MFC Declares Intent For Ontario Events


The Maximum Fighting Championship will be the first mixed martial arts promotion to hold a major world-class event in the province of Ontario pending final sanctioning of the sport by the provincial government and regulatory bodies.

The MFC, which has become one of the top mixed martial arts promotions in North America, has tentative agreements in place with several Ontario venues to host events beginning as early as February 2011. All agreements are subject to official sanctioning of the mixed martial arts.

“I have said for years that once Ontario opens up legally, the Maximum Fighting Championship will proudly be there in full-force,” said Pavelich. “Pending the sanctioning required from the Ontario government, it will happen – the MFC will be first in the door and we will be there to stay.

“The Ontario market is remarkable and the MFC brand is already well-known and well-regarded there but we intend on taking the MFC to greater heights and do it for the thousands of mixed martial fans there. While everything regarding sanctioning for mixed martial arts is in the tentative stages and the MFC respects the process being taken, the Maximum Fighting Championship is not tentative about what it will accomplish once Ontario becomes fully-legalized for the sport.

“Unlike others the MFC will make Ontario a huge part of our yearly schedule. We won’t be there once or twice a year – the MFC will make a home in Ontario and host several shows each year in numerous locations.”

The Maximum Fighting Championship became the first fully-sanctioned mixed martial arts organization in Canada outside of Quebec when the company launched in 2000. The MFC and its own developmental promotion, Heat XC, have combined for 32 shows since bursting onto the scene with 95% of the shows hosted in front of sold-out crowds.

Since February 2008, the Maximum Fighting Championship has been the only Canadian-based mixed martial arts organization that features its shows on live television thanks to its broadcast partnership with HDNet, the cable network created by Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Once the Province of Ontario does sanction mixed martial arts, the Maximum Fighting Championship will be able to fully announce its schedule and host venues for shows.

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  1. Michele says:

    I’m pretty sure W-1 might have something to say about that. Being from Ontario, they must be dying for MMA to open up.

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  2. Tom Vick says:

    w-1 is a joke next to the mfc. heat xc is bigger then w-1.

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  3. SLICE says:

    1. MFC
    2. W1
    HeatXC way back in 3rd.

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  4. Michele says:

    How do you figure that Tom? They have bigger TV contracts and equal fighters. MFC is more established due to longevity, but W-1 is no joke as described by you.

    Please explain?

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  5. James says:

    Michele – this is an East vs. West thing.

    Nobody in the east truly knows anything about MFC and nobody in the West knows about W-1.

    No MMA organization has successfully established themselves across the country.

    I wonder where a unified W-1 and MFC organization could go? How big and successful could they become, even beyond our borders. Neither organization would ever approach the other.

    Maybe someone can pay me to broker a deal.

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  6. Tom Vick says:


    4.CFC / HEAT XC

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  7. Tom Vick says:


    W-1 is a joke because people do not go. They have horrible production and zero attendance, zero TV deal and 2-3 good fighters.

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  8. Tom Vick says:

    I see pavolich on OTR, Sportsnet, The Score , Fightnetwork and hdnet

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  9. Rocketboy says:

    W1 is on tape delay on the fight network the next show. That is NOT a tv deal.

    The Score canned them for a reason

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  10. Mark Wallace says:

    Tom Vick is Pavelich, now with out out of the way. W-1 has no attendance and is struggling right now. MFC does have attendance but not what they claim to have. They say there sold out every event but if that’s the case why is half the arena empty??? Pavelich is an Egomaniac and treats his fighters like trash. How come he can’t retain any of his talent? It’s becoming a retirement home for washed up UFC fighters.

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  11. James says:

    No point in arguing with people who are spreading blatent lies. Top MMA News should do something about that.

    If the comments above are correct, then W-1 is lying to everyone through their website. Heck, maybe I was lying to myself a few weeks ago watching John Alessio vs Chris Clements and Antonio Carvalho vs Eddie Fyvie fight on the SCORE. I also saw the tail end of a Jason MacDonald vs Vernon White fight last week. Yep….sure looks like the SCORE canned them.

    They are still broadcast by the SCORE, they are also broadcast on Fox Sports. Those are real tv contracts. Their website does not allude to the fight newwork though, as one poster mentioned.

    One bad attendance show doesn’t mean they are struggling.

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  12. Steve K says:

    Defamatory comments will be prosecuted!!!!


    Play nice people.

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  13. I am sure once Ontario opens up, there will be a lot of promotions looking to promote there.

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  14. mike says:

    i thought agression had hdnet film their show in edmonton and so did efc in lloyd. maybe just not live?

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  15. mike says:

    oh and tfc10 was payperview too

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  16. HDNet was not involved with Aggression. They paid Bas and Mezger to commentate on their Internet PPV.

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  17. Dean Panas says:

    I worked the EFC show in LLoydminster. It was filmed for local tv and for the Fight Network.

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  18. Slice says:

    HeatXC that high? Cmon Tom Vick. Agree with MFC #1, but the the main push for the next Heat card is Marty Melnychuk vs Ryan Getschel.

    Seems more like a KOTC card!

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  19. James says:

    Here is a question to pose to people:

    Which promotion has the most talented fighters?

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  20. teegen says:

    MFC has the best talent in Canada without question. TFC has a few good fighters but they dont ever bring any top notch opponents for there three good fighters which is unfortunate. MFC brings in the biggest names and creates more exposure for there athletes.

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  21. Gunner says:

    To many people are worried about the promotions rather than just enjoying the fights at hand. I have scene fights with the biggext names almost put me to sleep and i have also watched virtually unknowns put on fight of the night performances.

    Yes each promotion can improve in certain areas (key word) CAN. The thing to notice is which promotions make those changes and which keep having the same flaws show in and show out.

    Being under contract with MFC at this time i can still say i enjoy seeing fighters perform on all different promotions. Think of it this way…. if there was only one promotion in Canada even if it traveled the country coast to coast. That would leave 85% of the fighters without places to fight. Who would suffer well the fighters and the fans…..the more stable promotions the better it gives beginners places to learn and develop and it gives the fans a way to follow young and new fighters develop.

    As for MFC. Does anyone blame him for wanting to to start showcaseing MFC in manitoba and Ontario???? And as a fan i find it hard to believe how anyone could complain about him making these steps as it will only bring more entertainment to your area. and for local promotions will only help bring new fans into the circle of supporting the great sport. It is win win for fans and all promotions involved.

    Mark Wallace… everyone is entitled to there thoughts but are you a fighter? if you are i apologize but if your not who are you to say Pavelich treats his fighters like shit??? I for on eknow many many including myself who have been treated amazingly by Mark, his family and all of the MFC even before i was signed with them.

    People often forget your there to watch the fights and the fighters regardless who’s brand is on it or what channel it is on.

    Enough rambling already lol now lets just get MMA period to Ontario i got a hick town here that would sell out our 4000 seat arena every weekend for some fights that you all complain about when a new show is coming to town.

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  22. Davis says:

    well put Gunner

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  23. Good to see Nathan Gunn and Mike Davis back on the site.

    Fighters need fights and Manitoba fans need more than three fight cards a year.

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  24. steve says:

    People gotta relize that IROQUOIS MMA CHAMPIONSHIPS HAVE HELD 7 PRO EVENTS. Having Anderson the spider silva 1st ever in Canada , Jason High, Dan the Beast and many other great fighters. Iroquois MMA Championships is years ahead of everyone in Ontario. The shows speak for it self. The next pro MMA event is July 10th 2010 the 1st ever pro MMA event # 8 the “COME BACK” out doors in Ontario. Looking forward the shows again. Iroquois has made and paved the road for fighters in Ontario to get the chance to fight close to home instead of flying out west not getting paid in Quebec.

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  25. CR says:

    Steve, when I Googled Iroquois MMA Championships, it referenced that #8 was held in April of 2009…

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  26. CR says:

    Keith, are you saying MFC will come to Winnipeg?

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  27. CR says:

    Jason, thanks for the link. I missed that announcement. Mmmm, I might have to make a trip to Brandon in September. It,s too bad the fight in a ring though, I like the cage better.

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  28. jason says:

    i seen it on facebook IROQUOIS MMA CHAMPIONSHIPS # 8 THE COME BACK. July 10th @ 2pm 1045 hiway 54 1ST EVER PRO OUT DOOR EVENT IN ONTARIO.I guess Iroquois mma promoters were dimissed on all charges of prize fighting thats why they didnt have the last show now its show time

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