CFC 5 Play By Play – Quick Win for El Dirte


Top MMA News is cageside at CFC 5 in Winnipeg and will be posting live play-by-play online right here. Sit back and keep hitting refresh to get your CFC results!

Joe Doerksen vs Shawn Marchand
Doerksen comes out swinging and lands a solid left body kick. Left high kick, right body kick, followed by punches. Marchand slumps to the canvas. Doerksen pounds on him on the ground. The referee steps in and this is over very quick. Crowd goes home happy! Marchand was overmatched and Doerksen gets his third win in two months. Back to the UFC for El Dirte.
Joe Doerksen defeats Shawn Marchand by TKO (Strikes) in Round 1, 0:43

Robin Black vs Eric Perez
Frantic pace to start by the two Bantamweights as the swing wildly and land knees until Black presses Perez against the fence. Nice knees by Black and the two trade leg kicks. A punch drops Black and a kick follows . The doctor comes in to check on Perez but the ref warns that Black is being warned for passivity and fleeing the fight. The fight is called off. “Black was dropped when he got a jab from Perez while he was turning away from the fight,” according to referee Jerin Valel. Will find out. Crowd erupts and start throwing drinks into the cage in disapproval. Calamity in the cage and crowd. EMTs come in for Black. Turns out Black was saying that he got kicked in the head while he was down. Referee Jerin Valel states that it was a legal kick to the body. Robin Black is taken off in a stretcher with his thumb up. Referee states stretcher is just for precautionary reasons and Black is OK. Keith Crawford announces that Black will be taken to hospital and has a dialated pupil. No replay has been shown on the big screens. May have to catch this one on The Score.
Eric Perez defeats Robin Black by TKO in Round 1, 1:23

Roland Delorme vs Sean Quinn
R1. Delorme tries to throw Quinn but Quinn tosses aside. Delorme shoots but Quinn attempts a Guillotine. Delorme drives through and lands on top of Quinn in his guard. Quinn rises and press Delorme against the cage. Quinn takes Delorme down and sits in his guard. Three rights from Quinn who goes for the pass and the two end up standing. Quinn is relentless and takes Delorme down. Hammer fists from guard by Quinn and Delorme has a nice welt under his left eye. Delorme tries to pass and the two end up on their feet.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Quinn

R2. Delorme shows some solid standup to start round 2 before Quinn lands a solid right. The two are standing for round 2 and Delorme is using an effective jab. Delorme takes Quinn down and has top position and lands some solid ground ‘n pound from half guard. Delorme gets Quinn’s back and has a solid body triangle. Delorme softens him up with big rights and lefts and the ref stops the fight. Delorme showed amazing ground and pound and could be the best Bantamweight in Canada. Nice fight!
Roland Delorme defeats Sean Quinn by TKO (Ground ‘n Pound) in Round 2, 3:02

Lance Cartwright vs Steve Skinner
Skinner lands an overhand right to start the bout. Lance jumps up for a Guillotine but Skinner drops hard to his back. Cartwright goes for an arm bar but Skinner slips out. Skinner postures up and lands some strong ground and pound from top. Cartwright takes big punishment and the ref stops the fight.
Steve Skinner defeats Lance Cartwright by TKO (Ground ‘n Pound) in Round 1, 1:51

After the fight Skinner says he almost lost to the Guillotine, but is pretty stoked over his victory.

Dominick Blais vs Matt Spisak
R1. The two start trading in the middle and Spisak pushes Blais against the cage. Spisak lands a couple rights and Blais shoots but Spisak stuffs. Blais slips on a high kick. Spisak lands several straight punches and again pushes Blais against the cage. Blais grabs a Guillotine and drops to his back. Spisak taps out.
Dominick Blais submits Matt Spisak by Guillotine in Round 1, 2:15

Dwight Sutherland vs Guillaume Fortier
R1. The two start and Fortier ends up on his back. Beautiful sweep via a Kimura by Fortier lands him on top. Fortier has Sutherland’s back and attempts a Rear Naked Choke. The hold is broken but soon reapplied but Sutherland turns and is in Fortier’s guard. Quick hips by Fortier attempts a Triangle but Sutherland pulls out and lands a few punches. Once again a Triangle is applied and Fortier goes for an Arm Bar as well. Sutherland rolls and rolls and rolls out of it and applies his own own Triangle Choke. Fortier taps out. Wonderful jiu jitsu fight and Sutherland showed great fortitude in escaping many chokes by Fortier.
Dwight Sutherland submits Guillaume Fortier by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 4:08

After the fight Sutherland said he was never close to tapping and can’t wait to fight with CFC again.

Mark Durant vs Jesse Ronson
R1. A couple leg kicks to start things off by Durant. Body shot by Ronson. Ronson stuffs Durant’s shot and gets back control on Durant. Ronson lands some shots but Durant gets to his feet and lands a knee. Good back and forth action by the two. Trip takedown by Ronson who lands some shots from Durant’s back. RNC attempt by Ronson but Durant escapes. Big right by Durant stuns Ronson for a sec and Durant goes back to the leg kicks. Body shot by Ronson and Ronson lands a high kick on Durant. Ronson has Durant’s back and flattens Durant out and goes for the Rear Naked. Ronson abandons the RNC and starts pounding on Durant. After softening Durant up, Ronson finally sinks the RNC and Durant taps out. Ronson wins his second CFC fight and remains undefeated.
Jesse Ronson submits Mark Durant by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:51

Ronson Sabourin vs Chris Myra
R1. Myra starts the fight chasing Sabourin around the cage. Sabourin lands a couple kicks in a slower start. Sabourin grabs a single and puts Myra down on his back. Sabourin gets the full mount and works the Arm Triangle choke. Myra taps out.
Ronson Sabourin submits Chris Myra by Arm Triangle in Round 1, 1:45

Agostino DeNatale vs Kyle Anderson
R1. Leg kick by DeNatale starts things off and the much larger Anderson swings a bit wildly. DeNatale takes him down and pounds on him from side control. Anderson gets up and DeNatale just misses with a right high kick. DeNatale gets Anderson down and lands body shots from half guard. DeNatale passes to side and lands lefts before getting full mount. Anderson pushes off the cage and bucks Agostino to side control. Anderson works hard to get out but DeNatale outmuscles him to keep him down. DeNatale lands some huge rights but then hits him with a knee as Anderson is on his way up. Illegal knee and the ref stops the action. Anderson shakes it off and they start up again. Nice leg kicks to start things off by DeNatale and a lovely leg kick straight left then takedown to side control. Round over.
Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 DeNatale

R2. DeNatale lands several right leg kicks to start things off and then starts going to the body with kicks. Anderson drops and DeNatale ground and pounds Anderson. DeNatale gets full mount and Anderson cannot do anything to get out. DeNatale drops repeated blows from full mount and Anderson can only lie there with his hands covering his head from the blows. Agostino has landed at least 30 unanswered blows from full mount. Anderson finally gives up his back with a minute and a half left in the round and DeNatale gets Anderson’s right arm and submits him with an Arm Bar. DeNatale gets his first win and Anderson proves he can take a lot of punishment. Nice win by Agostino and some vicious leg and body kicks by the Bull set the second round up.
Agostino DeNatale submits Kyle Anderson by Arm Bar in Round 2, 4:00

Travis Gervais vs Justin Bloomer
R1. Two exchange in the middle and Gervais slams Bloomer to the cage. The two grapple on the ground and Gervais is in side control. Gervais gets full mount but Bloomer stands up and reverses the position and is in Gervais’ full guard. The two stand and Gervais send Bloomer on his back and gets a full mount again. Bloomer turns and gives up his back but Gervais cannot get the RNC. Gervais softens Bloomer up with some strikes and then is bucked off his back. Bloomer working for a single leg but Gervais outmuscles him. Full mount again and Gervais inflicts more punishment. Bloomer gives up his back and avoids another RNC attempt. Gervais dominates the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-8 Gervais.

R2. Huge right high kick to start the round and its followed up with a flying knee that just misses by Gervais. Bloomer is still hurt from the high kick and hits the mat from Gervais’ momentum. Gervais lands some hard punches with Bloomer on his back and the ref steps in. Gervais wins his pro debut in impressive fashion.
Travis Gervais defeats Justin Bloomer by TKO (Ground ‘n Pound) in Round 2, 0:15

The Score announces that CFC will be broadcast on June 19th at noon.

A great night of fights.

TMN Fight of the Night – Quinn vs Delorme for a great two rounds of back and forth action.
TMN Submission of the Night – Dwight Sutherland for surviving repeated sub attempts for 4 minutes only to slap on his own for the win.
TMN Knockout of the Night – Travis Gervais for his head kick, GNP finish

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  5. After watching the Black/Perez fight here, I have to say that there is zero passivity on Robin Black’s part. I also did not see him saying anything to the ref.

    He got hit, he fell, he got kicked in the body, and he was covering up to avoid damage. There is no doubt that Black was losing, but this was a poor stoppage by the ref. He should have called it off or let them keep fighting.

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