything. He has a very dry sense of humor and prefers to talk strategy and break down fights more than talk trash.

    I stand by what I said in the interview. Mitch is one of the most underrated fighters in the country!! I am a huge fan and expect to see a lot from him in the future. Mitch wins this fight any way he wants to!!!

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  22. bPRIME says:

    You know, his last name is spelled ‘DeMarce’ and not ‘DeMarche’ for your information. Spelling and pronunciation appear to be a reoccurring problem here.

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  23. andersonsilva1 says:

    fight fan 2: Mitch has unbelievable ground skills and cardio and will destroy curtis. Mitch hasnt fought anyone? Travis Briere. 5 first round finishes all due to strikes and he couldnt do a thing against mitch. What is curtis gonna do? try to hurt mitch’s feelings. Curtis has not beat a good fighter and should have lost his last fight to a guy who is 4-14 so quit saying oh curtis “is so good for losing to good guys” when mitch has beaten good guys. 6-0 superstar versus 8-7 alien head? ill take mitch in this one

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  24. JS says:

    Briere’s record is built up against lower tier competition (Just like Clark’s – Mitch’s combined opponents records are around 11-23) It was a good step up for both of them and Clark proved himself the better man.

    Demarce is a decent step up experience wise for Clark. I see Clark taking it.

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  25. Grubesic says:

    Guys, Curtis walks around at over 170 lbs before cutting weight. If you think he’s gonna be a walk in the park, think again. He has a warriors spirit and fought tougher guys than Mitch. I guarantee it. When he steps into the ring with The Demon it’s gonna be a different story, you wait… Demarce all the way on this one. That belt’s gonna look good around his waist.

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  26. The TFC LW title fight is Machan vs Clarke now. This is an older interview.

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  27. Mitch Clarke says:

    oh no, walks around 170. He must be huge lightweight

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