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Top MMA News was on hand as King Of The Cage held their 45th event in Canada in front of a full house of 1000 at the Palace Banquet Hall in Edmonton, Alberta. The evening was headlined by one of the most active fighters in the world and a veteran of over 175 fights, Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch in a rematch against Garett Davis. The evening was full of exciting finishes as none of the nine fights made it to the judges scorecards.

Top MMA News choice for Fight of the Night was a hard fought battle between undefeated Zach Bye and former Muay Thai Champion Mukai “The African Assassin” Maromo. Maromo, who  entered the fight with an 0-0 record in MMA,  is no stranger to combat sports as he holds a 16-3 record in Muay Thai bouts. Maromo used his lightening quick striking ability to put away a very tough Zach Bye, leaving him bloodied and battered. Maromo also earned Top MMA News choice for Knockout of the Night.

Michael Jerace vs. Chris Kizuik
Round 1
Kizuik opens by shooting in and landing a single leg takedown but gets stuck in a guillotine attempt. Kizuik is in half guard but passes to full mount while still trapped in the submission attempt. Kizuik peppers Jerace with body shots and pulls his head out after spending half of the first round trapped in a guillotine. Kizuik lands more body shots before posturing up and working the head with ground and pound. Kizuik continues to land consistent shots to the head before landing a big elbow. With the round coming to a close Kizuik turns up the tempo and fires away heavy shots until Jerace is saved by the bell to end the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Kizuik

Round 2
Kizuik shoots in again to start however Jerace stuffs the takedown attempt and bullies Kizuik to the ground landing in full guard. Jerace forces Kizuik into the cage. Kizuik looks for an arm bar from the bottom, latches onto an arm and induces the fight ending tap out resulting in an impressive debut victory for Kuziak.
Chris Kizuik defeats Michael Jerace via Submission (Armbar) at 1:31 of Round 2

Kris Miskenack vs. Jay Tymchuk
Miskenack opens with several leg kicks and body kicks that land with ease and leave immediate visible welts on the midsection of Tymchuk. Tymchuk looking for a way out shoots in for a sloppy, head down takedown attempt which is easily defended. Miskenack gets separation and unleashes a flurry of punches followed by a body kick that lands below the belt. The referee gives Tymchuk a moment to recover and restarts the fight. Miskenack lands an inside leg kick and comes forward with a weak combo, Tymchuk goes crashing to the mat. The referee seeing that Tymchuk has no interest in continuing the fight calls a halt to the fight giving Miskenack the TKO victory.
Kris Miskenack defeats Jay Tymchuk via TKO (Strikes) at 2:27 of Round 1

Ken Kerfont vs. Cory Van Gilder
Van Gilder opens with a missed body kick which is met by a leg kick from Kerfont. Van Gilder comes right back with a leg kick and a head kick that briefly dazes Kerfont. Kerfont shoots in but gets caught in a standing guillotine. Van Gilder lands hard knees to the body and thighs of Kerfont. Van Gilder continues to work the body with punches and big knees before switching and landing knees to the head. Van Gilder hooks a leg and trips Kerfont to the ground landing in full mount. Van Gilder secures a high mount and begins to land heavy shots until Kerfont is forced to use his foot to stomp on the mat indicating his submission.
Cory Van Gilder defeats Ken Kerfont via Submission (Strikes) at 3:21 of Round 1

TJ Klassen vs. Chris Sullivan
Klassen opens with big right sandwiched between a pair of leg kicks. Klassen throws another leg kick and Sullivan catches it this time and uses it to drag Klassen to the mat landing in half guard. Klassen gets back to his feet and secures a take down of his own landing in side control. Klassen passes to full mount and rains down punches until Sullivan taps out due to strikes.
TJ Klassen defeats Chris Sullivan via Submission (Strikes) at 2:31 of Round 1

Jason Rorick vs. Zach Blaber
Blaber comes out firing on all cylinders with a quick, huge combo that knocks Rorick to the mat. Blaber follows him down and lands a few more shots before the referee rescues Rorick from any further punishment in a lightening quick TKO.
Zach Blaber defeats Jason Rorick via TKO (G&P) at 0:10 of Round 1

Mukai Maromo vs. Zach Bye
Bye, the Gracie Jiu Jitsu student chooses to trade leg and body kicks with the former Muay Thai champion Maromo. Bye comes forward with a flurry and clinches with Maromo. Bye attempts a single leg but Maromo defends and grabs a thai clinch of his own and lands knees to the body. Bye presses Maromo against the cage and hooks a leg, looking for an inside leg trip which is again defended. Maromo gains seperation and comes at Bye with a big combo of punches and leg kicks. Bye responds with a leg kick of his own and Maromo fires back with a body kick, a big knee and a stiff left. Bye comes back with a combo which is met with a huge flurry from Maromo. Bye has taken several big shots and looks rocked but is still standing. Maromo continues to punish Bye with huge blows until the referee steps in and saves a battered Bye from any further damage.
Mukai Maromo defeated Zach Bye via TKO (Strikes) at 3:57 of Round 1

Brad Stewart vs. Allan Hope
Round 1
Stewart lands a leg kick and a body kick and Hope responds with a high kick that misses it’s mark. Hope shoots in for a takedown but gets caught in a guillotine attempt. Stewart lands knees to the body before grabbing a single leg takedown into side control. Stewart chips away with short elbows. Hope gets back to half guard and Stewart lands shots to the head and more elbows that open up a big cut above the left eye of Hope. Stewart pounds away from half guard until the end of the round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 for Stewart.

The referee stops the fight between rounds on the advice of the doctor due to the severity of the cut
Brad Stewart defeats Allan Hope via TKO (Cut) at 5:00 of Round 1

Trent Thorne vs. Cody Krahn
Thorne comes out with a flurry and Krahn responds with a leg kick. Both fighters trade heavy shots until Cody scoops up Thorne with a double leg and slams him to the mat. Thorne works back to his feet but Krahn latches onto a Kimura attempt and falls to his back bringing Thorne down with him. Krahn wrenches on the Kimura forcing Thorne to tap out.
Cody Krahn defeats Trent Thorne via Submission (Kimura) at 1:10 of Round 1

Shannon Ritch vs. Garett Davis
Ritch opens with a leg kick and a side kick to the mid section. Davis looks for a Superman punch but Ritch side steps and looks for a spinning back fist. Davis throws a combo that lands and sends Ritch tumbling to the mat against the cage. Ritch looks for a Kneebar which is defended and escaped by Davis. Davis spins and winds up on top of Ritch. Davis lands a big shot to which Ritch responds “good one”. Davis continues with persistent ground and pound. Ritch chimes in again, asking Davis “is that all you got”. Davis responds with action and lays into Ritch with about two dozen shots while Ritch covers up until the referee has seen enough and calls a stop to the fight. After the fight Garett tells KOTC Canada president that he wants a shot at the Welterweight Title held by Gary Wright.
Garett Davis defeats Shannon Ritch via TKO (G&P) at 3:17 of Round 1

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  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Jay Tymchuk should not be fighting.

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Agreed Bobby it didn’t look like he’s trained a day in his life!

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  3. Jay says:

    Rorick v Blaber: TKO due to G&P 10 seconds into the first round…. too fckn hilarious.

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  4. Too often guys are chosen to fight in promotions based on their ability to sell tickets rather than the fact that they have any ability to fight or that they even train to fight.

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