Top MMA News Exclusive – MFC 26 to be Held in Manitoba


The Maximum Fighting Championship is coming to Manitoba according to Mark Pavelich. The President of the MFC told Top MMA News that CFC 5 that “MFC 26 will be held in Brandon, Manitoba.”

“The event will be held in the Keystone Centre,” said Pavelich, “in September or October.” The Keystone Centre is the home to the WHL’s Brandon Wheat Kings. With standing room, the event center holds 6,000 for Wheat Kings games and could hold even more for the MMA event.

Manitoba Boxing Commission’s Joel Fingard could not confirm the event saying only that CFC is the only MMA promotion with valid permits for MMA events in 2010 at this time.

Brandon is located two hours west of Winnipeg and is surrounded by farming communities. Fans from Brandon and its surrounding communities are sure to drawn to this big league MMA event.

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  1. Tess says:

    CFC is the BEST promotion in Manitoba.. Id like to c mfc sell 6,000 plus seats in brandon… Lets c the card.. But i doubt it!!!

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  2. Dan says:

    I dont c myself driving 2 hours for a mfc card!! Ticket prices??? CFC is where i think ill spend my cash!!!

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  3. Alex Davis says:

    Thats huge.MFC is the closet thing to the UFC out of Canada. Great job MFC.

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  4. I’m honored that Mark saw fit to come to our show as a guest, and then announce that he is coming to Manitoba with MFC.

    Maybe I’m too naive, but I didn’t see that coming.

    Oh well, it is what it is.

    Best of luck in Manitoba :)

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  5. brodes says:

    Im guessing he didnt let you know about his announcement beforehand?

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  6. trevor says:

    that is great news, mfc is one of the best organizations in the world with great talent. I wonder if they can bring local Nick Penner (originally from steinbach, mb) to the card. He tore his acl in his last muay thai fight but hopefully he will be ready to go, he is on mfc’s roster. Promising 10-1 mma fighter with 2-0 in boxing and would be 3-0 muay thai but he tripped and tore his acl his last fight. Ryan jimmo is the best lightheavyweight in canada hopefully they can bring him out here

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  7. tommy blain says:

    Pavolich will drop the hammer. He’s a straight prick but does have the best show hands down in Canada and he said he’s going to Brandon not Winnipeg but watch out because I read on another website that he said he is going everywhere now.

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  8. john campbell says:

    Marc the show you run is low budget mma. Why would pavolich owning by far the biggest show in Canada need permission from you to do anything?

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  9. hawkes says:

    now guys lets all get along.

    i think its true that manitoba is a very unique market and it will be harder to successfully penetrate than the mfc hopes. i also do not understand why they would go to brandon opposed to the major centre of winnipeg. As well as being a unique market, our boxing commission has been hard to deal with in the past by mma events. it has changed with the times but i see there being difficulty there.

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  10. I am surprised by the Brandon move as well and am interested in how Brandon will support them.

    As for the Manitoba Commission, in my dealings and conversations with promoters, they are one of the best in the country. They have rules that they follow, but those rules are actually written down for promoters to see.

    If you break the rules, which one promotion did a lot, then you get punished.

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  11. john campbell says:

    know that makes sense

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  12. hawkes says:

    i wont name names but there were a few bad seeds in the commission who have now been replaced… so i guess they will be easier to deal with now.

    im interested in seeing the mfc matchups in brandon as well. i dont know of alot of manitoba fighters who have signed with them and i dont know where they would come from. i think cfc has exclusivity in manitoba with most of the known names. every promoter knows its the local fighters that fill the seats no matter what.

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  13. haha John Campbell. I know who you are, and you better watch your mouth, or maybe I’ll expose who you really are? :)

    Final Warning.

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  14. The one thing no one has mentioned/discussed out of this is what is prompting the move from Edmonton. True the MFC has done fairly well here, and I understand Pavelich’s goal of being more national/global – but to be honest the market in Edmonton is near saturated, I think last count there is 7 or 8 active promotions on different levels. Even Aggression is splitting it’s shows between Edmonton and Vernon, BC. Even just watching from the sidelines as a photographer these past few months it’s been interesting to watch the development of MMA in Edmonton. New promotions coming in, old ones starting up again, existing ones branching out… something needs to give, that’s for sure! Have some big plans for trying to bring the Edmonton Fight Scene together a bit more with a couple other guys, so it’ll definitely be an interesting few months! I will say, as an MMA fan and photographer Edmonton is a great place to be right now!

    Oh, and a big thanks to Marc-Andre for setting me up to shoot for CFC! Totally enjoyed it and should have the rest of the pictures up throughout the day!

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  15. Brodie says:

    You right Jason Edmonton has some crazy stuff going on right now for the sport. Not much is going on here in Halifax which is quite unfortunate, hopefully that changes. Extreme Cage Combat is actually filming a reality series so hopefully that revives some things out here.

    Great to see MFC is moving around a bit, they always have really good shows.

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  16. Mfc coming to manitoba is a great thing for the mma scene in manitoba, the last mma organization to operate out of here turned alot of fans off to mma in the peg or manitoba before going out of business and those fans need more reasons to come back and support mma in manitoba and this is a great way to revive it, cfc is doing an excellent job with it and mfc can only help. The way I see it is not competition its 2 top organizations bringing the fans what they want and thats top level competition.

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  17. Will Leading Edge be in the house? in the ring?

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  18. Lisa Romanow says:

    Curious, but what do the fighters in CFC and MFC make per fight? anyone know?

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  19. Gunner says:

    Lisa, we make enough to fund the after fight shinanigans we all enjoy so very much.

    I am with Dave on this one. The more MMA there is the better exspecially when they are great caliber shows like MFC and CFC. And as long as they are not on same weekends or nights competeing for the same audience i only see this as a great thing for both promotions & Fans in Manitoba.

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  20. MFC announced that the Brandon card will be held September 10.

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  21. Big Jake says:

    I don’t see the MFC going to Brandon as any type of disrespect to the CFC. I’m pretty confident that Marc-Andre and co. have the market there cornered otherwise I’m assuming Mark would of went there first. I think Mark respects CFC and historically, he has only had problems with other organizations coming into Edmonton and showing him disrespect (Ie – going after his corporate sponsors, fighters, etc).

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