Boots Scraps – New Training Added – Montreal Wrestling Club


Hello everyone!

For the last few weeks, Steph, Hammer and I have been driving up to Montreal to train at the MTL Wrestling Club. There are a few Olympian wrestlers, world champion wrestlers and also MMA fighters. The head coach is Victor Zilberman. His son, David Zilberman, went to the Beijing Olympics to represent Canada in wrestling! David helps us a lot, along with some of the students there.

The session is usually from 6:00pm to 8:30-9pm. We start by warming up and drilling moves and after about 15-20 minutes then it is go time! Head Coach Victor pairs us up to have on our feet wrestling matches for the rest of the session! That’s a long time wrestling, its great training! I probably lose 5lbs of water during that time! For about an hour and a half I get dumped on my head by the high level wrestlers there. They have great control though and are all very technical! I have learned a few techniques here and there from David and from some of the students.

Wrestling has been the biggest hole in my MMA game. I have been fighting pro MMA for 4 years now and finally I can work and train wrestling with the best of the best in Canada! All the training partners there are really nice to us and take care of us. Hopefully the training with high level wrestlers will make a big difference in my MMA game and I will be able to keep the fight where I want!

Last Thursday, Denis Kang and GSP were there for wrestling practice. I got the chance to talk and train my wrestling with Georges. He is a great guy and has awesome wrestling! He even took the time to give me tips on wrestling and also advice for my first UFC fight. We got to talk a little, he is genuinely a great guy! If you are reading this George, thank you! lol!

So if you guys have been wondering where I am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I haven’t been slacking off…but I am flying in the air for the whole practice, left right and center…and loving it! We usually are done at 8:30pm and then drive back to get home around 11pm.

I have been training really hard at OAMA. Kru Jeff, Hammer and Pierre are pushing me hard. I have a new training schedule and so far it’s going great! I feel great for this fight, 4 weeks left! I am very nervous but also very excited! Can’t wait to get in there!

I will let you guys know about my next training camp in USA coming up! I will be leaving for LA on Tuesday. I will let you guys know about the training down there very soon! Take care everyone and enjoy the hot weather in O-town!


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