Delorme vs Quinn is the Fight to Watch at CFC 5


Delorme Submits Morvan at CFC 4 (photo by Sean McManus)

Joe Doerksen is a current UFC Middleweight fighter. He is a local fan favorite and one of two fighters ever from Winnipeg to make it to the UFC. Shawn Marchand is training his ass off to win, in what may be his only shot in his career, against a current UFC fighter. If Joe Doerksen loses, he could find himself out of the UFC.

Eric Perez always puts on a fight of the night performance and has three consecutive CFC wins. Robin Black wants to say he was in a war before he retires. This fight is great contrast in styles and will have fans standing.

The Doerksen/Marchand and Perez/Black fights will entertaining, however, the fight with the most relevance, and the fight I look forward to the most, at CFC 5 is the bout between Sean Quinn and Roland Delorme. Fans should not leave their seats for this contest as one of these two fighters could one day find themselves in the WEC.

Delorme is from Winnipeg, is an undefeated 5-0, and has a fantastic ground game. Quinn is from Regina and is one of the best wrestlers in his weight class. Top MMA News has both fighters ranked in the Top 10 in Canada with Delorme sitting as the fifth-ranked Bantamweight while Quinn is ranked seventh in the nation. Both fighters finish their opponents.

Canadian Fighting Championship matchmaker Marc-Andre Drolet said this about the bout, ”

“Sean Quinn has never had a boring minute of fighting whether he’s winning or losing.  He’s very aggressive and Roland Delorme has stepped up his game in the past year and can submit anybody in the country at 135 pounds.”

If this one is not Fight of the Night, it will be Round of the Night !

Sean Quinn broke down Delorme’s game on Top MMA News Radio. “(Delorme’s) submission game is one of the best in Canada bar none….He has great hips so he could catch me with something. I will have to be careful.” Quinn is also somewhat concerned with his opponent’s striking, “”I have no reason to believe that Rolly cannot stand and bang with me because he comes from a camp that has Lindsey Hawkes and Eric Perez.”

That submission game has helped Rolly reel off five wins in a row – including two against highly ranked Remi Morvan. Delorme stated on Top MMA News Radio that, “Everything has clicked. The past three fights have gone exactly as I thought they would go. Anywhere the fight goes, I feel way more comfortable anyway the fight goes.”

Although comfortable on the bottom, Delorme realizes that his opponent has a wrestling advantage. “My submission game is better than him, but he could smother me with his wrestling.”  He also does not take Quinn lightly due to his 4-3 record.  “He lost to Nick Denis (Canada’s #1 Bantamweight and Remi Morvan (Canada’s #6 Bantamweight)…even the fights he lost, he was winning them at some point.”

Quinn pounds out Lacombe at CFC 3

Against Nick Denis, Quinn showed off him much-improved Boxing and had Canada’s best Bantamweight on the ropes for much of the fight.  Quinn seems to have a definitive striking and wrestling advantage, while Roland’s submission game is tops in the division.

Who wins this well-matched fight is anyone’s guess.  Both fighters like to be aggressive, both are very strong Bantamweights, both look to dominate positionally, and both want to dictate the pace of this fight whether its on the ground or remains standing.

Delorme will “bring the fight to (Quinn).  I like to make my opponent uncomfortable. ”  Quinn echos similar strategy, “The plan for this fight is to take it to Delorme. Whatever happens happens.”

Regardless which of these two CFC 5 combatants win, this fight will have a finish – neither likes to put it in the hands of the judges.

As Sean Quinn told Top MMA News Radio,

“I can guarantee you that this will be an exciting fight – no doubt about it. Both of us finish fights. One way or another, this fight gets finished.”

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