Top MMA News Canadian Heavyweight Rankings – June 2010


As Top MMA News said in January, Heavyweight is a very thin division in Canada.  Unfortunately, Top MMA News only sees three top Heavyweights and then a jumble of Heavyweights in the mix after that.  So, with Steve Bossé out of the division after moving down to Light-Heavyweight,  what is being done is only a ranking of the top three Canadian Heavyweights.  Incredibly, out of those three Heavyweights and the eight that are ranked “Out of the Top 3”, only three (Woronowski, Penner, Fraser) have won their last fights.

What Top MMA News would like to get is some comments on the rest of the field after Hague, Munduruca, and Penner.  Who do you think should be in the Top 10?  Please help us out!  There has been some fantastic discussion lately on the Light-Heavyweights and the Pound for Pounds, so lets get your opinion on the rankings.  You may call this a cop out, but the participatory nature of our readers is what makes Top MMA News so great!

If we get a good discussion going, I will draw a name out of all the commenters and mail a UFC DVD for your help!

Top Canadian Heavyweight Rankings:

1. Tim Hague (10-4) – Previous Rank (1) – The country’s top Heavyweight fighter has lost his last three fights.  Tim Hague has left the UFC with a 1-3 mark.  Those three losses include two close decision losses to Joey Beltran and Chris Tuscherer.  Regardless of his recent losses, The Thrashing Machine is still the top HW in Canada.   Next Fight: vs TBD at Aggression on July 9.

2. Rodrigo Munduruca (6-1) – Previous Rank (2) – Munduruca has not fought since the last rankings but he did grapple in Abu Dhabi recently.  In his last MMA fight, he lost to Dan Christison at CFC 3. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt is a world class grappler who needs to continue working on his standup to enhance his MMA game, if he decides to fight again.  Next Fight: TBD

3. Nick Penner (9-1) – Previous Rank (3) – The first person on this list who won his last MMA fight.  Unfortunately, he is out with an ACL injury suffered in a recent kickboxing match.  The Manitoba native is a tremendous striker with a ground game to match.  In his last fight at Heavyweight, Penner had real problems with an impressive up and commer, Ryan Fortin.  Next Fight: rather than surgery, he is scheduled to box in Manitoba in July.

Out of Top 3

Bruno Hosier  (3-1) – Bruno is a very raw fighter who lost his last bout to unbeaten Tom Murphy.

Rafael Bergmann (4-2) – KOTC Canada champ had quick loss to Tyler East recently.

Adriano Bernardo (4-2) – Lost KOTC crown to Rafael Bergman in his last fight.

Ryan Fortin (3-3) – The Hulk.  Lost to Chase Gormley and Nick Penner in last fights.

Scott Fraser (3-1) – The Elite 1 champ has beaten Dan Fowler in his last two fights.

Curtis Suter (4-2) – Lost to Adriano Bernardo in his last fight.

Gary Goodridge (23-20-1) – Big Daddy lost to Pedro Rizzo last month.  Reduced to journeyman status now.

Ilya Woronowski (3-1) – Was losing to Lee Mein and came back to win.

Not Considered Due to Inactivity:
Icho Larenas (5-4)
Karl Erickson (4-0)
Roy Doepker (3-0)
Andrew Pederson (4-2)
Sebastien Gauthier (5-2)
John Hachey (4-0)

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17 Responses to “ Top MMA News Canadian Heavyweight Rankings – June 2010 ”

  1. tommy blain says:

    Hague is terrible

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  2. To get things started here is my proposed list:

    4. Bergmann
    5. Hosier
    6. Bernardo
    7. Fortin
    8. Suter
    9. Fraser

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    Of the top 3, only one is fully relevant, Hague. Mundurucca is not overly active, and Penner is injured and a lhw now most likely. Even if/when Mundurucca fights again, the Top 2 HWs are way ahead of the rest.
    The gap in this division is huge!

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    4. Bergmann
    5. Fortin
    6. Bernardo
    7. Suter
    8. Hosier
    9. Fraser

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  5. ERE says:

    I’m not too familiar with many of the canadian heavyweights besides Hague, penner, mundurucca and a few other guys I have seen fight, but one who really impressed me despite two recent losses was Ryan fortin. He needs to work on his takedown defense and ground game but his stand up looks phenomenol for being such a young kid. I’m looking to see him rise up the list over time

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  6. Darren Owen says:

    Keep an eye on Justin Shaw give him a couple years. Does Kilkenny get any concideration, I know he’s looking for a HW fight.

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  7. teegen says:

    Penner or Munduruca should be the top heavyweights ahead of Hague. I think Penners leg kicks are far to much for hague to handle (see hague vs petkovic)and his striking is superior. His ground game is also pretty slick. Munduruca in my opinion would also beat hague. Only reason he lost his last fight was because he got clipped, otherwise he was winning the whole fight. Penner vs Rod, well that depends where the fight is, standing up obviously penner, on the ground obviously rod. Penner is a small heavyweight though, apparently he wants to get down to lightheavyweight. I heard he was down to 210lbs, would be the smallest heavyweight I have ever seen. Can anyone comment on this whether he is dropping to LHW or staying at HW?

    My top 5 standings


    Penner and Rod should be in the ufc already

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  8. ERE says:

    Yes, he has dropped down to 205 but is currently injured

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  9. war says:

    I hear Penner is fighting in winnipeg in a boxing match july 8 with a torn acl. Is this true? Didnt penner get shot twice then make his Pro MMA debut three months later. The guy is bad ass tough.

    Yes he should be in the UFC, him and training partner Ryan Jimmo. I think he would also take hague, better striker and better ground game. Rod on the other hand, I agree with teegen. If its standing up Penner wins, on the ground, rod would win. But Rod owns the gym penner trains at in Edmonton so they would never fight, and I think Hague and Penner are training partners.

    It will be exciting following Penner and Rods careers. Tim Hague on the other hand, super good guy but I cant see him having a better future then Penner or Rod. I think he lost his chances after three straight losses in the ufc to average competition.

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  10. Bottoms Up says:

    Not great. Other divisions’ rankings much better.

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  11. Liposuction says:

    Canadian Heavyweights play hockey. These guys are the leftovers.

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  12. BernieR says:

    Very few good HWs in Canada.

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  13. war says:

    i wouldnt exactly call hague, rod or penner leftovers…hague got screwed in the ufc in two fights, rod and penner should both be in the ufc now, except rods last loss to christenson really hurt him and he shouldnt have lost. And back when penner was first starting out he lost to a wrestler which hurt him, his inexperience costed him. Otherwise these are three great fighters. The rest,yes.. it really slims out

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  14. Martelle won’t be ranked. Talked with knowledgeable MMA people in Kingston and surrounding areas about him. Not that impressive. Record consists solely of Caribbean fights of questionable nature.

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  15. Jamie Locke says:

    Are they not sanctioned? Reading the website for his school he sounds like a pretty accomplished dude.

    That looks like a solid record to me, the last fight beating a guy who was 5-0, 4-0 before that, 8-1 before that….

    What’s the “questionable”ness of this guy? I am intrigued…

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  16. Jamie Locke says:

    You can give me the low down in the forum >>>>>>

    Celebrating 200 forum posts pour moi!

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