Its Ford vs Wolff in TFC Main Event


The Fight Club (TFC), one of the fastest-growing fight promotions in Canada, has secured a world class main event for its next event, “TFC 11: DESTINY.” On Saturday, July 17th, live at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton, Alberta, TFC World Welterweight Champion Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford will defend his title against the man considered to be the number one 170 lb. fighter in Hawaii, UFC veteran Brandon Wolff. Tickets are available through, or (780) 991-5670.

“DESTINY” will be shown on pay-per-view across Canada on Shaw, Shaw Direct, Bell TV, and Viewers Choice, offering virtually all Canadians the opportunity to purchase and watch the show live. The event will also be broadcasted at many commercial establishments, bars, pubs, lounges, and casinos across Canada. In addition, through a distribution agreement with Ringside Boxing & MMA, the event will be televised to a potential worldwide audience of over 150 million viewers (on a delayed basis). News on a press conference will be announced soon.

Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford (12-2) is viewed by many to be the next great Canadian welterweight after UFC 170-pound kingpin Georges St-Pierre. A native of Edmonton, “The Real Deal” won the TFC welterweight title on December 5th of last year when he knocked out California native John Walsh (10-5) in just thirteen seconds at “TFC 9: TOTAL CHOAS.” Ford holds victories over UFC vets Pete Spratt, CJ Fernandes, and Tommy Speer, who he defeated via first round submission at the most recent TFC event, “TFC 10: HIGH OCTANE” on March 19th. Ford is currently riding a four-fight win streak.

At “DESTINY,” Brandon Wolff (7-4) will be looking to lift the TFC welterweight strap from Ford. Wolff, who holds the X-1 welterweight title, stands five feet, ten inches tall, and trains with Team MMAD in Hawaii. The former Navy SEAL is a veteran of the UFC, the WEC, Rumble on the Rock, EliteXC, and K-1, and has faced top-flight competition such as Riki Fukuda, Chad Reiner, Ben Saunders, and Yoshiyuki Yoshida. After going 3-2 in an up-and-down early career, Wolff came out victorious in four straight fights, which included a unanimous decision victory over Chad Klingensmith at “EliteXC: Uprising.” In May of 2008, Wolff faced the UFC veteran Reiner for the X-1 welterweight title. After five grueling rounds, Wolff was awarded the unanimous decision victory and the championship. Now, he will look to add TFC hardware to his collection.

The Fight Club is also pleased to announce the addition of Ron “The Yacman” Yacovetti, who will now handle play-by-play commentary cageside for “TFC 11: DESTINY.” “The Yacman,” who is the face of the MMA social networking website, has done fight commentary for several other organizations, including the Korean MMA promotion Spirit MC (Spirit Martial Challenge), and the Florida-based Art of Fighting promotion. In addition, Ron co-hosts a weekly Web TV series entitled “The Yac & J Show,” a comedic news magazine style show.

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  1. Big Jake says:

    I think TFC could of brought a bigger challenge in for Ford. Just because someone fought in the UFC doesn’t make them a “name”…considering he lost two straight. No offense…but with the way he’s been upping his game, this will be another 30 second job for Ford.

    They should of brought in names like:

    Forrest Petz 17-7
    Josh Burkman 19-8
    Jason High 9-3
    John Alessio 28-13

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  2. I LOVE the John Alessio / Ford matchup. Second time I heard it today. Wish I thought of that first.

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  3. fan says:

    Or Karo

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  4. Born2Mack says:

    Agree that’s why I refuse to go to a tfc event bring in a real fighter no one wants to see a 1 min fight maybe bring in pat healy again 3rd times a charm. I will stick with the Mfc where I get a great bang for my buck.

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  5. edmonton mma says:

    From what I heard from the TFC its hard to find someone to fight Ford they tried to sign Daley but he had a fight already lined up, then Burkman was going to take the fight then said he was injured, Jason High is with UFC, And Alessio Aint willing to take a fight against Ford> Healy 155

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  6. Great suggestions, however edmonton mma is not wrong. Burkman was considering our offer and came up with an injury. We offerd Paul Daley the fight but he is facing a pending lengthy suspension from the Quebec commission and will not be available in July. Allesio was not available and several others that will go unnamed declined.
    Having said that, we are very happy to have signed Brandon Wolff. He has an impressive resume despite his lack of success in the UFC. AND if a fighter wins in the UFC they don’t usually release him, the fact he fought twice for the UFC says they thought he was worthy, and so do we.

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  7. Big Jake says:

    I can see your point Mark for sure…and I do know that a lot of fighters aren’t overly eager to step into the cage with Ryan. Perhaps it’s not so much the lack of talent in the fighters that come to face off with Ford…but more that Ford MAKES them look like they don’t have any.

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  8. natural says:

    fight was offered to me yes, i had already signed to fight brad blackburn july 9th so obviously cant take it!

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  9. tommy blain says:

    When is Alessio and Ford going back to the MFC.TFC is a straight joke. Since Ford has gone to TFC all cans even Tommy Spears is heartless. Fords good, time to kiss and make up with pavolich. TFC is going into the can. Valimaki and Tim both left. I watched for the first time TFC the other day and seen fighters 4-14,3-14 and 6-0 vs 0-5 the show is terrible.

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  10. ERE says:

    Toney the tfc has built itself up way bigger
    and better than the mfc did by their 11th show. They’ve done it way faster too. Ryan has fought 4 fights in the tfc, and while
    I agree 3 of those have been against weaker competition he still impressively dominated those oppenents In a matter of seconds which is still an impressive task. Ryan first fight was a test as mazany did well against ufc fighter Patrick and ryan dominated him, next was a personal match that was built
    up a lot against a good striker wedderburn, and then They had to find a fighter on short notice and he was a marine who was kod in 13 seconds then they got Speer who is an impressive fighter who Ryan beat.
    Also valimaki is very good friends with tim Hague and tim is involved with the promotion valimaki signed.

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  11. Cody Rempel says:

    Hague signed with Aggression for one fight and he’ll be back with TFC in September for a HW Title Fight!

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  12. tommy blain says:

    any show that has fighters 3-14 and 4-14 and 0-5 are a joke. tfc is not even on the same planet as the mfc, just look at the fight roster.

    -thiales Lietes
    -wilson gouveia
    -david heath
    -ryan jimmo
    -jesse taylor
    -antonio mckee
    -dean lister
    -jesse juarez
    -luciano azevado
    -pete spratt
    -solomon hutcherson
    -gavin neil
    -richi hightower
    -nick penner

    the list goes on.

    -ryan ford
    -mitch clark

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  13. ERE says:

    Yes but keep in mind the tfc has only been promoting shows for many years less than tfc and there have been many top and tough fighters in the tfc as well. Many excellent up and comers to.
    It has had or has
    Claude Patrick
    tim Hague
    victor valimaki
    lew polley
    Martin desilets
    Ryan ford
    Ryan mcgillivray
    mitch clarke
    butter bean
    nick penner
    ritchie hightower
    Tommy Speer

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  14. Bobby Karimi says:

    Tim is not involved with Aggression, it’s Unified “formerly Adrenaline” that you are thinking of.

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  15. Dean Panas says:

    I think what Bobby meant is Tim is “involved” with Unified on the management side of things and not with Aggression. Tim is fighting with Aggression in July but he is still under TFC contract (to my knowledge).
    The thing people have to start realizing is wether you are fighting with ABC, DEF, or XYZ it doesn’t matter. In one way or another the shows in Edmonton are all intertwined.
    I have said it before, I think it is GREAT that Aggression, TFC, and Tim Hague could work out a deal to see this happen!! The more people work togther, the better it will be for the whole game!!

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  16. Bobby Karimi says:

    No you didn’t Codster!

    Deano is the correct on what I meant, but good try youngster!

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  17. L-Boutin says:

    Great main event for Edmonton.

    Brandon Wolff is hugely underrated.

    A while back “Warhammer” refused to fight Wolff saying there was no upside because he wasn’t famous and very dangerous.

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  18. ERE says:

    Yes sorry Bobby I was mixed up. I also meant many years less than the mfc.

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  19. fightfan4life says:

    wolffe is a bum!! they tfc is putting of as a gamer,,,like give ford some meat to eat !!!!!
    man they are screwing up his career feed him cans now then when he does get the call to go to ufc he gets killed!!!!! like a tim hague situation?

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  20. edmonton mma says:

    Im pretty sure they do try and get so MEAT lol to fight Ford but if you have read the posts above its hard to get guys to fight him. Also Im sure Ford is still early in his career for it to be screwed up like Pavelitch tried to do. Its funny how people are on Fords ass about fighting top guys when I think the guy has been fighting for 3 years.

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  21. I wouldn’t fight Ford. No way, no where, no how! ;)

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  22. Phil Baroni says:

    there’s lots of people that would fight ryan ford TFC just cant afford none of them lol

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  23. fightfan4life says:

    man i am not on fords ass,just everyone knows the bellattor guys are not exclusive to bellator why do they not bring those guys in?

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  24. Tim Hague says:

    I never got “killed” in the UFC, in fact I should be 3-1 according to most major websites. Sorry for the temporary hi-jack, just had to chime in there. Oh, and Ford will beat another UFC vet, good on him.

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  25. Tim, you’re always welcome to comment – no hijacks at all! Love hearing from actual fighters on here, too many keyboard warriors :)

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  26. ERE says:

    I agree tim, you got robbed twice, especially with those 30-26 scores

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  27. Phil Baroni says:

    i scored both fights draws lol but i dont think they ever score a round 10-10

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  28. L-Boutin says:

    lol, Hague never got robbed.

    Both Decision fights were close and he just ended up being the guy on the wrong side of them.

    (Still can’t believe the judge that gave it 30-26 to Beltran though, that had to have been a mistake)

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  29. Thanks for commenting Tim Hague and John Alessio!

    What I cannot believe is that a judge does not get ‘cut’ when he comes up with a 30-26 score like in Hague/Beltran or 50-45 in Penn/Edgar.

    By the way, Wolff is out of the Ford fight due to injury.

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  30. ERE says:

    I shouldn’t have used robbed I guess, but I would have given both those fights to Hague even though the beltran fight could have easily gone either way. it’s just stupid to see the score of 30-26

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  31. chris says:

    as far as i no showtime is working on getting at least 3 or 4 wins then ask for a rematch against ford say what you want but he will fight him again.

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  32. chris says:

    no bull shit this time just a pro mma fight. thats all

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  33. How about Ford vs Jonathan Goulet?

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  34. Bobby Karimi says:

    I’d like to see Ford fight someone like Chris Wilson, Forrest Petz, Nick Thompson (dunno his contract situation), or even Keith Wisnieski.

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  35. Announcement soon!! FYI Goulet was offered the fight over a month ago, he declined.

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  36. james says:

    he probley declined because he was fighting in the ufc.

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  37. Davis says:

    I would like to see him fight Warmachine lol

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  38. fightfan4life says:

    isn’t that guy selling his kidneys on ebay lmao

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  39. BigBoi says:

    Bah! Another 155er for Ford to smash. The guy needs to get the funk out of Edmonton and stop fighting in these rinky dinky little shows. I understand that he has a family and wants to stay there but he needs to get out and fight against tougher fighters.

    Oh and ERE – look at the early MFC cards and count the number of Current top ranked fighters and/or UFC fighters appear on the cards. TFC<MFC

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  40. James, Goulet was released by the UFC.

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  41. ERE says:

    I agree mfc is bigger than the tfc. My point is the tfc have some top level fighters as well, and those fighters who are big now weren’t nearly as big back then. Tfc has done very well in such a short amount of time

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  42. mma says:

    ford needs to go back to the mfc cause mark pulls no punches and puts him in with top contenders not guy that have been drinkin beers and collecting unemployment,all the guys i work with said they will never go back to the tfc after ford beat the last soup can jon allessio where are you?come fight ford!!!!!

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  43. mmafan says:

    mma Ford beat a soup can his last fight??? Tommy Spears TUF finale…Keep talkin about the guy matter a fact why dont you fight hi LOL!!!!

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