Tim Hague to Fight on Aggression Card in Edmonton


Aggression MMA has announced the signing of Edmonton’s Tim Hague.  Hague, 1-3 in the UFC, will fight on Aggression’s July 9th card in his hometown.  Hague will join his teammate, Victor Valimaki, on the July card.

Hague recently left the UFC where he garnered a 1-3 record.  His last two fights were close decision losses to Chris Tuscherer and Joey Beltran where many had scored Hague winning both fights.

Aggression MMA had the following to say about their newest signing:

We do now officially confirm that Tim Hague has signed to fight for Aggression on July 9th. With the already announced signing of Victor Valamaki this will make for an exciting card.

We are becoming known as the organization that will provide quality opponents for our fighters. Look at the list of people that have fought for us and moved on the biggest stage in MMA:  Claude Patrick, Cyrille Diabate , Nick Ring are all fighting in the UFC and some fighters like Nick Hinchliffe are well on their way.

We will be announcing opponents for these world class fighters in very short order. We will also announce the action packed card in days to come.

Stay tuned to Top MMA News for further updates on the upcoming Aggression MMA 4 card.

6 Responses to “ Tim Hague to Fight on Aggression Card in Edmonton ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    What happened to Tim’s TFC contract?

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  2. We have allowed Tim to take this fight, he will be fighting for the TFC Heavyweight world title at TFC 12 September 10, 2010 …….announcement regarding opponent very soon!

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  3. james says:

    so why would you let your guy thats fighting for your world title in september fight in another promtion? if aggression is all about getting quailty oppoents than theres a high chance tim may loose, and if that happen’s than does he still fight for your world title??

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  4. Dean Panas says:

    I think it is GREAT that Tim is fighting for Aggression. I tip my hat to Mark Sinclair for permitting a fighter under a TFC contract to fight for another local promotion. Moin and Harvey at Aggression a great guys to work with and I think there should be more examples of cross-promoting amongst Edmononton organizations.

    The best of luck to Tim!!! I am a big supporter of Tim Hague in and out of the cage. But I want to see Tim “The Thrashing Machine” Hague on July 9th!! Not the Tim Hague I sit down and have a beer with.

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  5. james says:

    i think its good so he can get more fights, but if he was to lose there then in september fight for the belt it seems a little crazy. hopfuly he wins then there be no worries.

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  6. Exactly right, of course if Hague loses things will change. That is the nature of the business every fight you take either moves you forward or sets you back.

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